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The show where we spread positivity, knowledge and passion like herpes.

Social Dilemmas and Solutional Thinking
Jul 28 2015 73 mins  
-Houses being bought and rented out at exorbitant prices -Overpriced housing drives up homelessness -Community based housing infrastructure to battle homeless dilemma -Overpopulation dwindles resources faster -Education and contraception would help overpopulation -Mental stability is being battled by all the surrounding technology -Every wireless device is constantly sending and receiving information through the air -Finding time to set aside for personal human interaction -Be more mindful -Social networks bombarding us with advertisements -Social networks can also propel people and ideas as a benefit -www.zeitgeistmovement.com sustainability advocacy group Peter Joseph -Governance comes through economical caring capacities -Create relative abundance of resources and distribute -www.thevenusproject.com John Fresco & Roxanne Meadows -Inter-operable infrastructure means that parts of a unit are interchangeable -www.greybears.org is a thrift store which recirculates donated items to local population -Single parent households struggling with resources and time -Access abundance mindset -Socio-Structural Integrity is the human relationship coupled with ecological infrastructure -Library style system for tools and necessities and recreational supplies -SubRosa is a community space in downtown Santa Cruz which hosts events such as free tool workshops [email protected] www.facebook.com/ryan.souza.790?fref=ts all donations to patreon.com/positiveherpes are greatly appreciated follow me on social media instagram @positiveherpes twitter @positiveherpes periscope @positiveherpes facebook.com/positiveherpes [email protected]

Biohacking 101
Jul 21 2015 71 mins  
-1st brain to evolve is the reptile brain sits at the top of the spinal cord -all vertibrea organizms have a simple nervous system which controls breathing and organ function -the mamilian brain, or cerebreal cortex, encases the older(reptilian) brain -this cerebreal cortex can take credit for social order -mamilian brain is meant to keep you alive, lives in a world of scarcity -pre-frontal cortex governs complex decision making, analysis and details -only prevailant in higher primates -the first people to "hack" their bio-systems might have been yogis -reptile brain eats nutrients first to maintain body functions -third brain, or pre-frontal cortex, eats nutrients last -FAST learning -FORGET pre-conceptions -ACTIVE actively participate with your surroundings -STATE being responsible for your performance or conciousness -TEACH while learning, act as if you have to teach it to someone later -food is a huge bio-hack -grains and oats cause inflamation, especially gluten -ancient grains(millet, barley, farrow, buckwheat) are better for your system -ancient grains maintain fat and protein in kernal -intermitant fasting is helpfull to lowering the overload your body goes through while constantly digesting -bulletproof coffee helps with maintaining fuel sources while keeping cognitive function in tact -there are 100 trillion bacteria in your gut while there are only 10 trillion cells that make the human body -eliminate EMF radiation to improve sleep -use your bedroom for sleep and sex only -doing other activities in your bedroom disassiciates your body to sleep in your bed -blue spectrum light is stimulating and tells your brain to continue operating rather than sleeping -UV radiation(vitamin D) turns on epigenes -UV radiation deteriorates cells more efficiently -cold water showers vaso-constricts your blodd vessels -cold water will oxygenate your blood cells -heart rate variability is slowing down the heart rate to make your body feel safe -lower expectations while increasing tolerance -practice gratitute through journal, groups, mindfulness -gratitude shifts conciousness by creating space -quality water is better than bottled water -tea service creates a space for intention and spirit -walking bare-foot is a great way to ground your energy and "recallobrate" -sometimes that "hippy-dippy" shit is actually correct as science is coming to realize -a "black-out" day is where you shut-down all electronics and occupy your time otherwise happify.com lumosity.com patreon.com/positiveherpes instagram @positiveherpes twitter @positiveherpes periscope @positiveherpes facebook.com/positiveherpes [email protected]

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