S2E13 - Ohana

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Sep 22 2019 32 mins  

Today’s episode was recorded at the Central Coast Ukulele and Folk Festival. Normally when I go to a festival I organise all my interviews in advance, but when I heard Ohana playing at the festival on the Saturday morning I was impressed, and hit them up for an interview as soon as they finished their set. Fortunately, Adam and Lea were up for it!

If you want to record your version of Brand New Day and support the Brand New Day Project, the chords and lyrics are on the Facebook page. I recorded a version with my bandmates Jasmine Fellows and Chris Williams – and yes it does have a bit of melodica in it! You can watch the video on the Brand New Day Project page, or the Ukulele Is The New Black YouTube channel.

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Songs played in this episode:

  • Shivers (Rowland S. Howard, 1979)
  • Brand New Day (Adam and Lea Johnson)

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