Attack of the Androids

May 10 2016 69 mins 1.6k

Android podcast discussing Android news, reviews and awesome Android apps.

AotA 24: What Really Matters
Mar 02 2012 74 mins  
"Did you just pull out a Doctor Who reference?" Welcome to episode 24 of Attack of the Androids. On tonight's show you'll recognize voices belonging to Jeremy Lesniak, Seth Heringer, Eric Finkenbiner, and Joey Kelley. Of course my name is Mat Lee and I host, write the show notes and handle the show production. Are you ready to listen in on our fun filled educational Android conversations? Starting off the week we discuss some of our recent articles over on and This week I show you how to use an Android Smartphone to control game emulators on an Android tablet, and how to use a Galaxy Nexus to control Sonic CD on a Transformer Prime. Speaking of the Transformer Prime, let's dip back into the seemingly unending saga that is the Problem of the Primes. This will only take a second... In the meantime, check out the official Asus forum thread on XDA and enjoy the read. Eric gives us some great reasons to unlock the bootloader on the Asus Transformer Prime. Seth kicks up some Mobile World Congress dust leading to a chat about some new devices being unveiled in Barcelona. After that we talk about Windows 8 and why some people seem to think it's going to beat iOS and Android, some interesting stats on how many people own smartphones now, and of course we have to explain why everyone is making a big deal out of nothing in regards to the new Google Privacy Policy. Don't worry, be happy! You can enjoy this and so much more by listening to the podcast. Do I need to write you a How To on that? Go to the AotA subscribe page and subscribe in iTunes or to the RSS feed with your podcast app of choice. Keep reading after the break for our great app picks. Thanks for listening.Read more »

AotA 20: Age of Connectivity
Feb 02 2012 58 mins  
"Is this Bonsai Buddy on Android?" Welcome to episode 20 of Attack of the Androids! We strive each and every week to be the best Android podcast we can be. It seems like only yesterday we started this podcast, but nay it was started back in September. So here we are, each week presenting you what we feel is the most interesting and relevant news in regards to Android. Before we get into the show notes for episode 20, I have something I'd like to discuss with you. I think more people need to focus on the fact that it's near impossible to purchase a mobile device that was manufactured here in America. Don't get me wrong, the devices other countries make are great depending on your level of standards, but when stories like this one about Apple and the dire working conditions the people who work for Foxconn deal with, as good moral human beings we have to ask ourselves one question. Is it worth it? Granted things could be, and used to be, far worse. Let's take a look at the numbers. Between January and November 2010, 14 Foxconn employees killed themselves. 18 Foxconn employees in all tried to. 20 Chinese universities created a report describing the working conditions these humans deal with day to day, basically comparing Foxconn to "Labor Camps." From what I understand, a month or so after that about 150 Foxconn employees threatened mass suicide because Foxconn refused to pay them what they were promised. This is just a minute sliver of the things human beings are dealing with all over the world just so consumers can keep on consuming.Read more »

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