Episode 23: Dr. Paul interviews The Premed Consultants founder Adam Nessim

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May 11 2020 44 mins  

In today's episode of The Talking USMLE Podcast, Dr. Paul sits down with The Premed Consultants founder Adam Nessim.

We dive into a variety of different topics including which areas of study a premed should focus, which type of extra-curricular is best for a premed to focus on, and how to crush the med school interview.

This is an episode you won't want to miss.

You can also watch the full interview on YouTube at https://upchelp.com/adam

Learn more about how Adam Nessim & The Premed Consultants can help you boost your chances of getting into medical school by visiting https://thepremedconsultants.com and be sure to follow Adam on Instagram at https://instagram.com/adam_nessim

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