Why Do I Hear Audio Ads in Podcasts?

Why are there audio advertisements within the podcast episodes I listen to?

When using Podcast Addict, you may notice two types of advertisements: visual and audio. Let me clarify their origins and purposes:

  • Visual Ads: The app features a small banner ad at the bottom of the screen. These are the only ads associated with Podcast Addict itself, and they can be removed via a payment.
  • Audio Ads: Any audio ads you hear during podcast episodes are not from Podcast Addict. They're managed by the podcast creators or their distribution networks, used as a way for them to fund their work. There are two main types of audio ads you may encounter:
    • Host-Read Ads: These are ads read by the podcast host, embedded within the episode's content, promoting products or services they endorse.
    • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI): This type of ad is inserted into the episode at the time of download or streaming, which can vary per listening session. They might be tailored to your location, meaning you could hear an ad in your local language, even if the podcast is in another language.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is becoming increasingly common in podcasting. It allows advertisers to reach listeners more effectively by targeting ads based on listener data and helps keep podcast content free for you. Importantly, DAI provides a significant advantage for podcasters, enabling them to monetize their back catalog of episodes continually. Unlike host-read ads that only generate revenue for a set period, dynamic ads can turn evergreen content into a lasting source of income.

However, this practice can be inconvenient for listeners, as it makes it difficult for podcasters to provide accurate file durations or chapter markers within the episode. Additionally, many listeners find these ads disruptive, which can detract from the listening experience. Most of the one-star reviews for the app come from listener frustration with these inserted ads, despite the fact that Podcast Addict does not control their inclusion.

I understand that these ads may affect your enjoyment of podcasts and I regret any frustration caused. Please remember that the audio ads you hear are determined by the podcast creators and not by Podcast Addict. The app merely provides access to the content as it is made available through the podcast RSS feed.