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Sep 15 2020 107 mins  

He began making films in his teens. Episode 87 of the SBP Podcast is an in-depth discussion with Anthony Z James, who filmed a crime drama feature film with his iPhone.

When you watch his film “Ghost,” you are left without doubt that Anthony Z James made a crime drama, a gritty film which captures the viewer through to the end. What inspired him to become a filmmaker was his first experience attending camp as a kid. One of the kids had a MiniDV camera and they all began to make a “little” movie.

But it wasn’t so much the moviemaking experience, even though that has a lot to do with it, that really made him want to do it again. It was the camaraderie in the process that inspired him to want to make films. And this is where Anthony’s story begins.

The film is about 85 minutes shot entirely with an iPhone in London. The film will have you on the edge of your seat during some scenes. The drama unfolds with the story as the plot develops and unfolds into a very intense development in the story. The film was shot in two weeks in different locations in London.

Anthony is a passionate storyteller and filmmaker and he shares his experience making this film in-depth. What motivates someone to work hard to create films has always been something the average person is not able to understand. Why someone who has a great story and embarks to make a feature length film would choose an iPhone, or any smartphone, to film is even more incomprehensible to traditional filmmakers.

Anthony Z James does a great job expressing why a good story is so important in your journey to create a film from beginning to end.

“Ghost” is available now on Amazon Prime:

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