The No-Till, No-Dig Garden. Excess harvest donation tips. Reading pesticide labels.

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Jun 16 2020 28 mins  

We want to make gardening easier for you. Garden author (and contrarian) Robert Kourik explains the benefits to your soil and plants if you not only don’t rototill the soil, but also limit your digging. “No-dig” your way to your best garden ever!

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Garden pesticides can be very confusing, especially when several different formulations have the same brand name. Our in-house college professor, Debbie Flower, talks about the importance of reading and following label directions, now, more than ever.

Soon, if not already, you will be harvesting more from your garden than you know what to do with it all. How about feeding the hungry with all those extra tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and peaches? We talk with the founder of, which is connecting overwhelmed gardeners with local food pantries who want your fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s all part of Episode 20 of Garden Basics with Farmer Fred. Put down your shovel, gather a few cherry tomatoes to munch on, and give us a listen. We will do it all in under 30 minutes. Let’s go.

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