Episode 18 - Venom 3 and Black Panther 1 - What defines you

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Jul 03 2018 70 mins  


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Hey everyone! This week we breakdown Venom 3 and Black Panther 1. We’re starting to see some of the mythology unfold in Venom, and we’re very excited about where this series is going! Black Panther is also looking to be a promising run as we go galactic with Wakanda!

But before we get into comics, we talk about some plans for the podcast moving forward! We’re going to try and be more active in our Facebook group, as we really want to get discussions going on some new books, and see what all of you think of these books! We’re also going to get some sort of schedule posted about books we’ll be covering in future shows. For now I think it’s going to be just for the immediate week after, but maybe that’ll change.

The coffee we’ll be brewing this week is called the Lemon-Tea Daydream again from Luna Coffee! BUT, this time we’re be doing it as an ice coffee! We’re really excited about how this will turn out!

What did you think about this episode? Do you agree with our analysis of Venom and Black Panther? We want to know what you think! Send us an email or tweet at us to let us know your thoughts!

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Intro: 0:06

Coffee Segment: 6:41

Comics Segment: 12:42

Start of Venom 3 discussion: 13:08

Start of Black Panther 1 discussion: 37:31

Offerings to Darkseid / Wrap-Up: 1:03:54


Venom 3

Click here

Black Panther 1

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Lemon-Tea Daydream roasted by Luna Coffee


Offerings to Darkseid:

Jerry recommends a mobile game called Time Locker

Victor recommends a Netflix show called Lethal Weapon

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