Pixels 4 - I want to be optimistic

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Jan 13 2015 71 mins  
On this episode I discuss: PS4 sales numbers PS Now subscription XBox One core power Inter Compute Stick Steam Controller And more. I also report on my level of excitement for games! Tier 3 - I want to try it: The Order (Feb 20), BF Hardline (Mar 17), MK X (Apr 14), Halo 5 (Q4), Zelda U (Q4), Crackdown 3 (2015), The Division (2015), MGSV (2015), FFXV (2015) Tier 2 - I want to be optimistic: Bloodborne (Mar 24), Witcher III (May 19), Mirror's Edge (2015?16?), SFV (2015?16?), No Man's Sky (2015) Tier 1 - Excitatron! Tomb Raider (Q4), Arkham Knight (June 2), Uncharted 4 (2015) Hosts: Patrick Beja (@NotPatrick) The show's theme is by Daniel Beja, find his amazing royalty free music at MusicinCloud.com! Comment this show and find more at Frenchspin.com  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.