EP015: KaKi Lee’s Quest: Letting go of Fear so She could Live her True Calling

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Oct 21 2020 49 mins  
Pharmacist, turned Intuitive Mindset Coach, KaKi Lee shares her Quest journey that started with pursuing a career, and living a life that others expected her to live— a path created by family, and cultural and societal norms. Postpartum depression was one of several life-altering experience that led to her realization that she was not happy and wanted to do something different in her life. KaKi shares her experiences in therapy, uncovering childhood sexual trauma, and needing to heal childhood wounds. By doing her own ‘inner work’, and training in the Laser Coaching System, she is able to help her clients shed the limiting beliefs that hold them back, find their authentic voice and discover their purpose with clarity.
You can learn more about KaKi on her website www.kakilee.com
Follow her on Instagram @mskakilee and @theawakenedfeminine
You can also find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mskakilee
Kaki welcomes questions. You can email her at [email protected]
She also offers a free consultation which she refers to as a “Digital Tea”.
Please email your questions and relevant experiences to [email protected]

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