Fear & Guilt + What I'm Currently Working On

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Dec 20 2019 72 mins  

I’m covering some ground in this episode and I can sum it up nicely into 3 categories. Ready?! Ok, here we go…

#1: The upcoming short podcast break + the why behind it.

The podcast will be back with a new episode on February 7, 2020. Subscribe here and I’ll let you know when I’m back!

Specifically I’m sharing about parts of my journey that have allowed me to take a break like this without letting fear or guilt fuck me up while I’m supposed to be recharging.

#2: The emotional/spiritual/mental stuff I’m currently working through.

In the very first episode of this podcast, I spoke about the dangers of seeing someone as “The Guru”. In this episode specifically, I’m trying to prevent this pedestal/comparison culture by sharing what I’m working on right now and how this has evolved over the years. I’d rather stand with you in this process together than pretend I’ve got it aaaaaaallll figured out.

#3: What happens when we see many of our past lives?

I can - we can - of course, see changes in our lives from one past life session.

Well, not only do we get more of a specific understanding of what it is to be us/our soul through those past lives but we can also begin to see more of the fabric of what makes us… us. I’m talking about this and how this affects feelings of guilt that have come up over living and working slower and taking breaks where I can over the past few years.

I cringe a little feeling like I overshared, but I’m familiar with this fear and I know it is part of the “I’m not enough” dialogue in my head so here’s a middle finger to that fear as I share. Oh dear!

Thank you for listening, your emails sharing parts of your stories, and for the reviews. I am so thankful for these conversations and for you!

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