S02E17: Tapping Over Borders with the CEO of Ottawa Valley Step Dance, Emily Yarascavitch

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Aug 12 2020 60 mins  
Emily Yarascavitch steps up and fiddles with The Chrises’ hearts as she teaches the boys how to Ottawa Valley Step Dance. The Queen of Coordination also performs a brand new sneak peek violin solo from her band, Tartan Terrors, upcoming album set named “The Cousins”. The Chrises are befuddled by the difference between a violin and fiddle, but Emily clarifies that they are synonymous terms, dependent upon the audience. While the lifelong sock-less tapper continues to please the crowd with a top notch step freestyle to a classic Celtic fiddle remix, the happy footed duo hop to satisfactorily pass Level Three of Emily’s basic training. Zoom Canada’s most in demand fiddle/violin and step teacher shares some pro tips: patience, balance, tap to a beat, and don’t smell your feet.

Special Guest: Emily Yarascavitch, https://emilyyarascavitch.com/ 🎻
Community Cause of the Week: I am a voter., https://iamavoter.com/ 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Sanuk, https://www.sanuk.com/ 🦶

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