I'm having 'Internal player: unknown error...' messages when trying to listen to a podcast

If you have an 'Internal player: unknown error...' message when trying to play an episode with Podcast Addict internal player, it can be because of one of the following issue:

  • Network issue in case of streaming
  • Corrupted/Truncated downloaded file (can be a podcast server issue or a Player issue)
  • Android unsupported format (missing codecs?)
  • Unsupported characters in the downloaded file name

The app uses Google EXOPlayer engine by default since v4.6
If you experience an error with one specific episode/podcast it might be a compatibility issue or a corrupted file issue, but if you're having this issue with every episode/podcast, it might indicate that the player engine service crashed. In that case rebooting the device might fix this issue.
In case this issue looks like a compatibility problem, you can try changing the player engine used by the app in Settings/Player/Audio

If playback still fails, please send me an email with the following information:

  • Android version
  • Are you streaming or playing a downloaded file
  • Podcast feed url (long press on the podcast, select 'Copy url to clipboard' and paste the result in the email)
  • Episode name