Guided Holiday Hypnosis: Release & Receive

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Nov 22 2019 58 mins  

Ep 10. Something I haven't spoken much about on this podcast is the in-person gatherings I facilitate. I've hosted them in my home, friends' homes, I've been hired by groups and past clients for gatherings honoring specific seasons or intentions. Because I haven’t spoken much about it on the podcast and because the holiday season isn’t always easy even for the people who love this season, I thought I'd give you a taste of a guided hypnosis session.

My hope is that this episode is something you can keep downloaded on your phone and use it as needed or you can use it everyday to gain a more solid base of love, joy, freedom instead of fear, self-criticism, or feeling stuck.


  • This episodes starts with background and instructions for this magic carpet ride.
  • Questions to ponder or journal before the guided hypnosis at 12:40.
  • Guided hypnosis portion at 18:30.
  • Experience wrap up + optional next steps at 53:14.

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