The Grounded Podcast

May 30 2020 54 mins 1

Comedian Jeff Zenisek rambles his incoherent thoughts, offers life advice nobody should take, and discusses current events mostly with himself, all while playing a silly soundboard because Jeff secretly wants to be a DJ.

The Grounded Podcast 26: Live from Knoxville, TN: The Pilot Light (Feat. Will Spottedbear, Tyler Sonnichsen, and Krish Mohan)
Nov 10 2016 52 mins  
Jeff features a few comics from all over at the first live recording of The Grounded Podcast. William Spottedbear (Minneapolis), Tyler Sonnichsen (Knoxville), Krish Mohan (DC). Jeff passes out Hi-C Ecto Cooler's that he found (and bought way too many of) at a grocery store. He discusses the history of the Hi-C drink. Jeff then talks about the World Series and the Cubs Billy Goat curse. He mentions how he watched it at a bar and saw a political ad against Trump that made everyone in the bar laugh out loud. Then Jeff brings in some campaign clips from previous lower level elections to make fun of. Then he plays a silly clip of a newscaster getting hit by a sled to bring everyone back together again. Here are the clips: Hillary's Anti Trump Ad: Lake Emergence Ad: Schoolboard Star Wars Ad: Los Angeles Gangster Rap Ad: Little Girl Fish Ad: Brain on Drugs Ad: Father Son Drug Bonding Ad: Finally to cheer you up, Newscaster hit by sled clip: Follow Jeff Zenisek on everything: most of his names are: JeffZenisek @GroundedPodcast Jeffs Funny Friends: Tyler Sonnichsen: Twitter: @TylerSonic | William Spottedbear: Twitter: WillSpottedbear | Krish Mohan: Twitter: @KrishMohan |

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