The Phileas Club

Sep 09 2020 88 mins 36.8k

World news, the "not boring" way: get the news at the source! People from around the world tell you what has been making the news in their country, both locally and internationally. Heated arguments and silly discussions ensue... The Phileas Club is a show about different cultures and opinions coming together and talking it out.

5 • 4 Ratings

LoLoBear Aug 20 2020
A eye opening on the complexity and diversity of the world. A must listen ! Thank you Patrick

Drana Jul 19 2020
Patrick au top comme d'habitude

KeblarNorth Jun 03 2020
Patrick Beja bravely discusses issues armed only with curiosity. His questioning is provocative but never amounts to interrogation. His guests are locals with local knowledge in local context. I have learned more about the world from this podcast than any other. Beja always tries to keep an open mind (sometimes it is a struggle), and he shares the speaking stick. This podcast is about his guests and their world.

monipeni Apr 17 2020
Best global geopolitical podcast