S02E47: Fingerprint Portraits & Canine Studio Assistants with Artist Suzanne Scott

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Oct 15 2020 53 mins  
The Chrises are joined by the hottest artist on the planet and possible vampire, Suzanne Scott. The Nocturnal Painter talks about her recent solo exhibit celebrating womankind at Art Of Our Century titled “A Particular Group of Women at a Particular Place in Time”. For her show, Suzanne went under the thumbs of exceptional women to provide untraditional portraits based upon their fingerprints. Looking for the full therapeutic experience, Intern Ryan hands over his pink thumb print for a live reading of his essence.

Suzanne’s studio assistant, LouLou, takes time away from her Olympic winning naps to steal the show and somehow pour a glass of Hiatus Tequila— opposable thumbs be damned. While dog paw printing may not be on the horizon for this helicopter mom, Suzanne teases a gemological art show in 2022 that may include Great Scott wine, a champagne moat, and only real diamonds.

🎨 Special Guest: Suzanne Scott, https://suzannescott.art/
👀 Suzanne’s Interactive Art Show: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=dK3eN2eWi4S&brand=0
🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Tie Dye For Tumors, https://www.etsy.com/shop/TieDyeforTumors
✍️ Sponsor of the Day: Expo Markers, https://www.expomarkers.com/

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