S02E16: Making Pottery Look Easy with William Duvall from a Niagara Falls Strip Mall

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Aug 11 2020 60 mins  
William Duvall drops the clay mic on The Chrises during his cross-country American road tour making pottery and connecting with kindled spirits. After losing his catering job due to the coronavirus, William made the best of the situation and turned a three day trip into a lifelong journey. Now living the dream and doing what he loves everyday, the Traveling Potter turns a Holiday Inn parking lot into a fine ceramics studio. William grills up clay cylinders on his 80-pound Skutt pottery wheel after The Chrises’ curious request for handle-less mugs (now called cups). Clay Papa dives into the CliffsNotes of the official dad handbook and gives tips for all those facing hiccups and looking to get creative.

Special Guest: William Duvall, https://www.instagram.com/williamspottery/ 🍶
Community Cause of the Week: I am a voter., https://iamavoter.com/ 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Play-Doh, https://playdoh.hasbro.com/ 🍥

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