Mike McCurry, former White House press secretary

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Jun 03 2014 34 mins  

Throughout American history, the balance of faith and politics has helped define who we are. And that definition hasn’t always been totally clear.Examples of extreme positives and negatives have dominated our headlines – from the clergy’s role in driving the Civil Rights Movement to the abortion wars that have ended in murder in the name of faith to today’s debates on same sex marriage.The Constitution addresses the topic in Articles 1 and 6. Thomas Jefferson addressed it with his phrase noting “the separation of church and state.” Candidates today continue to address it, from the far left to the Tea Party right.So what is the proper role of faith in politics and government? Where should the balance sit? Will we ever reach a place of common ground – indeed, should we ever reach a place of common ground?Few have thought about these questions more than Mike McCurry. We all know him, of course, as President Bill Clinton’s White House Press Secretary. Today, in addition to serving as a Partner at Public Strategies Washington, where he offers communications strategy for companies and non-profits, Mike is a Distinguished Professor of Public Theology at the Wesley Theological Seminary. He serves, too, as co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates