Ep.#50! Smoke and Mirrors Of Alcohol

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Oct 28 2020 36 mins  

Learn how to stop drinking alcohol and honor your wisdom. An illusionist uses smoke and mirrors to make something appear different than it really is. It tricks your mind, alters your perceptions. But when the smoke clears, you can see, nothing has changed, you are left right where you stared. Or maybe in a worse place because now, you have to manage the consequences. Of not showing up the way you really want to in life. Learn how the elements of thought, emotion, action, body and spirit are out of balance, why it's so hard to SEE when you are in it, and how to get them back to where you can BREATH again. 

Today the show turns 50! And we couldn't feel better. Good things happen with age. You learn from mistakes and improve your excellence. Start at 80-% good, to get going, this is the only way to learn.

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