Episode 35 - To the magical and the intergalactic! Blackbird #2, Batman #58, Green Lantern #1, Justice League #11

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Nov 13 2018 94 mins  

Greetings Dark Roast Citizens! In this episode, we break things down and talk Blackbird #2, Batman #58, Green Lantern #1, and Justice League #11.

But before we get into comics, Jerry talks about how he’s been addicted to Destiny 2 ever since it became free on Battle.net (Blizzard app?). HOWEVER! It is free only until the November 18th! If you don’t claim the gift by then, it’s gone! Claim it, and it’s forever yours. Go do it now! But wait listen to this episode first then go do it.

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called Cafe El Arriero. It’s a coffee from cuba….and that’s all we know about it! Also it’s a dark roast, so it’s fitting!

What did you think about this episode? What do you think of the direction of Blackbird? Are you hyped for the future of Green Lantern? Let us know what you think!


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Time Stamps:

Intro: 0:06

Comics segment: 5:26

Start of Blackbird #2 discussion: 12:33

Start of Batman #58 discussion: 28:33

Start of Green Lantern #1 discussion: 48:09

Start of Justice League #11 discussion: 1:01:25

Coffee discussion: 1:16:59

The Cosmic Treadmill! / Wrap-Up: 1:20:41


Blackbird #2

Click here

Batman #58

Click here

Green Lantern #1

Click here

Justice League #11

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Cafe El Arriero


The Cosmic Treadmill!

In this segment, we go through the books that we’ll be covering the following week, to sort of give you a head start so you’ll know what to pick up for the show the following day! We realized that our episodes come out close to a week after the issues come out, and also comes out the day before NCBD! We wanted to make sure that you can hit up your local LCS and grab the issues we’ll be discussing the week after, and hopefully we can start a discussion on the Facebook group before the new episode airs!

On the next episode: Gideon Falls 8#, God of War #1, Captain America #5, Venom #8

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