Pandemic Stress and How We Are Dealing With It!

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Jul 06 2020 53 mins  

18WT 007:  On this episode Janet and Patrick start out with coffee and then go into talking about stress due to CoVid19. They continued talking about how some of their credit cards screwed them over when they called them to ask for deferments due to the loss of some of Janet’s income.
There were some laughs due to alarms going off on Janet’s phone to remind them to put up their patio umbrellas so that their tomato and pepper plants did not burn from the Phoenix sun.
  Janet went on to reminisce about when they moved from New York how they brought some pepper plants that Janet started from seed and how they ended up with peppers from those plants 2 years in a row. They talked about the word LITERALLY and went into a rant about how Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam lost the use of their guns.

Full Podcast show notes available here:

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