How can I play episodes from Podcast Addict on Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, or UPnP devices?

Q: I can already cast Podcast Addict episodes on Chromecast devices. How can I do the same with non-Chromecast devices like Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, or UPnP devices?

A: Currently, Podcast Addict supports direct casting to Chromecast-enabled devices through the Chromecast button on the main toolbar. However, this feature is not compatible with non-Chromecast devices like Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, and UPnP devices. While I'm considering adding support for these devices in a future update, there is a workaround available now.
If you want to play your Podcast Addict playlists on these devices, you can do so by using a third-party app such as BubbleUpnp. Here's how it works:

  1. Install a Third-Party App: Download and install an app like BubbleUpnp on your device.
  2. Share Your Playlist: In Podcast Addict, share your current playlist with the third-party app. You can do this from the Playlist screen option menu.
  3. Play Through the App: Use the third-party app to cast your playlist to your preferred device, such as Sonos, BlueSound, Amazon Echo, or a UPnP device.

Please Note the Following Restrictions:

  • URL-Based Sharing: The process involves sending the list of episode URLs to the third-party app. Therefore, virtual podcasts, which are files locally stored on your device, are not supported.
  • Playback Position: Podcast Addict cannot send the current playback position of the episodes. Consequently, each episode in the playlist will start from the beginning.
  • No Sync with Podcast Addict: Once you share the playlist, Podcast Addict cannot track the playback. This means there won't be any update on playback progress within Podcast Addict, and episodes won't be automatically removed or marked as played as they are played through the third-party app.

I understand these limitations may be significant, but this method allows you to enjoy your Podcast Addict playlists on a wider range of devices beyond Chromecast.