035: The Recovery Myth, Part 2 - Lynn Chen, Actress + Activist

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Aug 08 2017 44 mins  

This is Part Two of THE RECOVERY MYTH: a new four-part miniseries by WANT sharing real-life stories, smashing open misconceptions, and shining a light on what recovery from an eating/body-related disorder or addiction REALLY looks like.

I’ll be talking to experts, healers, and real-life recoverees answering some of the top recurring questions I’ve gotten from you over the last few years. Not just questions about recovery itself, but about the befores, the durings, the afters, and all the in-betweens that can sometimes seem like you imagined them.

To be clear: the point of The Recovery Myth is NOT to prescribe a roadmap or provide a neat-and-tidy picture of what recovery looks like. The point is to dispel myths surrounding recovery and gain multiple perspectives to provide a more inclusive, holistic, and ultimately helpful view of what it looks like to go from the darkness into the light.


Today on the recovery myth I'm talking to Lynn Chen, actor, host, blogger, and body image activist. If you've been following along for a while you probably remember her from episode 4, where we talked about learning how to accept what is, and then moving forward from there. Today, obviously, we're talking Recovery, but we get into some pretty unexpected topics that I feel like people just don't talk about when they're talking about eating disorders.