August 22, 2020 - CO-DEPENDENCY 2

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Aug 22 2020 60 mins  
We continue our discussion on codependency from last weeks show. Co-dependency, as it relates to the world of recovery (not clinically diagnosed co-dependency), is when a person’s need for approval or validation from another person allows them to be controlled or manipulated, or a person who attempts to manipulate or control someone. They are willing to compromise their own values, choices, and behavior at the expense of their personal well-being.

Top Ten Questions to Ask About Codependent Behavior:
1. Do you avoid confrontation?
2. Do you neglect your needs to attend to another’s first?
3. Do you accept verbal or physical abuse by others?
4. Do you take responsibility for the actions of others?
5. Do you feel shame when others make mistakes?
6. Do you do more than your share at work, at home or in organizations?
7. Do you ask for help?
8. Do you need others’ validation to feel good about yourself?
9. Do you think everyone’s feelings are more important than your own?
10. Do you suffer from low self-esteem?