Some of my podcasts are showing a 'Podcast not yet initialized...' message?

Here's what happens when you subscribe to a new podcast:

  • The new podcast is added to your list of subscriptions
  • Then the app starts retrieveing the podcast episodes' list

Until the feed is updated at least once, the following message will be displayed on the podcast screen: 'Podcast not yet initialized...'
If this message is still displayed after trying to update the new podcast, it means that the update failed.

Here's a list a probable causes for a failed update:

  1. You don't have a valid network connection (don't forget to check if you restricted podcast updates to a Wi-Fi connection in Setting/Network)
  2. The podcast RSS feed url you selected/entered doesn't exist any more.
  3. The podcast server is down due to heavy traffic, crash or maintenance
  4. The podcast RSS is invalid because of a syntax error
  5. A bug in Podcast Addict ;)

You can try to open the podcast feed url in a web browser to check if the feed still exists and is valid. To do so, long press on the podcast on the app main screen, select 'Copy url to clipboard', then paste the result in your web browser address bar.

If the feed doesn't exist any more feel free to contact me so I can remove it from the app database.

If you want some help solving this issue, feel free to send me an email with the podcast name and url.