S02E04: The Chrises Get A Big Save From Big Jefferson 93, Jeffrey Janssen

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Jul 24 2020 43 mins  
Hall of Fame New York Yankees closer, Jeffrey Janssen, fills in last minute to rescue The Chrises from a bases loaded jam. Enter Sandman fills the air and a Vin Scully impression wows the crowd, as Big Jefferson dishes on the shortened Major League Baseball season. Lightning crashes on the field, but not in Jeffrey’s heart, as he roots, roots, roots for the San Francisco Giants. “Watch out for the Reds,” says The Chrises trusted MLB correspondent. Find Jeffrey catching some zzz’s dreaming of hotdogs with grilled onions and all the fixings at the ballpark.

Guest: Jeffrey Janssen, https://www.instagram.com/bigjefferson.93/ 🧢
Community Cause of the Week: Okizu, https://www.instagram.com/okizu/ 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Lay’s, https://www.instagram.com/lays/ 🥔

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