Pixels 86 - Cross Play PR Debacle

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Jun 25 2018 77 mins  
Pixels 86 - Cross Play PR Debacle On this episode we discuss: Sony remains tone deaf in the cross play conversation Everyone wants Battle Passes WHO adds gaming disorder to the ICD Anthem and BGE 2 might be good, PS Now downloadable games might be coming, Valve trying to please the Apple gods... And more! More info on the show: The hosts are Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX), Nate Lanxon (@NateLanxon) and Patrick Beja (@NotPatrick). The theme is by Daniel Beja (@misterdanielb), his amazing royalty free music is at MusicinCloud.com Find out more and get more shows at http://frenchspin.com  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.