Haqq Dawah Media Presents: Season 2 Finally

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Jun 07 2020
AsSalaam Alkuim,

We at the Haqq Dawah Group would like to sincerely thank you for listening to, and sharing Haqq Dawah Media Presents Season 2.

We are stepping away to prepare for a even better season 3. During this time you can stay connected to is on all our social media networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @TheHaqqDawahGrp

Also go to our YouTube channel to see our latest videos; Haqq Dawah Media.

Don't forget to go to our Sound Cloud page for exclusive features such as our series on the Islamic Caliphates.

Lastly subscribe to our weekly show Haqq Dawah Radio with DJ Takbir Khan. This podcast will be a best of season 2 and special features.

Until next season,
Fe Aman Allah