We Have the Cure For Your Blues With Scott Heller Vocalist and Cigar Box Guitarist From Agape Blues Company!

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Sep 11 2019 74 mins  

 18WT 003:   Join in the unique sounds of two brothers reminiscing as Patrick interviews his “Dear Old Brother” Scott, Vocalist and Cigar Box guitarist from Agape Blues Company in Upstate N.Y.  They discuss Scotts’ journey to the badlands of South Dakota where he went yet again to The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where it was a balmy 68 degrees in August.  From there he took off to Las Vegas, just a floor above Hell and a mere 108 degrees.  His last stop this side of the Mississippi brought him to the studio right here two floors south of Hell in Beautiful 112 degrees and rising Phoenix.  His days spent here taught him what hot truly means.

Full Podcast show notes available here: https://www.18wheeltalk.com/episode3