How can I backup and restore my subscription & data?

Automatic Backup/Restore process
Since v2020.3, Podcast Addict allows you to enable an automatic backup of the app data.
This backup will contain everything (subscriptions, playback progress, played status, playlists, settings, ...) and it will be stored in the folder of your choice outside the app storage folder.
Having the backup folder outside the app storage folder will prevent Android from deleting your backup if you uninstall the app.

You can also Sign in with your Google Drive account, so your Backups are automatically uploaded in the cloud. That way if you lose your phone or the phone refuses to start for some reason, you can install the app on a new phone and sign in to your account to retrieve your previous backup automatically.
The app will store the data on its own private folder on Drive. This means that you cannot see the backup file from the Drive app. However, you can monitor the date of the last successful upload in Settings/Backup.

Manual Backup/Restore
You can also backup your data manually and then share the file by email or store it on a different cloud service like Dropbox.
If you want to restore a backup file manually, you will need to go into Settings/Backup & Restore and press on the restore button. The app will then ask you to select the backup file on the device memory, and then restore it.

Redownloading episodes after restoring the backup
The backup file doesn't contain any downloaded files. This means that after restoring the backup, the app will ask you if you want to redownload the episodes that were previously flagged as downloaded.

Transferring existing downloaded files
If you want to avoid redownloading those episodes you can manually save the content of the app storage folder on the previous device and copy it into the new device app storage folder