Getting to the roots of what makes wine so good

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Feb 04 2019 36 mins  

From Napa and Sonoma to Bordeaux, Champagne, and Chianti,
the wine tasting experience is pretty similar. You go to the tasting room, see
their decorations, taste their wines, and maybe see some of the vineyards out
the window. Many of us have had this experience before. But the winemaking
process is about so much more than just the final product. How many of us have
talked to the family who owns the winery? The farmer who grew the grapes? The
winemaker who decided on the blend? How many of us have held the soil in our
hands? My guest today is Dr. Byron Marlowe from Washington State University Tri-Cities.
He has recently worked toward understanding and creating tourism experiences that
go beyond what is in the wine glass to get to know the story behind the wine. All
of the elements of the terroir, he argues, will tell you a lot more about how
what is in your glass came to be, and create a more authentic and memorable