S02E14: Releasing Traumatic Stress & Improving Performance with Garrett Wood

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Aug 07 2020 44 mins  
The Chrises go into deep hypnosis over big, juicy, sour lemons from the Human Knowledge Tree, Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy. Finding the magic of hypnotherapy has helped Garrett handle personal triggers of trauma and become less of an a-hole. With FOMO and Instagram influencers a thing of the past, the Indiana Jones of Therapy talks about anxiety being the current shared emotional zeitgeist, and he answers questions flying in from the 24 hour Chrises hotline. Garrett implores people to find coping mechanisms without perfect results and negative externalities, such as coloring or slapping the bass guitar. When he’s not busy healing the world, the citrus coffee connoisseur has been dusting off his skateboard, pumping up his paddle board, and parkouring around Long Beach.

Special Guests: Garrett Wood, https://gnosistherapy.com/ 🍋
Community Cause of the Week: Alzheimer Society of Ontario, https://alzheimer.ca/en/on 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: In 2 Guided Hands, https://www.instagram.com/in2guidedhands 👐

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