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Aug 17 2020 109

Happy Life is a lifestyle where one secures and sustains joy in every circumstance. Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone does anything about it. If I expect to be happier but don't change anything about how I'm living, not only are my chances slim, but Einstein would call that insanity. So, how does one become truly happy? Listen and find out.

Road Trippin' Prayer Meetin' HL205
Apr 06 2020 25 mins  
Road tripping, 80's music...and Jesus??? What in the world do those 3 have in common?!? To be honest? Everything! I grew up in church believing I hated prayer. However, after a road trip and the 80's station on sirius, I realized it wasn't prayer I disliked, it was the way I was taught I was supposed to pray I couldn't stand. If I knew prayer could look like it did on my road trip, I would have become a "prayer warrior" a long time ago. Wait...prayer can be fun and God loves 80's music??? Yep! Join us for episode 1 of our Prayer Series, as we talk about prayer in ways you've probably never heard from anyone else. (I bet you thought them though). The songs we use in this episode are "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, "It's Tricky" by Run D.M.C., "Jump" by Van Halen, "Living On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi, "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns N' Roses, "What's Love Got To Do with It" by Tina Turner and "Without or Without You" by U2. We don't own the rights to any of them. Special thanks to Jordan Hays, for his really cool song "Happy Funk" that he made specifically for Happy Life Studios and we used in this episode. FREE COACHING Email us at [email protected] if you're interested in the free month of Happy Life coaching. There is nothing you have to cancel if you don't want to continue on after the months over. We won't take your credit card information unless you choose to continue on with it. YO STEVO Email us at [email protected] or Call us at 425.200.HAYS(4297) Share with us your favorite genre of music, a topic you would like us to tackle, just plain feedback or anything else you'd like to ask or comment. We'd love to hear from you. www.HappyLife.lol www.Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios www.Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios www.Twitter.com/HappyLifStudios www.YouTube.com/StevoHays HELP US SPREAD THE HAPPY www.PayPal.me/StevoHays

HappYear Life 2K18 HL102
Jan 01 2018 15 mins  
If I had the secret to a HappYear would you take it? A lot of people want a successful year because they believe it will make them happy. While this may be true, we at Happy Life Studios believe that if we have a happier year, then we will have a more successful one as well. The problem with the first scenario is I can only be happy if all my numeric goals were met. While in the second scenario, I can be happy and more successful even if I don't happen to hit all my goals. Success is about being happy not the other way around. A lot of people talk about the importance of setting measurable goals this time of year. Setting goals can be a good thing, but 1) it doesn't work for everyone and 2) we believe there is a way that goes even deeper. So, do yourself a favor and don't even try to set goals without this life hack we talk about in this episode. Just imagine what would happen if everyone who listened to this podcast actually committed to living out Christmas all year long and actually committed to do something kind for others that they normally wouldn't do. What if even a handful of those who listened to this episode decided to be more generous, thankful or mysterious like they do at Christmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween? Now that is what I call a recipe not only for a HappYear, but for a Happy Life as well - for you, as well as the world around you. May your Happier Holidays turn in to a Happier New Year The songs we use in this episode are "Christmas the Whole Year Round" by Sabrina Carpenter and "The Secret of Christmas" by Bing Crosby. We don't own the rights to either. www.HappyLife.lol www.Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios www.Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios www.Twitter.com/HappyLifStudios www.PayPal.me/StevoHays

Whatcha Thankin?!? HL98
Nov 20 2017 19 mins  
Increase your thankful meter and your happy meter will increase as well because it's impossible to be content and discontent at the same time. When you're thankful for what you have, you're not discontented or angry with what you don't. In this episode, we give some great tips for making your Thanksgiving and your Holidays happier, because we know that for some, Happy is the last adjective they would use to describe their Holidays. Not to mention, there is always that one relative that gets under everyone's skin. That passive/aggressive or maybe even aggressive/aggressive individual that just pushes buttons whether they know it or not. That's why we give a few happy nuggets on how to not allow them to steal the Happy from your Holidays. Listen and make your Thanksgiving Happier. (If you really want to have some fun...share it with that relative heh heh heh). Merry Christmas and Happier Holidays. If you're interested in buying a Happy Life Journal, email us at [email protected] They're only $5 plus shipping and handling. Here is the video Elevator I was talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IF-SqVgb7k The song we use partially in the intro is "Mr Roboto" by Styx. I'd also like to give a shout out to James Kocian, once again, for the use of his really cool song "Light As A Feather". Check out more of his music here https://soundcloud.com/james-kocian) www.HappyLife.lol www.Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios www.Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios www.Twitter.com/HappyLifStudios www.PayPal.me/StevoHays

Sack the Happy HL86
Aug 28 2017 12 mins  
Have you ever found yourself winning only to realize you lost? You were so focused on something right in front of you that you forgot the reason you started that thing or process in the first place? Having the start of the NFL season right around the corner, I found myself in the mood to podcast about it. Sometimes grabbing Happy is as easy as letting go of sadness. I had a defensive coordinator of a state championship football team tell me, that he tells his defensive linemen to strike, press, extend and then shed the offensive lineman. He told me that sometimes his linemen stay engaged with their opponent too long. They get too involved. They're in their lane, fighting and winning their assignment but in the long run miss the quarterback altogether. I think this is true in life as well. We're doing our job, and we have an opportunity to become the hero. We just have to disengage the sadness and sack the happy. Let go of our opponent. Stop focusing too much on the obstacle in front of us. And then simply reach out and sack the Happy. After all, it's a little difficult to grab one thing when you're holding on to another. Everyone faces opposition. We can't ignore that (unless we prefer to lose in life). However, we can focus on the obstacle, opponent, failure, negativity too much. It's pretty easy to do (for me anyways). Sometimes all the enemy of our souls, all the sadness of our life has to do to win, is to get us to focus too much on the problems and obstacles right in front of us. www.HappyLife.lol www.Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios www.Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios www.Twitter.com/HappyLifStudios www.PayPal.me/StevoHays

How to fight evil HL85
Aug 21 2017 19 mins  
I'm baaaaack. Have you missed me? How is one supposed to handle evil? Put our head in the sand, or lace up the gloves and fight back? I think this episode is very timely due to the events that happened in Charlottesville this last week. There seems to be so much evil and hatred in the world today. People of all opinions are talking about it. Have you perused Facebook lately? Maybe you've even quit Facebook due to these posts so rudely overtaking our news-feeds. Whatever happened to what we had for dinner last night? (Which, honestly might be the only plus side of it all actually lol). Seriously though, of all the people fighting this evil and hatred, I haven't seen too many fighting it the way we're going to talk about it in this episode, which is too bad since it's actually the best and most successful way to fight evil and hate. It should be, since God Himself created, as well as endorses it. So what is the best way to fight evil, hatred, negativity, etc? This advice, if followed, will not only begin to push back the tide of evil and hate, it will also increase our happy and decrease our sad in the midst of it all! I understand a lot of people saying they are quitting or are planning on quitting Facebook due to all of the negative and angry posts, however, I think there is a better and a more powerful way. Listen and let's change this world and spread some happy along the way. In fact, if this post makes sense to you, why not spread it on your social media? Why not spread other fun, positive, inspiring and happy posts? Watch and start with the YouTube link below. Links used or talked about in this episode www.5lovelanguages.com/ Back in Seattle BACK IN SEATTLE AGAIN" by Fred Koller & Stephen Trombley School assembly speaker Brook Gibbs youtu.be/Vv6XJ7zp7J4 www.HappyLife.lol Facebook.com/HappyLifeStudios Twitter.com/HappyLifStudios Instagram.com/HappyLife_Studios PayPal.me/StevoHays

Crappy to Happy HL56
May 23 2016 12 mins  
Ever felt broken or found your life in need of repair? The good news is that God loves to fix things. The bad news is many are embarrassed their life needs any kind of improvement at all. So, instead of giving God the hammer, many decide to try and fix up their lives on their own, when the master architect, designer and builder is waiting right outside the front door of our life, ringing the doorbell with His tool belt on. This is backward thinking. In this episode I talk about one of my wife's and my favorite HGTV shows "Fixer Upper" starring Chip and Joanna Gaines. I find it interesting that when it comes to buying or remodeling a house, we have no problem asking for help or hiring professionals just like Chip and Joanna, to come in and do their handiwork. Knocking down walls, replacing cabinets, ripping up floors. We know the house needs work so we simply get the help we need. No questions asked or regret felt. I believe our lives are a lot like houses. Fixer Uppers in continual need of remodeling. Constant reconstruction. However, when it comes to us and our broken hearts, mental pain, personal nightmares, bad habits, or other sad states of affairs, we have a difficult time getting or admitting we need any kind of help at all. This is why we feel crappy. But be encouraged, the journey from crappy to happy is pretty simple. So listen and be encouraged. You are of high value and God made and loves you just the way you are. Ding Dong. Someone's at the door. Are you going to answer it? PayPal.me/StevoHays Music; Another Perfect Day by James Kocian twitter.com/jameskocian facebook.com/james.kocian.1

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