EP 30: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Julia Child)

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Aug 10 2020 54 mins  

Julia McWIlliams Child, the woman who brought French cooking to America, fell in love with France as generations have fallen in love with her. Born on August 15, 1912 in Pasadena into a wealthy family that had very very tall children. Julia would attend Smith College and due to her 6” 2 ‘ frame she was perfect for the basketball team but would also play golf, tennis and even act. Graduating with a degree in history in 1934 she wanted to become a writer and moved to New York to chase her dreams but her vision of being the next big novelist wasn’t in the cards. Instead she settled for working in the advertising department for the W & J Sloane furniture firm. 

As World War II broke out she wanted to join the Women’s Army Corp but due to her height she was turned away. Joining the Office of Strategic Services, the OSS that would later become the CIA, she worked directly with the head of the OSS. She would also assist in creating a shark repellent, yes you read that right. Apparently the sharks were getting too curious with the underwater explosives and would set them off so a repellent was needed to keep them away. 


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