Bonus Episode - Previews Catalog 363 - December 2018

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Dec 06 2018 43 mins  

Woooo! We're on episode 3 of our new bonus series, where we go through the Previews Catalog for each month as they come out. We hope you'll find our recommendation through this series useful in deciding what to put on your future pull-list. It is also our intention to see if we can find gems ahead of release and add them to our show for discussion as well.

We will be mainly looking at new series and #1s as these provide a perfect opportunity for us to include a new comic from the start, and it also helps to spread the word about brand new books as well.


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These are the books we will be covering in this episode:

DC Comics

High Level #1 (Vertigo Imprint)


Marvels Annotated #1

Daredevil #1 & #2


Sharkey The Bounty Hunter

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