How to customize settings per podcast?

Some of the app Settings can be customized for each podcast you subscribed to, like auto download, auto deletion, ...

In order to do so, long press on a podcast and select 'Custom Settings'.
You will then be able to override the app global settings. You can do so for download, player, playlist and automatic cleanup related settings.
If you want to go back to the default global settings you just have to disable the overridden settings.

Here are the main setting which can be overridden per podcast

  • Download

  • - Automatic download
    - Download limit
  • Player

  • - Jump backward duration
    - Jump forward duration
    - Mark as read once the episode has been listened to
    - Start offset
    - Automatic rewind
  • Playlist

  • - Automatically add new episodes to the playlist
    - Automatically remove from the playlist once the episode has been listened to
  • Automatic Cleanup

  • - Automatically delete the episode once the episode has been listened to
    - Number of downloaded episodes to keep
    - Automatic deletetion based on the episode publication date