Epi 36 | Sally Fallon Morell - Nourishing Traditional Diets for Vibrant Health

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Mar 25 2016 45 mins  

Sally Fallon Morell, is founder of The Weston A Price Foundation and author of several books including Nourishing Traditions: The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the diet dictocrats. She was inspired to start this foundation after utilizing the recommended diet that Weston A Price advocated for on her children and watching them grow and be healthy without any medical interventions.

Sally Fallon Morell discusses why Americans are unhealthy, why they have gut problems and how those gut problems can cause a variety of health problems.

By resolving gut issues, people have seen chronic health problems improve or resolve including the gut and behavioral problems associated with autism. We also discuss dementia and alzheimers and how you can help individuals with these problems by healing the gut and changing the diet.