Episode 21 - Justice League 4 and Gideon Falls 5 - Can we truly change who we are?

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Jul 24 2018 72 mins  


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Hey everyone! This week we breakdown Justice League 4 and Gideon Falls 5! It’s back-to-back weeks for Justice League, as last week’s Justice League discussion was actually a week late. We’re caught up again! And Gideon Falls is starting get to the climax of the first arc. We can’t wait for the mystery to unravel!

But before we get into comics we talk a bit more on Dokkan Battle again! The 3rd anniversary event is still going strong. Kind of getting the feeling that the event will run until the 4th anniversary (although Victor won’t mind at all).

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Miguel Rojas roasted by Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. This looks like the first time we got coffee from out in Alberta. It’s always nice to get coffee from new roasters across Canada.

What did you think about this episode? What are your opinions on the roller coaster ride that is Justice League? Do you have any theories about Gideon Falls that perhaps we haven’t discussed? Send us an email or tweet at us to let us know your thoughts!

Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:06

Coffee Segment: 6:38

Comics Discussion: 14:02

Start of Justice League 4 discussion: 14:25

Start of Gideon Falls 5 discussion: 43:20

Offerings to Darkseid / Wrap-Up: 1:04:34


Justice League 4

Click here

Gideon Falls 5

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Miguel Rojas roasted by Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters


Offerings to Darkseid:

Jerry recommends a new song called You Should See Me Wear A Crown by Billie Eilish

Victor recommends artist/musician Bruno Mars (cuz he got tix for concert)

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