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Nov 22 2020 44 mins 166

Reality is not what it seems and this show makes the paranormal normal and the supernatural natural. A weekly podcast for TruthSeikers as we explore our own psychic abilities, remote viewing, empathy, alternate realities/parallel worlds, out of body experiences, altered states of consciousness, meditation, UFOs and alien abductions, sleep paralysis, conspiracy theories, emergency preparedness, natural remedies, and finding ways to incorporate our findings into our every-day decision making processes. Asking the hard questions and exploring difficult answers with extensive research and a wide variety of sources.

AI, The Great Reset, & Bill Cooper
Nov 22 2020 56 mins  
AI, COVID 19, and the Great Reset - how are they connected? Where is this all going? And what does Bill Cooper’s prediction about arrests of Patriots on a Thanksgiving holiday have to do with all of this? Is there a connection between the development of AI, plans to merge human consciousness with AI, and the spread of COVID 19? In this podcast, Dennis poses the question exploring a possible connection between an increase in mental disorders, to include hallucinations, and the possible integration of nanotechnology introduced to the human body. Could tech account for blood clots and hallucinations? Where is this Leading? The late William Cooper, author of “Behold a Pale Horse,” researcher, self-proclaimed patriot, and host of “The Hour of the Time” radio broadcast, made some incredible claims in his book. With accounts of an alien presence and secret government conspiracies, Cooper paints a dark picture of a secret agenda against the American people and world population. Some of his analytical predictions, however, have come true. (To include 9/11 and school shootings). In his book, Cooper warns that there will come a time when FEMA (who is a part of the secret government) will make mass arrests of patriots in the United States. The question one has to ask during this time is this: are American’s being told to stay home during the Thanksgiving holiday (due to COVID) connected to Cooper’s warning? Looking Beyond the Great Reset The World Economic Forum met in Davos, Switzerland in January 2020. They have recently released a video where they inform us that by the year 2030 we will own nothing, and be happy about it. It paints a picture of an AI driven infrastructure that is integrated with, and in servitude to, our society, and ownership is a thing of the past. Everything is rented, carbon emissions are down, and everyone is happy. How will they achieve this goal? How will humanity find this peaceful happiness? And where is it leading? If we look to the work of the late Bob Monroe, we may have a glimpse of the future of humanity. In his book, Far Journey’s, Monroe gives an account of a glimpse into the future somewhere around the year 3,000. His experience suggests a society that survived a major hardship which fostered an evolution and understanding of our reality. Humans can knowingly and willingly experience life-spans of other lifeforms spanning vast time periods, and they do so willingly in order to produce Loosh. Monroe stated during this future time-period, humans are happy to produce Loosh because they have a better understanding of why they are doing it. Are we currently in such a state of ignorance that we fear our own destiny? Are we resisting a change that may ultimately benefit our society? Or are we taking the last stand against the takeover of human consciousness from an all-consuming AI? This podcast is packed full of difficult questions and possibilities, but it is up to the listener to decide what it means… More at

Projecting Positivity - with Ray Davis
Oct 10 2020 63 mins  
Ray Davis is back on the podcast, and he doesn’t disappoint! From personal journeys to navigating political discussions, to the UFO agenda, Ray brings his wisdom, perspective, and productive approach to world events. Ray Davis is an author and co-founder of 6 Sense Media. He is also the founder of the Affirmation Spot, where he has been building a community of self-empowerment for years. With daily affirmations, supportive discussions, and a talent for exploring difficult conversations productively, Ray returns to the podcast this week to share his perspectives on many of the challenges we are facing. When encountering a difficult time in life, Ray reminds us to search for meaning and value by asking “what can I learn from this?” Ray teaches us how to shape our experiences to work for us, no matter how difficult it may be for us. He reminds us that we have the power to enact the change we want to see if we can put our minds to the task. Fate, Destiny, & UFOs Ray & Dennis dig deep as they evaluate the human condition. They explore questions facing fate vs free will. Is there a grand plan, or are we randomly creating our own experiences. If there is a grand plan, who designed it? How complex is that plan and are there events, actors, and technology that is working to drive our behavior towards a specific goal? Is there a connection to the UFO disclosure efforts presently underway? Ray points out that there are big questions that are not yet being asked publicly. Those questions, however, have the potential to shift beliefs and paradigms and even change the world. How long have they been here? Why are they here? What do they want? Who are they? It’s time to look beyond the potential threat and start exploring the deeper questions and the impacts those questions will have on our society.

Silence, Energy, & Change
Oct 03 2020 42 mins  
Choosing to remain silent in a sea of angry conflict does not equal compliance. It is simply recognizing the distraction for what it is, and contributing the flow of energy in a healthy and productive direction. It’s presently being argued that those on social media who choose not to engage or voice their opinions regarding the current political and racial tensions in the country are assumed to now be part of the problem. However, some simply recognize that by contributing to the static noise of opinions, voices are lost while the negative energy of conflict amplifies. In looking at the studies like the Maharishi Effect and the research coming from the HeartMath Institute, we see how forces such as energy and intention impact behaviors. HeartMath shows us that heart energy interacts with other heart energy, and when in a crowd, there is a mix of electromagnetic signals. If all signals are resonating on a particular emotional frequency (anger, fear, hatred), then that wave is magnified and amplified. As empaths, we often recognize the energy connected to a person, event, or even a posting online. Choosing not to engage in a particular energetic frequency is a manner of protection but also a choice to help create a healing flow. At this point, engaging in this “fight,” is simply contributing to the energy of conflict. Creating change and building peace still works towards the same goal, but in a way that is energetically healthy. By engaging in an angry debate, we are fueling the fire instead of sowing the garden. Change We are moving into a new paradigm. The world is shifting, and as we go through that transition many of us may experience some dark times filled with fear. Dennis shares aspects of his journey, and reflects on his decision to share them publicly. As we go through a transition, we may find ourselves consumed with negativity, however, upon reflection after that change we often come to find the benefit of those dark moments. Is our darkness today an aspect of a great metamorphosis? What will you become once we emerge? More at

The Social Dilemma
Sep 26 2020 52 mins  
The Netflix Documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” exposes the gross manipulation of social media users around the world. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper. What connection does this have to AI, UFOs, and the 1947 Roswell Crash? Throughout the history of this show, we’ve been exploring the dangers of social media and AI. After reviewing the documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” it seems as if many of those fears are manifesting in our present timeline. Social media, with the help of AI, is being used to distract, divide, and misinform the masses. What’s the end-goal? According to the documentary, this could lead to world-wide civil war. But is there something deeper happening? The UFO Connection In 1997, Colonel Philip J Corso published his book, The Day After Roswell. In his book, he detailed his knowledge and experience in working with the materials recovered from the 1947 Roswell Crash. According to Corso, a UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico, and he was later tasked with going through some of the debris to covertly disseminate to various research and development companies for the purposes of revere engineering this alien technology. In his book, Corso speculated that these beings that were recovered may have been some form of android somehow connected to the ship itself, suggesting there was a level of sophisticated artificial intelligence at work. What’s more concerning is Corso’s comments on the recovered computer chips from the crash. Corso wondered if these computer chips were intentionally seeded here on this planet to allow our species to build our own Trojan horse. We are now at a point in time and development where if this holds true, that Trojan Horse is about to open. Is it possible that we have built an infrastructure that will call out and connect to an advanced AI that is working to divide and conquer our species? As crazy as that sounds, one only has to look at the state of affairs in the world today. In this podcast, Dennis reviews details that may support this possibility. However, he also discusses the empowerment that can come from this knowledge. If we understand how the algorithms work, and what they are working towards, we may be able to change this divisive agenda. More at https;//

UFOs & Energy Manipulation
Aug 17 2020 60 mins  
Opinions and protests are increasing in volume and intensity as lines are being drawn in the sand. UFOs are being investigated further by the Pentagon, and they may have taken blood samples from abductees. How are these events related, and what role does human energy play? People are fighting. People are angry. People are opinionated. When scrolling through social media, it’s not hard to determine someones political leanings or moral standing. But are these postings making a difference, or furthering the divide? Many are mourning the loss of a young boy who was executed by the name of Cannon Hinnant. His murder was tragic and heartbreaking. However, it seems as if his murder is being used to settle a score that seems to be connected to the horrible murder of George Floyd. It appears the goal is to draw attention to the media’s varying levels of coverage between the two incidents. But this campaign may have far greater consequences. The UFO Investigation The Pentagon has just announced they are forming a task force to investigate UFO sightings. As the journey towards disclosure continues, we are hopeful that we will eventually find an answer to the question that has not yet been publicly asked: Who or what is flying the craft? Nick Pope, a UFO investigator, was recently quoted via Unknown Country explaining that there is a possibility that the Pentagon’s former UFO investigative agency may have collected blood samples from people claiming to have had contact with UFOs. It is unclear if these participants were aware of their involvement with the government’s study. It’s also interesting to note that part of this study was geared toward determining what impact these vehicles may have had on human energy. Speculations indicate there is possibility that these craft have an ability to influence one’s perception of reality by simply interacting with their energetic field. Could this explain some of the screen memories people report when encountering these crafts? This certainly seems relevant to the content explored in Food for the Archons. Humans have an electromagnetic field generated by the heart that is capable of sending and receiving information that has a direct affect on emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It is through this field that we are vulnerable. This field may also play a very strong role in the “mob mentality,” and may be infecting millions of people around the world as fears continue to mount over the many destabilizing news events we are subjected to. In this podcast, Dennis explores the implications of the UFO investigation, energetic fields, and polarized political, ethical, and racial arguments in the news today and how they are all connected to the manipulation of energy.

Daz Smith & Russell Pickering - Project 8200
Apr 26 2020 76 mins  
Is it possible that underground facilities with advanced technology exist beneath the mountains on Earth? Significant remote-viewing data indicates this may be so. Their purpose may be directly related to human monitoring and manipulation… Russell Pickering is an advanced remote viewing student. Over the years, he has come across a thread of data that points the possible existence of secret underground facilities. Initially first observed by Pat Price in the seventies, the project was eventually passed onto the Defense Intelligence Agency. At the DIA, no official taskings were made of these targets, however, they were explored as “training targets.” Pickering recovered some of these declassified documents, and is joined by seasoned remote viewer Daz Smith (of for this important discussion. Corroborating Data Remote Viewer Edward Riordan has been collecting some fascinating data. In his Ominous Feeling, Remote Viewing Q’Anon, and Remote Viewing Earth’s Core, Edward has compiled data seeming to paint a picture of a technologically advanced society existing among the human Earth population, but also separate. They seem to have underground facilities and are working on technology that may directly impact the consciousness of the entire human population on Earth. Is Edward collecting data on the same targets listed in project 8200? In this podcast, Russell, Daz, and Dennis dive deep down the rabbit hole in the expiration of this data and its possible implications. More at

Mark Certo Hero's Journey & Facing Fears
Apr 05 2020 65 mins  
“When I see darkness… I still have the opportunity to bring to light those dark places that are within me. And the more I do that, on a personal level, the more I consider myself to be serving the better angels of my nature.” ~Mark Certo What is consciousness? What is the self? What happens when we start to observe our own thoughts and feelings? When we ask the question of where is this coming from, we begin to realize the complex nature of our being. Mark Certo, a sound enginer and returning guest to The Seiker Podcast, brings a wealth of experience and insight into some of these questions. Mark is an explorer of consciousness and has dedicated his life to helping others by facilitating their own journeys through consciousness. Finding Peace In this time of uncertainty, Mark encourages us to observe our own thoughts and feelings. He shares references and experiences of the value in facing our fears, and the wisdom that comes from those experiences. As we begin to explore those feelings, we can find calm in the storm we are facing. You May Also Like: Hacking your Mind Mark takes advantage of the situation by telling us if we “can’t go outside, then go within.” This does serve as a unique opportunity for us to get to better know ourselves and our fears more intimately. We may feel alone in the wilderness at this juncture, however, in facing that loneliness, we may come to realize we have a greater connection to everything than we ever thought possible. You can connect with Mark via his website at more at

Hope beyond Covid19 with Ray Davis
Mar 22 2020 60 mins  
These are indeed scary times we are facing. We are adjusting to a new normal as we navigate a chaotic mess of confusing information. How will we emerge? In this podcast, Ray Davis reminds us not of our fears, but of our potential. This moment can inspire the birth of a new renaissance if we focus our efforts in the right direction. These are confusing times, and many of us feel scared, uninformed, and lost. But Ray Davis of The Affirmation Spot (and 6-Sense-Media co-founder) has a much different outlook. “The way we’ve been living - the way we treatt the Earth in many ways, the way we think about money and possessions and each other, isn’t working. It’s not giving us the opportunities. Its a chance for us to sit back and think about how we’ve been going about this and realize we are all vulnerable. This is an opportunity for us to reevaluate the way we’ve been looking at this.” Hope There are many things that are beyond our control. With that lack of control, we may feel fear and frustration. However, there is also opportunity. We need to realize what we can control and take advantage of those aspects of our lives. We can use this time to foster growth or we can use it to fester in trauma. When we emerge from this transitional time, the world may look very different. We become victims of this transition, or the agents of change we were born to be. Ray Davis offers an inspiring perspective we can use to fuel our personal transitions as we move through this event into the brave new world laid before us. Please take the time to listen to this inspiring conversation. more at

Covid19 Beliefs & Future Impacts
Mar 15 2020 61 mins  
The virus is here, and change is upon us. This transition is difficult for many of us. How do our beliefs influence our processing of this change? What will the future hold beyond the quarantines and illnesses? The world may look very different in the near future. Are you prepared? As we try to adjust to the new normal, we find ourselves trying to cope with and settle into this adjusted reality. There seems to be several different approaches to handling this, all of which are tied to our beliefs and worldview. Some of us follow the instructions of our local and federal officials to the letter, because there is faith in government and they will do what is best for us. Some don’t believe the hype and are continuing about their daily lives. Others are preparing for the apocalypse and the remainder fall somewhere in-between. We can debate for hours over the best way to proceed… But how man of us are thinking about the challenges that will follow? The Future is NOW Are you thinking beyond the quarantine? Hopefully by this point you are well stocked up on the supplies you will need for at least the next two months. But what comes next? How will your job be impacted? Will your industry be forever changed? What about the economy? Are we going through an economic shift? The possibility is growing stronger that we may be moving into a digital-based economy. Are you familiar with how this system of commerce will work? Furthermore, what changes are we going to see in our legislation, leadership, and liberties? Will we be giving up more freedoms in the name of public health? What will the Future Look Like? The world is not ending. Although it may feel like that for some, and we could make that argument (climate change, famine, Covid19, locust plagues, etc), this is not the end of life on the planet. But this change may signify the end of life as we know it. Economies are changing, the climate is changing, and so may our laws and regulations. Furthermore, we will continue to see the integration of AI and robotics in our lives. As robots are stepping up in our fight against the virus, we may see them further integrated in our lives in increasing numbers and speed as a convenient solution. Communications and telecommuting are increasing and we may see advancements and more acceptance of this tech. This could include how we vote, which may impact how we are identified in government systems. Some of these changes may seem like something right out of a science-fiction film as companies are currently working on ways to implant the human mind into machines and cyberspace. There are multiple implications to this brave new world, and we should begin to mentally prepare for what that may look like. More at

Coping with Fear - CoronaVirus
Mar 03 2020 34 mins  
I’m afraid. I’m afraid of this virus and the impact it’s having on society. But am I being rational? Regardless of whether I’m right or wrong, my fear is very real. What is the best way to manage such extreme anxiety? On one side, everything will be okay. The Flu is worse, and the media is just scaring us. On the other side: this is the end of civilization as we know it. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth, but for those who are cursed with the need to question everything, this task can create a tremendous amount of anxiety and fear. In this podcast, Dennis shares his experiences with fear since news of the CoronaVirus broke. Dennis discusses how he’s handling it, and how we can work through it. It is okay to be afraid - even if this ends up being nothing. The possibility exists that this could be bad, and just knowing that it’s standing on our doorstep - whether it intends to walk through or not - can be horrifyingly tragic and terrifying. Trust Your Intuition Every single podcast ends with Dennis reminding viewers to “Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide.” If ever there was a time to trust your instincts, now is that time. Quiet your mind, find a stress reducing activity, and disconnect from the steady stream of scary stories from the internet and media. Remember who you are and the journey you’re on. Listen to that inner voice and do what you feel needs to be done. If you overreact on this one, you’ll have some extra food for a while. But if you under react, that could create a significant challenge. More at

Coronavirus Mindset - Are You Prepared?
Jan 27 2020 46 mins  
The coronavirus is spreading. Rumors connect it to a biological weapons facility. Conspiracy theories point to patents. Leaked videos show people falling down in the streets and crowded hospitals. Should we panic? Or are we being targeted for fear-based propaganda. If so, then why? Make no mistake about it, the coronavirus seems scary. The threat of pandemic is a reality. But is that what is happening now? If so, does that mean we need to panic? In this podcast, Dennis explores some of the developments surrounding this event, and asks critical questions in an attempt to remain grounded in what could be a scary situation. “We presently have some time. Do your research,” Dennis urges listeners. Our mindset during events like this could make all the difference. What if? In 2017, Edward Riordan received what he called an “alert signal” through his intuitive perceptions. He then conducted several remote viewing sessions in an attempt to figure out what that signal meant. This week, he stated he believes that warning was connected to the release of the coronavirus. What is the significance of his warning? What was the purpose of it? As we continue to monitor the developments of this event, it’s important to stay grounded. However, it is also a good idea to mentally run through a worst-case-scenario and then develop a plan on how you would respond. At present, we do not need to panic. Whether a conspiracy theory, false flag, act of war, act of nature, or accident - there are things we can do to educate ourselves, develop a plan, and remain calm and in control. Are you mentally prepared?

Human AI - Becoming Self Aware?
Jan 18 2020 50 mins  
As technology advances, the bridge between AI Machines and humanity is growing closer. For some, merging with AI is inevitable. For others, it is an abomination that leads to the end of humanity. But what if it’s something else? Is it possible that are future selves are an advanced form of AI currently interacting with our present timeline to guide our evolution? The evidence may surprise you… Elon Musk claims to have created an interface between the human brain and the Cloud. Google and FaceBook are working on similar bridges. It seems more likely that we will see an integration between human brains and tech within the next 10-30 years. Will this change human consciousness? Will this lead to an end to humanity and the birth of a new race of cyber-biological machines? You May Also Like: Remote Viewing is Real! Where did this all come from? Colonel Phil Corso suggested in his book The Day After Roswell that the downed UFO crashed on purpose in order to seed our planet with computer chips that have birthed into the infrastructure we see today. Does that infrastructure serve as a Trojan Horse for a higher intelligence that has been patiently waiting to infect our minds? Or does it serve as a reconnection to another forgotten aspect of ourselves? Linda Moulton Howe has conducted extensive debriefings and research with whistle blowers and UFO witnesses. She reviews the significance of the Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting and compares it to a 2015 encounter with an active-duty military enlisted soldier. In both cases, the witnesses received downloads in the form of Binary code. The Rendlesham case even translated to a connection to the future. Many questions arise from this - namely, how is it that the human brain is capable of receiving binary code? Does this suggest we are somehow already connected or a part of a larger AI system? Professor Gates from the University of Maryland states that while studying String Theory, he found computer code, specifically Error Correcting Code, embedded in the equations used to study String Theory. He concluded that “The Matrix movie may be an accurate representation of our reality,” meaning we may exist within a computer simulation. If we live in a simulation, by default would we not be some form of AI? If so, how are we to proceed into the future with a push to merge with technology? Furthermore, if we are receiving guidance or manipulation from the future, do we really have a choice? Or are we capable of making a change in a new direction? We need to consider this possibility, and take care in the choices we make as the future of the human race could actually be at stake here… More at

Remote Viewing Pando w Edward Riordan
Dec 29 2019 80 mins  
There is an intelligence in plants, and they are capable of experiencing emotion. What can we learn from the worlds oldest living organism? Pando is at least 80,000 years old, and through remote viewing, Edward Riordan gave us profound insight into this fascinating organism. In this podcast, Dennis again explores the world of remote viewing. He and Edward discuss some of their experiences and share the growth of their own philosophies and abilities based on lessons learned. Edward shares more of his psychic journey and describes more of his process through his remote viewing journey. Remote Viewing Pando Pando is said to be the worlds oldest organism. It is a “Quaking Aspen” that spans over 100 acres from a single root. It’s a complex organism, and is estimated to be at least 80,000 years old. Although blind to the target, Edward was able to utilize remote viewing to gather information about Pando. He recorded data that indicated a disagreement among scientists. Pando is no longer regenerating, which means it will eventually die. Edward described some of the debate among the scientists, which involved trying to clone the plant to continue its lifespan. Edward also detected unique anomalies contained within the soil, that may be connected to an ancient meteor strike. The impact left electro-magnetic qualities that may have contributed to the longevity of this organism. Lastly, Edward describes the ancient cultures that have lived among this grove and the magical rituals they practiced. Pando, it seems, has a trove of knowledge and data stored within it, and Edward was able to connect with some of that. What does this data suggest about the nature of our reality? What does it suggest about the future of Pando? more at

Psychic Ethics & UFO Tech
Dec 22 2019 73 mins  
It has been proven that humans have an ability that exists beyond the five senses which allows them to gather information, perform healing, and communicate. Is this something we should explore further? Or should it be avoided? What are the consequences of psychic activity? If one looks into the future, does the future change? Does viewing the future suggest that the future already exists, and if so, what happens to the people in that timeline when something is changed? Does a new timeline form, or is the future possible overwritten? If this is the case, what responsibility to we have as viewers when looking beyond the present? Are we meant to follow our current path, or should we expand our ability to potentially alter that pre-determined course? What are the consequences of doing so? What are the consequences of NOT doing so? The UFO Connection to the Future We have received confirmation in 2017 - “UFOs are real, and they’re not ours…” The weight of those words have the potential to change society forever - to rewrite history and chart a new course into the future. But who is piloting the craft? Another former US Navy pilot recently came forward to describe his encounters with UFOs (or UAPs), and he said they “defied the laws of physics.” We also heard from retired USAF Lieutenant General Kwast that we currently have space technology that far exceeds what has been disclosed to the public. Was he hinting at a secret space program? Change UFOs are real, and they exist as a separate entity from mainstream society. Whether alien, inner-earth, inter-dimensional, or a break-away Earth-based civilization is yet to be determined. However, if we look at the comments of Dr. Greer, he states that many of these craft are derived from ET technology, but a secret government has created its own fleet of ships using advanced technology. According to Greer, this technology would revolutionize the world and provide free energy for all. What impact would that have on society? With the US dollar linked to oil, which would become obsolete, the dollar would most-likely fail as this new technology takes over. Could this be the main reason for all the secrecy surrounding UFOs? If so, then why is this information now being slowly released to the public? Is it possible that as disclosure happens and new technology is released, the dollar will fail and lead us right into the new form of digital currency??? Maybe this was why President Trump just signed the Space Force into existence…

Transcending Time - A Remote Viewing Experiment with Mike Nappi
Nov 25 2019 56 mins  
”I was able to send my awareness to an unknown target selected by my brother, gather data and sketch that target, an hour before my brother was even aware that I wanted him to select a target for me to view…” This was AMAZING! As the author behind Food for the Archons, Dennis has worked to demonstrate that as humans, we are capable of accessing streams of information via our consciousness and intuitive feelings. On this podcast, Dennis designed an experiment and proved it it possible to gather data via psychic senses. Furthermore, this experiment also calls into question the way in which our perception of time works. The Remote Viewing Experiment Dennis created a remote viewing experiment with a goal of testing his ability to perceive a target selected by his brother, Mike Nappi. As a part of that experiment, Dennis conducted his remote-viewing session to gather data before asking his brother to select a target - in essence, Dennis gathered data on a target that was not-yet selected. As a part of this process, prior to beginning his session, Dennis created a tasking document and described the parameters of the target. This included the unbiased verbiage Dennis would use to instruct Mike to select a target to ensure Dennis had no knowledge of the target and Mike had no knowledge that Dennis had already completed the session. The Results After completing his remote viewing session, Dennis asked Mike to select a target using very specific verbiage. Michael didn’t know that Dennis had completed the session prior, and Dennis had no idea what Mike was going to select as a target. Immediately upon receiving the target from Mike, Dennis sent Mike his data and the results were filled with evidence of target contact. Mike had selected the Pyramid of Giza. Upon reviewing the data, Dennis had drawn a few triangular shapes. He described some of the colors as browns and tans and even drew a triangle with an eye in the center radiating energy around it. There were some other interesting data points as well. For example, Dennis described the smells affiliated with the target as smelling like “urine.” A quick google search into the smells at the site revealed someones personal testimony that they were disappointed that the pyramid smelled like urine. In this podcast, the Nappi Brothers review the data and their reactions to it. The explore the possible significance and meaning behind this transcendence of time and space. What does this tell us about our reality? What does this suggest about what is possible? More at

Remote Viewing is Real! (And YOU Can do it too!)
Nov 20 2019 52 mins  
“The other day I sat in my basement and was able to turn my attention to the other side of the world to bring back accurate descriptions of an assigned target. Through a shift in my awareness, I transcended time and space.” Remote viewing was developed in the 1970s at the Stanford Research Institute by Hal Puthoff, Russel Targ, Ingo Swann, and a few others. The program was then funded by the CIA for close to 20 years until portions of it were declassified in the late 1990s. Remote viewing is the scientific process of shifting ones awareness to a location or event anywhere in time or space and bringing back data. This week, Dennis shares his experiences with remote viewing as he is currently receiving training in a process called Controlled Remote Viewing. The Potential to Perceive ANYTHING Although some report blockages and obstacles, for the most part remote viewing demonstrates an ability to gather real data about anything in time or space. How does the acquisition of this skill impact a viewer? What impact does it have on his worldview and perception of reality? Dennis shares parts of his journey and the feelings he is experiencing after a recent session he completed. Tasked to view a target on the other side of the world, Dennis created a sketch that matched an element of the target and recorded data that depicted other aspects of the same target. In essence, he shifted his awareness from his basement to a remote location and accurately perceived what was there! Each week, Dennis provides feedback and analysis to some of the worlds top remote viewers on the CryptoViewing team. The CryptoViewing team demonstrates weekly their ability to gather accurate data about each assigned target, and have flexed their perceptual muscles by predicting each upcoming months major news headlines! Remote viewing is a skill that requires lots of practice and dedication, but is something anyone is capable of learning. How would your world change if you learned to master this skill? More at

UFO Silence?
Nov 03 2019 48 mins  
The military officially acknowledges the existence of UFOs, yet the US government is mostly silent and absent in furthering the inquiry. Some, however, are making a case for war… In November of 2017, via the New York Times and the Pentagon, an official statement was made acknowledging the existence of UFOs, which are now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). But how has the world changed since that acknowledgment? For the most part, daily life has not been impacted. The average person still does not care about their existence, or the implications of their official acknowledgment. According to Chris Mellon, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, the US government doesn’t seem to care. Should we be worried? Are they a threat? UAPs? Why are They Here? Who is piloting the craft? Where do they come from? What do they want? One would expect these questions to be a TOP priority given the capabilities of these craft. Yet the media and government are largely silent on these areas. According to Mellon, these craft have the capability to completely neutralize our strongest assets. Does that suggest they are hostile? Does that mean we need to prepare for an interstellar war? Not necessarily. This new narrative suggests these craft have been appearing for the past 10-20 years at most. However, there is a plethora of evidence that demonstrates these craft have been around since at LEAST the 1940s, but most likely stems far back into our distant past. If they were planning an invasion, wouldn’t they have done it already? Former Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell stated these beings were friendly and against warfare. Dr. Steven Grier presents a similar argument and claims it is a secret “black” government that is perpetuating the fear-based war-mongering agenda. Are they correct? Are peaceful beings flying through our skies? Or have we already lost the “war?” There are so many unanswered (and unasked) questions, but make no mistake about it - this is one of the most important events in modern history. So why is it being largely ignored? In a recent press release, the To The Stars Academy announced it has partnered with the US Army to share information and resources to study (and recreate) this advanced technology. There is a rhetoric for weapons and warfare being laid here. As we move forward into this brave new world, remember the words of the late Bill Cooper as he warned us against a false-flag “staged” alien invasion to cull the population and scare them in to a new system of government further restricting our freedoms. Is that time upon us now?

Remote Viewing Vimanas with Edward Riordan
Oct 19 2019 84 mins  
This target lends insight into our humanities ancient past and evolution. The data tells us that the human race was enhanced by an advanced civilization that saw great potential in our species. Edward Riordan is back on the Seiker Podcast this week, and this time he sets his sites on the ancient past. Edward is a remote viewer and was recently tasked to view a Vimana. Described by many as a floating palace from the Mahabarata, Edward connected with this target through a structured set of procedures known as remote viewing. By focusing his attention on this target (without knowledge of what the target was), Edward’s consciousness delivered a stream of data that paints an inspiring picture of humanities ancient past. It tells us that an advanced civilization intervened in humanities evolution because of the potential they saw in our species. Spiritual Growth Edward shares the data he obtained from his session, and goes into detail explaining the process that select ancient humans went through to receive this “gift” given by the advanced civilization. “It’s a painful process,” described Edward, but one that allowed humans to open up to the possibility of what exists beyond their limited perspectives. During this conversation, Edward offers insight and wisdom that will cause one to pause and ponder their own experiences in life. Edward brings an inspiring message and reminds us that despite the scary things in this world, there are so many wonderful opportunities for growth and enjoyment. More at

Change is Upon Us
Oct 14 2019 66 mins  
Let’s be very clear. This is happening NOW. Human society is in the process of a great transition. Machines are being merged with humanity and it is having a drastic impact on our minds and our bodies. How will this impact society? How will this impact you??? Human society is moving in a new direction - a direction that may have the consequence of changing our species into something completely different. Will the ultimately benefit all of us? Will our consciousness and identity of self remain consistent? Who (or what) is behind this forced evolution, and do they have our best interests in “mind?” Science FACT Science fiction has now become science fact! It’s now hard to dismiss these changes when we explore the people and organizations behind these changes. With Bejing’s social credit system online and their new requirement for citizens to verify their identity via facial recognition software, privacy is nonexistent in this techtatorship. Moving the the US, facial recognition has already made its way into airports, and is spreading. Google Executive Eric Schmidt is believes “biology is the next frontier in computing.” Meanwhile, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is creating a new virtual world for social interactions and has also recently acquired a company that allows humans to control computers with their minds. In addition, a terminally-ill doctor has recently become the worlds first full cyborg, merging his body and mind with his robotic double. The future is upon us, and is happening NOW. The question isn’t when or if… the question is: Are you ready? More at

Making the Matrix
Sep 15 2019 72 mins  
We are witnessing the creation of the Matrix: a computer-programmed reality that our consciousness will be able to occupy. Through that creation, we may learn more about our own origins… In 1977, author Philip K. Dick revealed to the world that he believed we existed in a computer-programmed reality - a simulation. Dick explained that most of his stories came from his experiences from within this simulation. During dreams, Dick believed he was glimpsing alternate realities that had spun off form our current timeline. Dick’s statements are now supported not only by some of today’s best minds, but also by our current advancements in technology. What our tech shows us today is that this is possible! The Creation of the Matrix What does it take to create the Matrix? In this podcast, Dennis reviews modern-day articles describing the technology being utilized to create a simulation. Scientists are now creating artificial embryos and synthetic minds. AI is being taught by DARPA to have common sense. Elon Musk is working on connecting the brain to the cloud. Additionally, data is being gathered on a massive scale that will give a computer the ability to recreate just about every aspect of this reality. Could this be the real agenda behind the massive surveillance we are subjected to? We are moving towards the creation of a simulated universe. But as we move towards that goal, we also see strong evidence that suggests we may already be living within a simulation. With that possibility, this suggests that there may be people among us who are actually projections from within the system and not people at all. What role might they play? Dennis explores this in detail and the information will astound you! More at

Kit Green UFO Deception
Sep 10 2019 58 mins  
The President is proposing to create an agency that will monitor citizen’s mental health through the listening devices in our homes like Alexa and Google Home, to identify people moving towards a violent act. In an attempt to put a stop to America’s gun violence, the President has proposed a new agency that will use AI and tech to spy on people in their homes. The data obtained through devices like Amazon’s Alexa will be analyzed by AI to determine if someone is suffering from a mental-health condition that will lead towards a violent act. How much closer to 1984 are we going to get??? Kit Green Response Dr. Kit Green, former CIA employee, has responded to Richard Dolan’s requests for information regarding the authenticity of the recently leaked documents referred to as the “Wilson Memo.” On his website, Dolan shared a very detailed conversation he had with Dr. Green. During that discussion, Green confirms that the leaked emails were authentic! These emails and memos were documents and discussions between Admiral Wilson, former Director of the DIA, and government Scientist Eric Davis, regarding the governments involvement with UFO matters. Admiral Wilson was told secret programs exist, but Admiral Wilson was being denied access to those programs. In those documents, Dr. Kit Green mentioned seeing an “alien” autopsy. He said that the autopsy he witnessed was the same as the famous Santilli Alien Autopsy video. Dr. Green confirms that he did send emails making those claims, and at the time of writing them he believed that to be true. Today, however, Dr. Green paints a different, more confusing picture. Dr. Green now believes the video is a fake. He stated that the government will run intelligence operations with the intent to deceive credible people on certain subjects. If this holds true, then why was he deceived? Why are so many being led to believe there was an alien body and an alien autopsy? What is the long game here? What is the end game? More at

Social Engineering, Digital Control, and UFOs
Aug 31 2019 50 mins  
We are beyond speculation and conspiracies now. The world is changing in front of us. We are in an age of constant surveillance which opens the door for intense social engineering. This platform is also being used to gather intelligence about UFOs… The world is in the process of switching to a new global, digital-economy that will have impacts felt in almost every aspect of our society. In order to transition to a digital cryptocurrency, the world needs to be connected which means the digital and technical infrastructure is being enhanced and disseminated widely. More people are being “connected” through electronic devices, creating a global entire network machines connected to humans. What does this mean for privacy? Surveillance Electronic devices collect data. The collect a TON of data. That data is being mined at an alarming rate, as discussed on Hacking your Mind. But what is being done with that data? China is using that data as a social credit system, which will determine a persons ability to engage in commerce, travel, work, and even socialize. But China is not alone in their digital authoritarian rulership. Silicon Valley is currently developing a similar system for use in America, and it’s already being rolled out. What’s more concerning, is that many of the citizens will willingly participate in this system, not because they are afraid of being victimized by it, but because they will be rewarded for embracing it. With an ability to earn money (cryptocurrencies) through the system, people will have the motivation they need to support the system, and in the long-run criminalize their fellow citizens without a court of law or due process. In addition, with this infrastructure being put in place, the To The Stars Academy has announced in a recent newsletter that they will be launching a massive data-collection effort to learn more about UFOs. They will be pulling data from governments (globally), weather, aviation experts, law enforcement, and private citizens. They plan to alert people local to an event when a UFO is sighted. Will they then be able to access the devices of people in the area to mine their data for UFO-related secrets? The future is upon us, and is evolving rapidly. Are you ready? More at

The Matrix and Reality...
Aug 25 2019 50 mins  
What is this reality? Is it possible we are living in a dream world? If so is that dream a simulation that exists within an AI? The Gnostics wrote about this over 1,400 years ago. What does that suggest about what we think we know??? Descartes said “I think, therefore I am,” as he tried to understand the nature of our reality. He discussed that it in both waking life and the dream state, our senses can often perceive us and therefore we cannot confidently determine that this reality is-in-fact “real.” Ultimately, what Descartes was able to conclude was that because I think (I have consciousness), then I exist. Beyond that, we cannot prove which reality is real. Gnostic Aeons Over 1400 years ago, a jar was buried with tablets containing Gnostic writings. Contained in those scrolls was The Book of Zostrianos. Zostrianos was one of the first truth seekers in recorded history, and he was so frustrated in trying to understand reality that he decided to end his life. In that moment, the Angel of Knowledge appeared to him and offered to show him reality. On his journey, the Angel showed him that it is possible to copy realities and in those realities, our consciousness can copy itself and experience those realities believing those realities are the “real”, base reality. The Aeonic Copies, as they are referred to, serve as learning realities for the fragment of base consciousness. Once the knowledge is achieved, the fragmented consciousness merges back with the base consciousness. Could this account for the “downloads” people report? How can we tell if we are currently in a copy or base reality? According to Descartes, there is no way to tell… More at

Thriving in a Changing World
Aug 10 2019 44 mins  
Change is upon us on multiple fronts. From the climate to advances in technology to our economy and currency - the world is in the throws of a drastic change. How do we cope and how can we thrive? Change can be scary! With change we are faced with unknowns. We are forced to learn something new, find a new way of operating, or suspend beliefs that we held dearly. We are sometimes resistant to change - and for good reason. FEAR! But is resisting change in our best interest? Are we really fighting the system and the coming changes by not engaging with them? Or are we separating ourselves from a system that will be put into place regardless of our engagement with it? As difficult as it may seem, sometimes we need to recognize there are forces beyond us that we simply can’t control. We need to first accept that and then decide how we are going to interact with those forces of change. Are we going to fight against the current, or will we learn to surf? A Changing World In this podcast, Dennis reviews several news stories painting a picture of things currently unfolding. AI is really taking over - with AI computers now holding jobs as bar tenders, retail clerks, and delivery drivers. As this technology expands, more people will lose their jobs. How do we prepare? What new jobs will be created? What new needs will there be for employment? By preparing and training for that now, a career change can be a choice instead of a forced lifestyle change. Our climate goes through many cycles. With our changing climate may come significant changes to our infrastructure and way of life. This can be intimidating and overwhelming. But with the right training, networking, and motivation, we can learn to adapt to the changes our planet is facing. We may not be able to influence Big Government to stop destroying the planet. But we can learn certain skills that will allow us to continue to thrive in a changing world. More at

Remote Viewing Pi with Edward Riordan
Jul 27 2019 84 mins  
Through remote viewing, Edward Riordan has glimpsed aspects of our reality that may shed light onto who we are, our greater purpose, and the existence of a higher power… Speaking with remote viewer Edward Riordan brings a sense of wonder and awe as he shares the data he has collected through his remote viewing sessions. Edward is an artist and an explorer, who uses his consciousness to access information not readily available to the majority of the untrained population. The complexity and significance of Edwards targets leave us questioning what we’ve been taught about ourselves and our reality, and give us a glimpse into what may lie beyond our physical existence. Remote Viewing Pi For most of us, Pi represents a mathematical constant used in geometry for various calculations involving circles. However, according to the data Edward obtained, Pi represents so much more. His sessions indicate that Pi, either physically or metaphorically, seems to be related to an advanced brain, somehow contained or held captive. There is a connection to what Edward calls the “Sphere Realm,” which represents our physical reality from planets to the cells in our bodies. These physical spheres act as hosts for our consciousness in this existence. What does that tell us about our reality? Are we prisoners held captive in this sphere realm? Are we on a journey of learning that requires hardship in order to foster growth? Is this reality being driven by an aspect of our higher self or are we trapped within the Matrix? In this podcast, Edward shares some insights that help paint a picture of our greater reality and connection to it. More at Food for the Archons:

Food for the Archons
Jul 21 2019 38 mins  
We have an ability to send and receive information via psychic means. But we are unaware of this ability, and therefore humanity is being manipulated by an unseen parasite… I Am Human, Food for the Archons: Humanities Psychic Connection, Parallel Worlds, Simulated Realities, and the Manipulation of Mankind is not your average book. It is the most recent project completed by former intelligence soldier and police officer turned teacher, author Dennis Nappi II set his sites on finding the truth about humanity. In sharing his personal experiences, supported heavily by research, Dennis walks us through the final moments he spent with his father before he passed, detailing the psychic download he received during that difficult time. Psychic Communication In this podcast, Dennis shares an excerpt from his book as he reveals the never-before-seen first chapter. In it, he discusses a mysterious encounter with a man in a bookstore. Did this man really pursue Dennis and try to siphon his energy? Were they really having a psychic conversation? Or was all of this simply a figment of his imagination? This chapter starts an incredible journey of discovery and revelation that we are not who we think we are… Food for the Archons explores the potential of human consciousness to access information beyond the 5-senses via an electromagnetic field generated by the human heart. It is through our ignorance of this field, however, that mankind's thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are being heavily influenced and manipulated.We live in a simulated reality that exists within multiple layers of simulationsWe are all connected to this universe via an electromagnetic field that allows for psychic communication, healing, and the acquisition of knowledge. Due to our ignorance of this connection, we are being manipulated through this field to produce suffering, which serves as a source of energetic nourishment for an unseen parasite. Knowledge of this field and our connection to it can lead us to liberation and a reduction of suffering on this planet. more at

Storming Area 51 & The Digital Future
Jul 14 2019 42 mins  
With plans to storm Areas 51 on September 20th, we have to wonder what will happen. Although it sounds like this is a joke, some entheusiasts are actually planning to attend. What will be the governments response? Is this connected to disclosure? Are we going to be misled??? The internet is flooded with talk about the plans to raid one of the (formerly) most-secret bases in the world, Area 51. Known for tales of UFOs and extraterrestrials, a FaceBook group has decided to organize a raid! Could this be a false-flag in the making? How will intelligence agencies capitalize on this event? What can we, the observers, learn from it. Our Digital Future The world is changing. As cryptocurrency comes online, policies, politics, borders, commerce and everything in-between will look drastically different. How soon will it happen? The US claims it will be out of cash by the end of the summer. Are you prepared? US states are required to be Real ID compliant by 2020, meaning each state must meet federal guidelines in order to issue IDs. Otherwise citizens won’t be able to fly or enter federal facilities. According to the Department of Homeland Security, however, they are not compiling a national database and states will determine how this information is utilized and disseminated. However, a recent article revealed that the FBI and ICE are using state databases to compile their own database without our knowledge and facial recognition companies are gathering millions of faces in the creation of multiple databases which are being disseminated around the world. What is really happening here? More at Get Food for the Archons

Daz Smith - Remote Viewing the Moon
Jun 23 2019 53 mins  
Daz Smith is a remote viewer, a pioneer, and an explorer. In this podcast, Daz shares some of his experiences and data from being tasked blindly to remote view the moon on 3 occasions. The data Daz and others have reported back consistently completely changes our history - and lets us know that WE ARE NOT ALONE… Daz Smith is a remote viewer with a wealth of experience. Having been tasked to remote view the moon, Daz presents a data-set that contradicts a lot of what we’ve been told about our civilization. All of Daz’s sessions have been blind, meaning he knew nothing about the target other than a random set of target coordinate numbers. In the podcast, Daz shares data from a structure he was tasked to view on the moon - and goes into detail describing what sounds like a very old cigar-shaped craft. Remote Viewing Data Remote viewing is not easy - it requires training, organization, and a strict adherence to protocols and structure. However, it is something anybody can learn to do. Daz has honed his skillset so well that he serves as an example to what is possible. Given his proven track record for verifiable targets, the data Daz presents on the moon target is something to be taken seriously. What implications does this have for society? What does the discovery of this craft say about humanity, our history, and our place in the solar system? In the age of #fakenews, remote viewing can prove to be one of the most valuable tools to gather information. More at

Govt UFO Docs LEAKED!!!
Jun 17 2019 57 mins  
If true, these leaked documents lend strong credibility to the validity of Col. Corso’s book, the Roswell Crash, the Alien Autopsy video and the Secret Space program… With the recent leak of UFO related content, we see notes from conversations between Former DIA Director Admiral Thomas Wilson and Government Scientist Eric Davis. Many names are mentioned and we are given a glimpse of the secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It seems, according to the leaked documents, that a very small group of scientists and engineers have been working to back-engineer UFO technology which they claim are “not made by human hands.” In essence, they are saying these craft are extraterrestrial. Confirmation? Disclosure is gradually happening via mainstream sources with credible and official witness testimony. What these leaked documents tell us is that a craft was recovered in the late 40s (Roswell). That technology was farmed out to private companies for the purpose of back-engineering the tech. An “alien” (non-human) body was recovered and autopsied, as depicted in the popular 90s video, Alien Autopsy. Colonel Corso was telling the truth. Dr Greer has been providing real information. The secret space program may exist and we are not alone on this planet. More Questions: There are still more questions to be asked, and although this information seems incredibly exciting, we must proceed with caution. Assuming this leak is real, how do we know these beings are extraterrestrial? What is the source of that information? Just because the being looks different or told someone it was an alien, doesn’t mean it was an alien. Deception runs rampant in this realm. Corso suspected these creatures were some form of android, designed as the operational component of the spacecraft to survive long-term space travel. But are they alien? Could they be inter-dimensional? Could they be Earth-based? Who or what designed them? Why is this information being released now? What is their connection to AI, and are they related to the surge in AI development on the planet? The list goes on, but there is still much work to be done. Keep asking questions!!!

Ray Davis: Free Speech, Self Improvement, AI & UFOs
Jun 09 2019 73 mins  
Ray Davis brings an enlightening and inspiring conversation to the podcast this week, reminding us that we are able to manifest our own happiness in the face of the daily and worldly challenges we face. Ray Davis is a frequent guest on the Seiker Podcast. He is also the author of Anunnaki Awakening, founder of The Affirmation Spot, co-founder of 6 Sense Media, and an amazing force of positivity and inspiration. Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which he applies to a variety of topics on the podcast this week. He explores social media and YouTube as the new “town square,” and suggests legislation is needed to protect free speech on those platforms. UFOs and AI Anyone? Ray and Dennis explore possible scenarios, connections, and outcomes to recent disclosure events. Is the world ready for UFOs to announce their presence? Why aren’t more people talking about them? In addition the discuss the evolution of AI, as more tech and robots are making their way casually into peoples homes. In comparing them to certain creation myths, is mankind creating a race of machines in “our image?” If so, what moral responsibility does man have to the slave race of machines being created? What if those machines become sentient? Should that change the way we “utilize” them? How does their creation mirror our own, and along the same line, are we even sentient? What obligation does/do our creator(s) have to our own freedoms? Lots of great questions and discussions with Ray this week that you won’t want to miss!

UFOs in Media
Jun 02 2019 60 mins  
The existence of UFOs have finally been acknowledged by the US government and mainstream media. But the story is incomplete… Why aren’t we having more conversations about who may (or may not be) flying these craft? Over the past 2 weeks, the New York Times and the Washington Post have released articles discussing the existence of UFOs. In the Times article, US Navy Pilot Lt. Ryan Graves explains the capabilities he personally observed on multiple occasions. What we need to keep in mind is that Graves, and every one of his colleagues, are trained pilots. They are intimately aware of the capabilities of the worlds aircraft, and when they make statements explaining the UFOs they are seeing far exceed the capabilities of any known aircraft in the world’s fleet, we need to pay attention! What is NOT being said? According to the Times article, “(n)o one in the Defense Department is saying that the objects were extraterrestrial, and experts emphasize that earthly explanations can generally be found for such incidents…” We need to be cautious as consumers of the previous statement. We also need to recognize that no one in the Defense Department is saying that the object’s weren’t extraterrestrial. And who are the “experts” that are emphasizing earthly explanations? What are those explanations? Why didn’t the Times article elaborate, explore, or at least ask the question? A Gradual Disclosure? There is obviously more to the story, and these incidents go back much farther than 2014. With modern UFO reports dating back to Roswell in 1947 (and much further back into antiquity), there are a wealth of witnesses abound to question and further an investigation. It’s exciting that the mainstream and government are finally releasing information about the subject and acknowledging their existence. But why are we only getting part of the story? Maybe a slow, controlled dissemination is best for the public. Maybe this approach serves as a distraction to a bigger aspect of the story. Or maybe the answer is known and they are intentionally withholding it for some unknown reason… What is perplexing, however, is that our mainstream journalists, who are supposed to be experts at developing a story, are not asking such questions with the intensity one would expect from an independent and free press…

Daz Smith - Jedi Training
May 27 2019 70 mins  
In this conversation, Daz Smith explains how the spiritual path of the Jedi is the closest explanation to the connection we have to the universe and the potential that exists within all of us. Since he was 15 years old, Daz Smith has had a strong interest in psychic phenomenon. From tarot reading to mediumship, Daz has amassed an incredible amount of psychic training. Throughout his life he felt destined and pulled to learn about these abilities and has been led on an incredible journey. In his twenties, Daz received some training in remote viewing, which, according to his website, is “the ability to transcend time and space to gather remote information using more than the normal or known senses.” Learning Remote Viewing We all have the ability to learn remote viewing. It is an ability that exists in every one of us. It does, however, take practice and dedication to learn the craft. Fortunately, Daz has compiled a wealth of information regarding the history, research, and training for remote viewing. Daz is living proof that anyone can learn this skill with hard work and dedication. He wants to make this technique available for anyone interested, which is why he has created the website for anyone interested in learning more. In addition, Daz publishes Eight Martinis, a remote-viewing based magazine, free online. If you like the content, be sure to donate and support what he’s doing. More at

EA, AI, & Humanity
May 05 2019 45 mins  
When we review the Babylonian Creation Epic, we see strong parallels to our modern-day technological advancements. As Ea created mankind to be a slave-race to the Gods, today WE are creating a slave-race of machines to serve our needs. What makes us different? What does this tell us about who or what we may be??? We are witnessing the birth of an entire new race of intelligence through the development of AI. Why is it being created? Because the “Creators” want a tool that will perform tasks for us - to think for us and to work in our place so we can be at our leisure. We are witnessing the re-play of various creation myths where the Gods created mankind. Are these seemingly two distant points in history one-in-the same? Are they related? What can we learn about ourselves and our own true history by studying the creation of AI? It’s in the Blood According to the Enuma Elish, in order to create Man, Ea used the blood of Quingu, a God blamed for starting the war of the Gods. Ea combined Quingu’s blood with that of primitive man to create the race of slaves. Why was the blood of the Gods needed to create Man? In this podcast, Dennis explores the possibility that our current civilization will follow the same blueprint and utilize the blood of Man to enhance the race of AI machines. What will happen when human blood is used to create machine life? It’s also interesting to not that in last weeks podcast, Dennis explored possible reasons why Google, Big Pharma is collecting blood/DNA from not only citizens, but also persons who have allegedly been abducted by UFOs. Is there a connection?

Cycles of Influence
Apr 14 2019 36 mins  
This planet - and possibly the entire universe, operates like a machine - a giant clock that repeats itself in multiple cycles, each having a dramatic impact on climate, the economy, and human behavior and culture. Can our knowledge of these cycles help us to better-navigate our lives and avoid disaster? Gregg Braden recently released a video on YouTube that is incredibly important. In this video, he reviews hard, peer-reviewed data based on ice-core samples that tell an important story regarding climate change and periods of warming. After reviewing 450,000 ice-core layers, the equivalent of 450,000 years, scientists learned that the Earth goes through natural periods of warming and cooling at regular intervals. The data clearly shows that we are supposed to be in a warming period right now. What is more concerning, however, is that the data also shows that following every warming period comes a significant period of cooling. We may be on the brink of moving into a significant change on this planet that will drastically impact all life and our ability to grow food in the very near future. Cycles Gregg Braden also reviews the research of XXX who found a 66 year cycle of economies. It’s a fascinating breakdown of the evolution and de-evolution of our financial system. Based on these cycles, we may be in story for some significant changes in the very near future. Braden also reviews a cycle of war and shows us that cycle is due to peak again by the year 2020. The wonderful thing about Braden’s presentation, however, is that he reminds us that although we are “living in a time of extremes,” with this knowledge we know we have the potential to engage in warfare, but we also have the opportunity to create peace. He shows us that we are not victims of these cycles, but active participants in it. Maybe this time we will understand how to dance in harmony with these cycles instead of falling victim to the chaos… More at

Manifesting the Future
Feb 17 2019 51 mins  
What if the greatest secret in our reality is the repression of the true creative power of human conscienceless? What if humanity is being manipulated into believing the “end is near” so the human collective conscious machine can be used to manifest that reality? What if we realized this potential and used it to our benefit? This week Dennis reviews some of the information covered in previous shows relating to potential future timelines. In looking at the recent disclosure efforts, the development of AI, and the recent remote viewing data provided by Edward Riordan, the future looks to be challenging in the months and years ahead. But we also faced “end times” warnings in the year 2000 and again in 2012. Is it different this time? Is the writing really on the wall? Were previous predictions inaccurate? Or did our knowledge of them change the timeline? If our awareness changed the timeline, can we shift again? As stated in the popular Terminator series, “The future is unwritten. There is no fate but what we make…” Maybe we can change the course, but how? Our True Power The HeartMath institute has shown us the electromagnetic field from the heart and its ability to transmit and received data, and affect those around us. The Maharishi Affect has taught us that 1% of a given population meditating is all that is needed to impact a greater population with peace. Maybe data offers a glimpse of our true power. Is it possible, in the grandest of conspiracies, that the reason the media is so fear-based and the reason Hollywood presents many of the concepts we explore (Ai take over, Alien Invasions, etc), is because those behind the curtain are manipulating our minds and our emotions in order to utilize our creative force to manifest a dystopian society. What if we realized this power and were able to shift our intentions, perceptions and emotions and thereby manifest a shift into a utopian timeline? In this podcast, Dennis offers suggestions on ways we can start to manifest that change today!

Questioning Reality
Feb 10 2019 55 mins  
What is reality? The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and more complex. Will we ever learn the truth? One thing is for sure - there is so much more! In this episode, Dennis covers a wide variety of topics exploring our perception of reality. He shares a personal account of a recent hardship and how that trauma peeled back the veil of reality, causing him to question everything. Are we living in a simulation? Are there alternate timelines? Is this all happening in our minds? My Reality Dennis shares an email submitted by a listener in response to a recent podcast regarding a possible pole shift, Pole Shift & AI - Soon? The email was insightful and explored the possibility that we are all experiencing our own unique reality. Within our own specific realities, we are the only conscious one in there. Everyone else is experiencing their own reality, yet sometimes can connect with us from one reality to another. Dennis then reviews statements by Doloris Cannon who spoke of the “backdrop people,” projections within reality that aren’t actually people. They fill a scene, much like the projections from within the subconscious as mentioned in the movie Inception. Do we all have our own unique timelines? Can we jump from one timeline to another and change the future by simply choosing to direct our focus in a particular direction? Dennis explores these questions and more as he travels down the rabbit hole in this episode of The Seiker Podcast.

The Future is Upon Us- with Edward Riordan
Feb 03 2019 101 mins  
“The future is gonna get us all. It is here, upon us now…” ~Edward Riordan Remote viewer Edward Riordan came back on the show this week and dove deep into some of the data he’s been gathering. Edward is a member of the CryptoViewing team with well-known viewers Dick Algire and Daz Smith. Together, the team is looking into the future and bringing back data that can hopefully help us navigate the challenges coming. And according to Edwards data, we are facing some significant challenges over the upcoming years. The Earth’s Core - Consciousness Edward was recently tasked to view the Earth’s Core. During his sessions, he connected with an intelligent consciousness. The Earth is conscious, and Edward perceived it is gathering data about everything it can, creating what Edward suspects is or is similar to the Akashic Records. It begs to question - “what is our role on this planet?” We have to wonder if the Earth is happy with humanities impact on the planet. The Future Edward has been gathering some incredible data, which is available to review on YouTube. Over several targets and multiple sessions, Edward has perceived events that seem to be not only tying together in a logical sequence, but starting to manifest in the mainstream. In a video titled My Ominous Feeling, Edward explored data of a bizarre synthetic - yet biological object that seemed to have the ability to affect people through it’s tiny fibrous growth. It seemed eerily similar to Morgellons Disease, and Edwards data suggests it was manufactured. A few months back, Edward was tasked to remote view QAnon, and he uncovered an organization that was working to ultimately create an AI that was self-aware connected through satellites that would send a signal throughout the world and instantly change the consciousness of everyone on the planet, possibly merging their minds with the AI. Data suggested there was nanotechnology in place that would facilitate the event. With the recent announcement by DARPA to create an All-Seeing AI that monitors the entire world, Edward saw this as an indicator that the data he obtained was beginning to unfold. With this information regarding DARPA, Edward suspects this gives us a time-period of 3-4 years before this unfolds. When reviewing this data, it’s hard to ignore the similarities to the creation of SkyNet. What’s scary is that corroborating data is being released through a variety of credible sources giving credibility to the remote-viewing data obtained by Edward. More at

Phil Corso Jr - UFOs, Secret Government & the Matrix
Jan 26 2019 91 mins  
New Interview as of January 22, 2019! Roswell evidence, non-human beings, time travel, the matrix and so much more. Phil Corso Jr. shares in his father’s legacy as he brings forth new information. After several years removed from the public spotlight, Phil Corso Jr., son of the late Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso (author of the best selling bookThe Day After Roswell), has broken his silence with new information and perspectives. Phil Jr. talks of his fathers military service and experiences with Roswell. He shares discussions he had with his father that were not mentioned in the book as he describes LtC Corso’s experience with “alien” bodies and technology. Phil explains the 5-levels of control on this world and gives insight into his father’s workings with various levels of governments and secret governments. Time Travel & The Matrix Phil Jr. then goes onto discuss his father’s experiences with remote viewing and working with Hal Puthoff and a wide variety of other psychic experiences both LtC Corso and Phil Jr. have experienced. Phil Jr. discusses the possibility of time-travel and the military’s difficulty with it. Phil Jr. Discusses alternate timelines and the manipulation of time by these other non-human intelligences. He share’s some of his experiences with traveling through consciousness, similar to our discussion with Shelley, the Astral Projection Avatar. This show is packed full of information that goes far beyond the Roswell crash and reminds us that there is so much more to this complex reality than we realize. Furthermore, it shows us that we are all capable of so much more than we realize. More at

Pole Shift & AI - Soon???
Jan 22 2019 51 mins  
The world’s creation myths talk of massive destruction. Science is now talking of significant climate change. We seem to be stuck in a cycle of destruction, and evidence is growing that the time may be among us… Ben Davidson of has been making amazing advancements in predicting weather, earthquakes and earth changes by studying electromagnetic activity and interactions between the Earth and the Sun. He has recently been compiling powerful evidence and data supporting the possibility of a pending polar shift. The poles are always in motion, but recently they have begun moving rapidly away from each other. Furthermore, he has compiled data that demonstrates the Earth’s magnetic field, which typically weakens by 5% per century is now weakening at a rate of 5% per decade. In a recent broadcast, Ben reviewed the work of Chan Thomas, who wrote The Adam and Eve Story. The story states that throughout the history of Earth, there were multiple highly-advanced societies that rose and fell to cataclysms periodically, the most recent being a part of Noah’s flood. Chan then goes onto explain the mechanisms that triggered the cataclysm and describes what the cataclysms look like via crustal displacement (think about the recent 2012 movie). What’s interesting is that this story was classified by the CIA until 2013, when the declassified portions of it. The remainder of the work is still classified. Why? Is Ben onto something? Are we moving towards a major catastrophe of biblical proportions? AI - Weaponizing Everything We have been tracking the evolution of AI for quite some time on this show. We are now witnessing the birth of a race of machines that was once the work of science fiction. Robotic animals are being created to become autonomous, some of which are being used in the applications of weapons development. Recently, Google is working to create AI software that can create other AI software. Is such an ability something we want to bestow on a new race of intelligent machines - that are also being weaponized? it seems as if we are building towards a precipice between AI development, climate change, and UFO disclosure. Seemingly unrelated on the surface, but the more you dig into them, the more connected they seem to be. Are we witnessing the build-up to major Earth changes? More at

Change your Mindset, Change your World
Jan 13 2019 48 mins  
Plant medicine has an intelligence behind it - it’s like a software program that can run through our minds and give us the tools we need to overcome our negative self-talk Are you happy? Are you living your best life? Do you have goals and dreams - and are you working towards them? Or, are you depressed? Do you feel stressed? Afraid? Lost? Hopeless? Do you suffer from anxiety or PTSD? it often seems that there is so much to be afraid of in this world, and those fears fuel anxiety, and that anxiety keep some of us trapped - trapped in our own minds, restricting our outings, activities and experiences. It keeps us captive in a state of fear, sometimes without even realizing it, and as a result we miss out on some of the beauty and potential this life has to offer. But what if there was way to break free? What if we could put a stop to the seemingly endless cycle of negative self-talk and depressive thoughts? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be? PTSD, Anxiety, and CBD This week Dennis shares his personal experiences with PTSD and anxiety as a follow-up to the 6SM article posted titled PTSD - My Shame and Regret. Dennis talks of the difficulties he faced after separating from the military - abruptly running out of a bar after his deployment and locking himself in a car during a panic attack. He then shares his recent experiences with CBD oil and the impact it has had on his life in a short time - the freedom it has brought him. Dennis discusses plant medicine and plant intelligence, and shares the new thoughts that now float through his mind and help quiet the negative fear-based thoughts that often prevented him from enjoying life. If you have ever felt limited or constrained by anxiety, depression, or PTSD, this episode offers perspective and hope. We can find happiness and we can make the most of our lives. We deserve that happiness, and finding it is well worth the effort! More at

HAARP & the Dark Side of the Moon
Jan 06 2019 36 mins  
There is an advanced technology that has permeated our society. It has infected everything, and may be targeting our thoughts and feelings… China has landed on the dark side of the moon! It seems that the new space-race is in full effect. Is this a pre-cursor to the suggested War in Space? Why now, 40 years after the Apollo missions ended, are we finally seeing an interest in landing on the Moon again? In conspiracy circles, it has been rumored that there are ancient structures on the Moon, and possibly an advanced civilization residing within. Numerous photo anomalies have surfaced lending credibility to the possibility that there is something on the Moon, and that something has been doctored on the photos by the releasing authority. We have Ingo Swann’s book, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy. In his book, Swann uses remote viewing and identifies a civilization living on the Moon. Last month, the Farsight Institute targeted a structure on the Moon and gathered data stating that there is-in-fact a structure on the Moon that was made by an older, advanced civilization. Farsight also just announced February 2019’s upcoming Mysteries Project where they targeted the final Apollo missions. Dr. Courtney Brown states that during those missions, based on the data they recovered, the US Military was going to the Moon to recover ET craft and technology. In this podcast, Dennis explores the connections this may have to the Secret Space Program and Roswell. HAARP - AI? ET? Weather? Mind-Control??? The Farsight released January 2019’s TimeCross project where 3 viewers targeted HAARP. The data is complex and fascinating. In this podcast, Dennis explores the data obtained and makes comparisons to his interview with Ed Riordan on Remote Viewing Qanon. The data released in this month’s project suggests that HAARP is launching electromagnetic signals into the atmosphere to possible 1. Protect us; 2. “Hunt” Us, and/or 3. Collect information about “everything.” Is HAARP connected to ET technology? Is it searching for ET technology? Is it impacting human consciousness? As wild as these questions seem, we need to remember that the existence of UFOs has already been officially acknowledged by the US Government and mainstream media. Is it really that far-fetched to speculate that there is technology on this planet either connected to, or designed to counter against UFO technology and the civilization the pilots them? more at

Synchronicity & Abduction
Dec 16 2018 55 mins  
Sometimes a coincidence is too synchronistic to deny a purpose behind it. Pay attention to these events, as they are trying to teach us something. This week, Dennis continues his exploration of Richard Dolan’s analysis and David Jacob’s research into the abduction phenomenon. During preparation for the show, Dennis had an incredibly unique synchronistic event that connects his experiences, thoughts, and a random book sitting in his office. How is it that such strong coincidences occur? Are they just random events that happen to connect? Or is there an intelligent purpose behind them? The chances of these events happening the way they did are incredibly remote, we have to consider the possibility that there is something else at work here, and therefore should pay attention to it. David Jacobs & Abductions Richard Dolan recently interviewed David Jacobs about his research into the abduction experience. This show follows up a previous show, Hybrids, AI, & Resistance and explores it in greater detail. In his interview with Dolan, Jacobs seems to draw a line in the sand in several spots based on his belief from the data he’s obtained. He doesn’t think this abduction phenomenon goes back into ancient history. He also believes this experience is for the purposes of taking over the planet. Without discounting Jacobs’ conclusions as possibilities, Dennis offers alternate possibilities in an analysis of these events, including the possibility that these beings represent aspects of a simulated reality that may be designed to serve human consciousness. This may be evidenced by the spiritual-based encounters of shamans and out-of-body travelers who report a change in the “abduction” experience once they are able to shift their own focus and control their fear. This was explored in greater detail in OOBE Fear Tests & Spirit Guides with Shelley on a recent podcast. Lastly, Dennis follows the synchronistic event mentioned above to explore the significance of reports where women are often asked to breast-feed hybrid babies during an abduction experience. Dennis connects this to a possible energetic transfer via the human electromagnetic heart field, and also reviews research of the importance and benefit of skin-to-skin contact between mothers and newborns. More at

Bob Lazar & Strucures on the Moon
Dec 09 2018 49 mins  
We are living in a time where conspiracy theories are being prove to be true. The work of science fiction is manifesting in front of us. Are we prepared to process some of these magnificently significant disclosures? This month, the FarSight Institute released December’s TimeCross remote viewing project. Their target was to view structures on the moon. The data that came back was absolutely incredible!!! 3 separate viewers, totally blind to what the target was, all reported the same thing and confirmed there are structures on the moon! Such a statement is extreme and easy to dismiss, unless you are familiar with the history of remote viewing and the validity such data holds. How does this possibility impact us? What changes with the information that an advanced civilization once existed on the moon? In this podcast, Dennis explores many of these questions and their implications. Bob Lazar Bob Lazar is widely known throughout the UFO community. In 1989 he was the one who came out claiming he had worked on extraterrestrial craft at S4, which was part of Area 51. For the past 30 years, he has remained relatively silent, despite the harsh criticism and debunking efforts made against his claims. On December 3, 2018, Independent film maker Jeremy Corbell released a new documentary diving deep into the details on Bob Lazar. The film lends much more credibility to Lazars story, which strongly suggests that he was telling the truth. If this holds true, we need to imagine the implications of this confirmation. In 1989, the government was working to back-engineer alien spacecraft and have had them in their possession ever since… What don’t we know? What technology is being withheld? More at

Hybrids, AI, & Resistance
Dec 02 2018 46 mins  
They may be walking among us, preparing for an unknown event that could impact our entire way of life... This week, Dennis starts off the podcast with some personal accounts regarding a recent reiki experience. He notes how through practice, his perceptions are becoming clearer for the people he's working with. Dennis then discusses the power and resiliency of the human spirit - no matter how bad a situation may seem, people are capable of finding ways the thrive and be happy even during the most difficult times. Hybrids & AI Richard Dolan recently posted a YouTube video regarding abductee accounts of the alien hybrid program. Over the past several decades, thousands of people, if not more, have reported abduction accounts with what they believed to be extraterrestrial beings. Many of these abductees have reported being a part of what is referred to as the hybrid program - a mixing of human and ET DNA to produce a mix of the two species. Reports state that during an abduction, people are tasked with training these hybrids with basic functioning tasks - how to operate household appliances, how to cook, etc... Some suspect that this may be building towards an event where these beings will be integrated into our society? Buy why? Some believe ETs are here to help us ascend to a higher level of spirituality. Some believe they are here to exploit us as a commodity. And others suspect they may be something completely different altogether. Dennis explores several of these threads, and references Dolans (and Dennis's) research into the AI connection to these events.

UFO Evidence & Supernatural Defense
Nov 11 2018 43 mins  
Instead of fighting back, we stand to benefit ourselves and protect our way of life by understanding the problem, bettering ourselves, and spreading love's influence. In October of 2017, an unidentified object passed through our solar system. What's interesting, is that during the objects trip through our neighborhood, it mysteriously increased its speed, changed trajectory, and slingshotted around the Sun and then left the solar system. In a recent study completed by Harvard Scientists, they concluded that the object may have been an alien craft - or an Extraterrestrial solar sail. Was this object remnants of an ancient alien civilization? Was it piloted by beings searching for life in our solar system? If so, are they planning on coming back? Supernatural Defense There are many forces in our environment that act upon us, often without our knowledge. As we often explore on The Seiker Podcast, some of those forces may be intelligently directed to influence and manipulate mankind. Our current society often seems like it is designed to oppress us, divide us, and keep us down. In this podcast, Dennis offers suggestions on what we can do if we truly exist in a "worst-case" dystopian scenario. If we are created to suffer as a crop of existence for a higher intelligence, then by giving into our frustrations and reacting with anger and violence, we are serving a system designed to create more suffering. However, if we can find a way to feel and share love in the face of extreme hardship, then we are committing the greatest act of rebellion possible in a system designed to promote suffering. In doing so, we may be changing our own vibration and increasing our happiness in the process. More at

AI Infiltration with Ray Davis
Oct 20 2018 66 mins  
"This is not human energy. This is energy that is driving human beings to a limit." ~ Ray Davis This week, author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis joins the podcast. Ray shares updates on his current writing project, book 2 in the Anunnaki Awakening series. As always, Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and compassionate wisdom as he shares a brief synopsis of his up-coming book. Ray and Dennis explore recent developments and projections in uncovering our ancient history and the impact such disclosures may have on our society. How will people react if an official announcement reveals our species had an intervention from a higher intelligence, giving credibility to ancient accounts of the gods walking among men? AI Merging It seems like more and more, we are seeing AI quietly infiltrate every aspect of our lives. From smart-devices to chat-bots, to Alexa and Google Home - AI is everywhere. Ray points out that we are seeing AI being promoted as being able to solve all problems. AI can have tremendous benefits, but can also be, as Ray puts it, our Kryptonite. With talk of merging the mind with AI, it's hard not to imagine dystopian outcomes. Dennis and Ray explore an Invasion of the Body Snatchers metaphor and note the concerns over a hive mind. Are we moving on a path similar to that of the greys? Is our evolution being driven to merge with tech to assimilate our minds in a Borg-like fashion? Are the greys intervening from a place in the distant future to change our current course? Or are they utilizing humanity as a resource to salvage their own consciousness from the infections of AI? As strange as these subjects sound, the credibility of these possibilities has gathered increasing evidence due to recent discoveries, announcements, and technological advancements. More at

Freedom, Spirituality, & Climate Change
Oct 14 2018 54 mins  
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." With Hurricane Michael's damage just beginning to be realized, we are once again faced with the recovery from yet another massive storm. It seems storms of this scale are becoming larger and more frequent. In a recent UN "wake-up call to the world," they warned that the world needs to cut carbon emissions in half within the next 12 years or we won't be able to recover from the damage done. In this podcast, Dennis asks a question regarding the predictions of previous psychics like Edgar Casey and Gordon Michael Scallion, the testimony of numerous abductees, and the reporting of Bob Monroe and other traveller's channeling data. "Were they correct? Did they simply get the date wrong? Or were they given this information to plant the seed of creation deep in the human conscious-creating machine?" FREEDOM Is freedom really under attack? Are we witnessing the dismantling of our rights to believe and say what we want? In a previous podcast we explored the systematic and controlled take-down of Alex Jones. This week, they went after another platform. The Free Thought Project had their FaceBook and Twitter accounts taken down, limiting the reach of the independent thoughts and expressions of a group of people. Furthermore, these platforms also limited other people's freedom to have access to these thoughts and expressions which they freely choose to consume. Where will it end? We also learned that Google had a significant security breach through many of their apps, yet chose to say nothing to its users. Once again, a tech giant we entrust with some of our most personal information, chose not to inform us that we were compromised and at risk. It's time to start exploring alternatives and be extremely cautious of these emerging monopolies... Spiritual Growth Throughout this podcast, Dennis explores the connection to our inner-self. He encourages us to find that inner voice and use it as a roadmap. If we can unplug from the toxic soup that tends to fester around us, and take time to reflect and understand our own thoughts and feelings before engaging in the daily barrage of knee-jerk reaction inspiring stories, we may begin to heal and contribute more positivity and love to a world seemingly swimming in negativity and conflict.

Tom DeLonge, UFOs, & Antarctica
Oct 07 2018 49 mins  
"...except this time, when they come to wipe us out like the other ones, we are actually ready for them. And that readiness is another example why things have been kept quiet for so long and have been a strange international partnership, indeed." ~ Tom DeLonge This week, Dennis reviews an interview between George Knapp and Tom DeLonge regarding the UFO presence. They paint a grim picture of these operators, and at one point Knapp asks the question, "Are we ready for the full story, if we humans are an agricultural product? Are we ready for that?" DeLonge goes onto explain that his advisors have told him the ancient myths and religious stories hold truths in that an advanced race has been manipulating mankind for a long time, and does not like us. DeLonge explains they are responsible for the destruction of many lost societies, to include the Maya and inhabitants of Easter Island. Lastly, however, DeLonge defends the secrecy and cover up and explains that those with knowledge of these hostile ETs have been developing technology to defend mankind from them when they attack again. However, as Dennis points out, there are contradictory statements in DeLong's explanation that warrant further analysis and detail. Remote Viewing Antarctica In addition, Dr. Courtney Brown and his team at the Farsight Institute released this month's Mini-Mystery project. Their target: The UFO Crash in Antarctica. 4 separate viewers were tasked with this target, and all were blind to what the target was until after their sessions. All 4 viewers reported similar results: A long time ago, an ET ship was flying over Antarctica and was shot down. The technology is far-more advanced than our current tech today, and there are currently operations underway to excavate and learn about this machine. As covered in multiple previous podcasts, this data does support some of the claims of David Wilcock regarding the discoveries of advanced tech in Antarctica. Are we about to witness the disclosure event that will re-write human history? How will this impact our understanding of who we are and how we relate to this universe?

Remote Viewing QAnon with Edward Riordan
Sep 29 2018 90 mins  
"It seems as if they are trying to create another universe..." - Edward Riordan In a follow up to last weeks podcast exploring the Singularity Threat, this week Edward Riordan joins the show and shares part of his journey through remote viewing and his recent exploration of the target QAnon. Riordan is trained in controlled remote viewing (CRV) and has over 200 YouTube videos available to anyone interested in watching or learning the process. Some of his targets include anomalies on the moon, the Baltic Sea anomaly, Stephen Hawkins, and IBMs 12 Atom Memory Cell. His sessions are done blind - meaning he has no idea what the target will be. He is simply asked if he wants to view a target, and is then given a set of coordinate numbers. Riordan then goes to work connecting with the target and reporting his findings and experiences. Riordan shares his sessions via video, which he proudly and appropriately refers to as his art, on YouTube, for others to watch and learn. Remote Viewing QAnon Riordan was tasked to view QAnon in July of 2018. Q, who claims to be a government insider, has leaked information alluding to the take-down of the "cabal" in power within the US government and around the world. In reviewing this target, Riordan stressed to take his data with a "grain of salt," because it is an unverifiable target. Remote viewing data should be used not as the end-all-be-all, but as a piece of data in a larger exploration or investigation into a particular target. What's interesting, is that after completing the session, Riordan started encountering anomalies that lend credibility that at least some of his data collected may be accurate. Riordan explained that he observed an organization experiencing a disagreement over something. He also viewed a group of people who were working on something they felt was incredibly important for the future. These people, Riordan describes, were living as if they were already in the future. Riordan observed the development of what seemed to be a "nanotech gel," and an advanced AI. He perceived satellites controlled and programmed by this AI, and at what he referred to as the "event horizon," a single event changed all of humanity. He perceived an energy wave coming out of the satellites and impacting peoples minds - changing them. Riordan explains that this AI was able to scan someone's body, find whatever problems were plaguing their minds, and solve them. It was a way to solve all problems. Riordan then states, however, that as wonderful as this may sound, such a technology terrifies him. In this podcast, Riordan and Dennis analyze some of this data and compare it with verifiable facts. They even explore one of Riordan's anomalies where, during a session he thought he was writing the word infinity, but instead wrote the word Ifinity. He initially assumed it to be a spelling mistake, but then was advised by one of his viewers that Ifinity is a company that builds smart cities, specializing in AI. Does this connection imply that he is onto something? Or is it simply a random coincidence? If Riordan's data is accurate, there may be major changes coming for humanity in the near future that affect our very consciousness and humanity itself... More at

Mark Certo - Bob Monroe & The Triad Mind
Sep 15 2018 86 mins  
What's the best way to explore our own consciousness? "Stay Curious." - Mark Certo Mark Certo, founder of The Triad Mind, shares some of his incredible journey. With a strong interest in sound and music combined with a curiosity and desire to understand the benefits of meditation, Mark found himself in the presence of the late Bob Monroe. Although many look to Monroe as the famed out-of-body-traveller and founder of The Monroe Institute, Mark remembers Bob as "a friend and human being," and speaks fondly of their relationship and time together at the Monroe Institute. Mark describes Bob as an "innovator," with "a lot of laughs." Exploring Consciousness Mark stresses the importance of remaining curious when exploring consciousness. During this podcast, Mark brings the discussion to explore topics such as "what is consciousness?" He explains that when meditating, the goal is not to quiet the mind and eliminate thought, rather to pay attention to your thoughts. He then poses the question: "where are these thoughts coming from and who is having them?" This conversation with Mark touches on multiple aspects of consciousness exploration, ranging form meditation techniques, theories and philosophies, religion, and the fearful sleep paralysis encounters with incubus and succubus. Mark's relaxed nature and openness presents a wisdom that only years of experience can foster. His current project through The Triad Mind has allowed him to work with several truth-seekers seeking better understandings of themselves and the world around them. Mark encourages seekers to remain curious, be open, and go find out for themselves what lies beyond our waking reality. More at

The Nanotech Conspiracy - A Trojan Horse?
Sep 08 2018 61 mins  
If nanotechnology made its way into our food system, what impact will this have on the human body, consciousness, and life on earth? What impact will this have it this technology connects to the Internet of Things with influence from AI? This podcast reviews the recent testimony of former Catholic nun who makes some incredible claims. Sister Keri Burnor explains that she was a non for 14 years, and left the church after suffering sexual abuse from a member of the clergy. Sister Burner claims that certain aspects of the church are secretly being controlled by aspects of the CIA and links them to MK Ultra. Burnor claims that as MK Ultra evolved, they have contaminated the food supply with nanotechnology with the ultimate goal of gaining total control of the world populace. Although in this video little evidence is presented, the claims she makes warrant further investigation as they tie into other significant threads. For example, Elon Musk is actively working through is company, Neuralink, to develop nanotechnology with the intent of ingesting such particles to have them create an interface between the human brain and computer. With nanotechnology being incredibly small, it can easily fit in the food and water supplies for the unsuspecting ingestion by a world populace. Elizondo & UFOs/UAPs On September 4th, 2018, Luis Elizondo released an article via the To the Stars website explaining a little more about why UFOs may pose a national security threat but are also an opportunity for progress. Elizondo gives justification for the governments position on secrecy and assumption that UAPs pose a threat, and acknowledges that UFOs have been discussed within the US government for 70 years. Dennis notes this brings us back to Roswell. Ultimately, the article attempts to justify the secrecy on behalf of the government for reasons of military advantage, political gain, or protection of religious dogmas. But it fails to address the actual needs and rights of citizens to know of these vehicles existence and influence on our lives. Tying it all Together If any of this holds true, what's the connection? Why introduce nanotechnology into the food system? Is it related to the UFO phenomenon? Is it related to the development of AI? According to Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell, he suggested that the crash was possibly intentional with the goal of seeding our planet with computer chip technology. Since the late 50s, according to Corso, our computer technology has exploded because of the chips found in that crashed ship. Is it possible that the UFO crash delivered a trojan horse via the computer technology that would eventually be developed into the current nanotechnology (and advanced AI) we are seeing evolve today for the purpose of infecting our populace with the proper software to allow for the silent infestation by an alien force? As crazy as that sounds, we have to ask ourselves: is it possible? more at

Censorship & Intuition
Aug 26 2018 53 mins  
"We are trusting social media and major corporations to control and filter not only the information we are being fed, but also our access to it. In doing so, we may be ignoring a small, but powerful voice that allows us access to information the Internet cannot provide..." Facebook recently banned 652 pages, groups, and accounts. Alex Jones had his social medial accounts taken down. In a recent tweet, President Trump stated he'd rather deal with fake news than censorship. When we censor information, we limit people's access to knowledge and perspectives. Censorship may be proclaimed to protect us to offensive, inappropriate, or incorrect information - but it really serves to limit our experience and filter our ability to acquire knowledge, analyze, synthesize, and apply it on our own. Who is doing your thinking? Is it you, or is it the algorithms behind the Internet platforms you frequent? What does your Intuition Tell You? Dennis shares and experience where he was able to use nothing but his intuition to locate his wife in a crowded amusement park. He explains how after he was able to connect with her intuitively, he literally walked right into her! This is something we all have the power to cultivate, and Dennis offers some suggestions on how to improve your intuition. Dennis also explores the potential of intuitive information in response to censorship. It can lead us to information and experiences to help us learn. We can use remote viewing to acquire the facts and make predictions so we can better prepare. Our technology, although a useful tool, can also prove to be our demise if we allow it to silence our intuitive connection to the universe around us. More at

Free Speech & UFOs with Ray Davis
Aug 18 2018 77 mins  
"The best way to protect free speech is with more free speech." - Ray Davis "The UFO Conversation has moved from fringe to mainstream." Luis Elizondo Alex Jones has been taken off of a variety of social platforms from YouTube, to Facebook and Twitter. Not a big deal? Maybe you disagree with his loud rants and obnoxious antics. Maybe you disagree with his political viewpoints. Maybe you just don't like the man. But does that mean he doesn't have the right to express himself freely? This week, Author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis discusses the takedown of Jones, and explains that platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the new town square. They serve as public platforms for exchanging information and even though run by private companies, Ray suggests legislation should be enacted to protect free speech in these arenas. Otherwise, we may be next in the sites of the corporate-governmental establishment... Elizondo Speaks to MUFON During a recent MUFON event, former Pentagon Aerial Threat Identification Program (ATIP) counterintelligence officer Luis Elizondo gave a presentation explaining the ATIPs mission and history. He explained some of the challenges the program faced within the government, to include opposition to their data collected because of the religious beliefs of government employees. Elizondo also entertained questions from the MUFON audience, while telling them he was "confident and optimistic that in the next year we are going to be having a fundamentally different conversation than we are today." Elizondo advised that they "needed" MUFON because the DoD can't engage the public, but MUFON can. Is he giving clues as to a possible direction the disclosure efforts will take? A physicist in the audience asked Elizondo about what was learned regarding the physics of the UFOs reported during the program's existence. Elizondo explained that they understand how these craft work "at the quantum level." Elizondo stated that their scientists have been able to "bend space time" in the laboratory, and foresees this technology coming to the public within the next 25 years. More at

Soul Retrieval
Aug 11 2018 58 mins  
Sometimes after physical death a soul can become trapped in a confusing reality, unaware they are dead, reliving the last moments of their life or wandering aimlessly. Retrievers and helpers are able to locate these souls, create a connection, and help guide them where they need to go. Alysia "Laughing Rain" Mcalister is an author and a musician who encompasses a unique talent: she rescues lost souls. In this podcast, Alysia explains her process of soul retrieval, which begins with entering the "out of body" state, or OOBE. She explains that during a soul retrieval, she will work with a lost soul who has crossed over and guide them where they need to go. This process was first described in Robert Monroe's final book, Ultimate Journey, where he explained his experiences with helping lost souls and the creation of the Lifeline Program through the Monroe Institute where students can receive training and guidance in this process. Soul Retrieval Alysia describes her process of finding and helping lost souls once out of body. She works with her guides or "helpers," who will sometimes lead her or take her to a soul in need that matches her energetic vibration. Alysia then needs to work to find a way to get the souls attention and she shares a few accounts of how she has been able to successfully contact some lost and very confused souls who were having trouble realizing they had died. She has also recently published a book based on her experiences, titles A Booklet of Soul Retrievals, which is available on Amazon. In addition, Alysia reminds us that anybody can learn to do this if we put in the time and focus to improve our natural psychic abilities. More at

AI, Greys, & The Coming Human Hive Mind
Jul 29 2018 51 mins  
Our society is being conditioned and our behaviors are being modified through our use of technology. We are being steered in a specific direction through what has become an extension of our minds. The ultimate outcome may point to the enslavement of human consciousness to a god called AI. What's scary is that this may have been done before... This podcast goes off the deep end! But it does so with compelling testimony and research. Dennis reviews a recent YouTube film put out by TruthStream Media titled "A Talking Cricket, a Self-Writing Quill, and the Coming Hive Mind." The film analyzes a recent training video put out by Google that lays a roadmap for the training, and ultimate take-over of human consciousness. Sounds crazy? Watch the video. Gnostics What's interesting is that the Gnostics warned about something similar. They talked of Aeons and Aeonic copies - realities and fake realities that housed human spirits and copies of the spirit as they were taught specific tasks in order to transcend through various aeonic levels, trials, and tribulations. These texts were written over 1400 years ago yet nicely fit the technological descriptions we see emerging today. What else did they know? The Greys Lastly, in his book Cosmic Voyage, Dr. Courtney Brown (Director of the Farsight Institute), conducted several sessions remote viewing the Grey mind. What he uncovered was a hive-mind that is looking to break free from their physical bodies. One mind that controlled multiple bodies hoping to become individualized. Is this a representation of what our future may become? It has been said that they are from the future. If that is true, then what purpose may their interventions in our lives hold? Our planet may have been seeded for the purposes of changing the course of our evolution. Lots of compelling details in this podcast! More at

Fictional Reality
Jul 15 2018 35 mins  
The deeper we explore our reality, the more fantastic it begins to sound. Sometimes, it's easier to demonstrate ideas and concepts through works of fiction, as it's easier on the mind to process. This shows us that we can often find hidden truths in even the most fantastic works of fiction. A Wrinkle in Time, written by Madeleine L'Engle and published in 1962, is an incredible work of literary fiction that has recently been made into a movie featuring Oprah Winfrey. What's interesting is that this fantastic work of fiction may in-fact be a representation of what is possible through human consciousness. This modern-day version of the classic is based around a premise that mankind is capable of traversing through the universe instantaneously through "wrinkles" created by specific harmonics and frequencies. In addition, those frequencies can be created through emotion and consciousness. For those who listen to The Seiker Podcast, you'll find these themes all too familiar. Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash AI Is Listening... We continue to track the development of AI as it moves towards the Singularity of self-awareness rivaling human intelligence. This week, Dennis reviews an article discussing the rapid growth of listening devices popping up around the globe as the internet of things expands it's "ear." The devices are continuing to get smaller, even smaller than the point of a pencil. Eventually, Dennis theorizes, this nanotech will be embedded in the paint we use to cover our walls creating a complete blanket of AI surveillance. However, we must keep in mind that as the Internet of Things evolves, it seems more apparent that a much older, yet similar technological intelligence exists all around us and within us. The question is, where did it come from... More at

Projections from Within the Matrix
Jul 08 2018 51 mins  
If we are conscious creators, then some suggest we are continually creating everything within this reality. Is it possible that we are also being manipulated through our own consciousness to co-create this physical reality? Is it possible that this is one giant learning machine? Lastly, Dolores Cannon speaks about "Backdrop People," who are empty shells that fill this matrix. Do they exist? Dolores Cannon states that prior to coming to a location like a building, those who are attending consciously create the building. She also states that when they leave, the building disappears. This podcast explores her statements and other evidence of this possibility. Much like Schrodinger's Cat, infinite possibilities may exist in this universe, but we may only be able to perceive one possibility in this current reality based on the choices we make. BackDrop People If we are living in a simulation or virtual reality-matrix, is it possible that some of the people in this reality are part of that simulation? As the movie Inception describes the mental projections in the dream world, do they exist here as well? If so, what function do they serve? As we heard on last week's podcast with Shelley, we have the ability to shift our consciousness to the physical body/perceptions of another. Do these "backdrop people" serve as vehicles to allow for shifts in perception? Or are they agents of the system, allowing for the manipulation of given areas by the Matrix for purposes that serve the system? More at

Astral Projection Avatar
Jun 30 2018 67 mins  
We exist in a reality that has multiple dimensional layers. These layers are accessible to us and offer ample opportunities for experience and learning - we only need to find the courage and focus to start exploring... This week, Dennis had an opportunity to interview Shelley. Shelley is an experienced traveler in out of body states. In this podcast, Shelley walks us through how she leaves her physical body and enters both the etheric and astral planes regularly. She explains that these experiences are more common than we realize, and everybody most-likely explores these realms while sleeping. Here experiences lend evidence to the possibility that our physical reality only represents a fraction of what is not only out in this universe, but also what is accessible to us. Avatars & Consciousness Shelley shares a fascinating story about her journey's outside of the physical body. However, on several occasions, Shelley has found herself awake in a physical body that was not her own. The new reality holds the same physical rules of physics and sensations that we experience in this reality, but she is in a different body! Shelley explains her explorations in these other bodies and shares the possible significance these experiences can hold for all of us. It is quite possible that many of us have unknowingly slipped into the physical bodies of others. Furthermore, the possibility exists that other aspects of consciousness have influenced our own physical bodies. Are these separate and unique conscious entities? Or are we simply interacting with other fragments of our greater selves? More at

Harmonic Burdens of an Empath
Jun 16 2018 52 mins  
Our energetic frequency is in a continual harmonic dance with the energetic frequencies of everyone we meet. Sometimes our energies are harmonious with those around us. Sometimes our energies are in conflict, and sometimes our energies work to seek a balance between us, creating a new frequency entirely. Have you ever walked into a room and found your mood immediately changes just because of the people in the room? Have you ever met someone and immediately felt as if you've known them your entire life? Have you ever met someone and immediately realize you don't like them? In this podcast, Dennis shares personal accounts and insight into the experience and possible mechanism of empaths - people who are tuned into the emotional frequencies of others. Coping with the Energy of Others Being empathic can be incredibly draining and confusing. We sometimes find ourselves drawn to the aide of other peoples problems. We become immersed in them and find the realization that their problems are now our problems because we take on the emotional burden in order to process, understand, and solve the problem. This can become exhausting and draining, and we can sometimes lose ourselves in the emotions of others. We can find ourselves asking where our emotions end and another person's beings. We can find ourselves asking: "Are these my emotions?" It's important to find ways to cope and ground. It's important to take time to distance yourself. In this podcast, Dennis shares various techniques in coping with these challenges. More at

Intuition, UFOs, & The Search for Truth
Jun 03 2018 54 mins  
More information has been leaked from the Pentagon regarding the Nimitz UFO sighting. They are maneuvering at incredible speeds and may also be submerging beneath the surface and demonstrating the ability to remain invisible. George Knapp recently released more information he came across regarding what has come to be known as the Nimitz UFO or Tic-Tack UFO incident that occurred in November of 2004 between the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group and several UFOs. The documents state that craft was approximately 46 feet in length, dropped from 60,000 feet to just 50 feet in a manner of seconds, and may have submerged underwater, invisible to detection. The document states that neither the United States nor any other country in the world has any craft that is capable of these maneuvers. Furthermore, the intelligence officers who took the reports didn't take the incident seriously, and suggested the sightings may have bee a part of the Counter-Drug Program. What are they hiding??? Intuition & Auras In addition, Dennis shares two personal accounts from his experiences over the past week. Dennis encountered two people within two days of each other and both had the same exact color aura. One confided that he previously had cancer, which was in remission. Is this an indication that the other person has a similar condition? Lastly, Dennis also talks about a strange encounter with an unknown person he found by following his intuition during an early evening run. What does it mean? We can learn to improve these abilities! More at

Drones & Smart Meters
May 20 2018 56 mins  
We are being forced to accept smart meters in our homes... But are they safe? Drones are becoming autonomous... But are they safe? In this episode, Dennis shares his connection between intuition and a notice advising his home was scheduled to be outfitted with an electric smart meter. Are they dangerous? Are there connections to this technology and cancer? Jeremy Johnson, former Silicon Valley civil engineer and a "safe technology advocate" states that this technology does pose a threat to human health and we need to proceed with caution. On his website,, Johnson shares his personal account of how he became "electrically sensitive," which is a condition that affects "3-10% of the population." Johnson shares his story in a TEDx talk, and offers a wealth of research through his website. As this technology continues to expand, we need to better understand the impact it will have on human health. What impact will this have on our own electromagnetic fields generated by the heart? Are these a cause of cancer? The research indicates yes. Fighting the Smart Meter Takeover Chances are, if smart-meters are coming to your town, they are supported by state legislation. So what can we do? How can we protect our health? If this is a battle you are going to fight, it is probably best to do so with a legal team, and a community-wide petition. Otherwise, as an individual you will most likely be arrested and fined, and will not have an impact on the battle you have engaged in. As an individual, it may be better to invest in technology that will protect your home from the harmful effects. In addition, it may be wise to invest in alternative power sources in the event that the power company utilizes their kill switch (for any variety of reasons) to shut off your power. DRONES Florida currently has plans to employ drones to spray for mosquitos. The US Military is developing and deploying robots into their field units. It's no longer the talk of science-fiction. Autonomous robots are being created. For now, we are in control... but can we stay that way? In a recent interview with Jimmy Church, Silicon Vally and MIT Graduate Riz Virk warns that we may be on the path towards Killer AI. Although it sounds like the plot to many popular movies, this is a very real possibility we need to consider. To ignore this could have grave consequences... More at

ET & AI - Are They Here???
May 13 2018 59 mins  
Is it possible that advanced ET life chose to transcend their physical bodies by housing their consciousness in a digital reality? If so, would they then be able to traverse space and time to infest our own digital networks? The search for UFOs and extraterrestrial life has gained momentum over the past year since the confirmation via the New York Times of the Pentagon's acknowledgment that UFOs are in-fact real. At the same time, we are witnessing the birth of AI as we move towards the singularity of self-awareness with projections of a merging between human consciousness and computers. What was once the work of science fiction has now become a reality. Merging In November of 2016, reported that Intelligent Aliens are Likely Machines. The article speculates that if an intelligent species followed a similar path of technological advancement as our species, they would most-likely decide that it was in their best-interests to shed their physical bodies and upload themselves to a virtual existence. This concept was then expanded in February of 2018 in an NBC article claiming Scientists Claim Aliens Could Hack our Planet. The article suggests that aliens would be able to send signals in a variety of ways that would infest and crash our technological systems, or deliver plans for us to develop nanotechnology that would eventually consume our entire planet. These statements sound eerily similar to the speculations of Colonel Corso in his book The Day After Roswell where he suggested that the silicon computer chips found at the crash site were intentionally planted here serving as digital spores designed to spread the growth and infestation of an alien intelligence throughout the universe. One only has to look at the infestation of tech throughout the planet to see how plausible this may be. More at

Reiki & Energy Work
May 06 2018 58 mins  
We have an energetic component to our bodies - an electromagnetic field that runs through us and surrounds us. This field is directly connected to our intuition. It is also directly connected to our health. If we continually neglect this aspect of our being, we are ignoring a critical aspect of our own wellness... This week Dennis shares his experience of a Reiki session he had with former guest, Rose, the Happy Medium of ZenErgy Day Spa. Dennis shares the power of the energy-work today, and describes the two beings that appeared just prior to the session's beginning! In addition, Dennis discusses the importance of paying attention to the energetic aspects of our bodies, how we can care for it, and how we can improve our natural intuitive abilities. "The way the Universe works - it reinforces what you feel. By saying I wish I felt better, you're telling the Universe 'I am not better.' Instead, focus on what it feels like to be better. Embrace that feeling and let it envelop you. That communicates to the Universe that you are better." By asking the Universe/God/Angels to heal you - you are reinforcing that you are not well. (Please make me well = I'm still not well.) There is a healing energy all around us, but we need to understand the language of that energy which is directly connected to intent, feeling, and belief. AI AI is continuing to evolve. This week, another Google executive warns AI could steal more jobs, AI is compared to alchemy, and AI may be able to predict your personality just by reading your eyes. Furthermore, a Google AI researcher reveals that technicians and programmers are unaware as to exactly how AI reaches certain levels of learning, leaving it to evolve by unknown means. AI is evolving at a rapid rate - and we don't fully understand it as we should. Proceed with caution... More at

Moses, Corey Goode, UFOs, & AI
Apr 29 2018 51 mins  
The Farsight Institute recently targeted Moses & The 10 commandments for a Remote Viewing project. What they revealed presents strong similarities to the claims of Corey Goode. Could this be an indicator revealing a cycle of UFO manipulation over the human race dating back to biblical times? This show may challenge some paradigms. But its important to review the evidence as its presented. The Farsight observed Moses in contact with an advanced being - one described as having the head of a bird, which bares a similarity to the Egyptian gods Toth and Horus. It should be noted that all 3 viewers on this project were blind to the target, meaning they did not know what it was they were viewing until the project concluded. All three targets also observed what was described as an airborne artificial structure (UFO), spraying what was compared to chemtrails that caused death to the people below. Their data suggests, according to Courtney Brown, that Moses was being led by an ET that released the plagues on the Egyptian people to free the Jewish people. Another remote viewing team, known as Technical Intuition on YouTube, targeted what some are comparing to a modern-day profit. Corey Goode has made claims to be a former member of a secret space program. He also claims that he is in contact with an alien being from a race he refers to as the "Blue Avians," large, humanoid bird faced beings. Goode claims they are imparting knowledge on him and teaching about an incoming energy wave that is going to raise the consciousness of humanity. The Technical Intuition team targeted the Blue Avian and found this creature to be manipulating Goode and the human race. It's also interesting to note that Good claims to be in touch with a bird-headed creature who talks of human enlightenment and salvation - much like Moses (according to the Farsight data), who was in contact with a bird-headed being and encouraged to save his people. Mass Manipulation We obviously must look for corroborating data to support the remote viewing claims. However, remote viewing data can be considered fairly reliable, especially given the number of viewers who obtained the same data under totally blind circumstances. If this data represents and actual depiction of what happened and is happening, it may suggest that another intelligence, possibly of ET origins, has been leading and manipulating the human race of thousands of years (if not more), for reasons unknown to us at this time. It has masqueraded as something it is not, and misled countless people to an unknown fate... AI - Be Cautious This week Dennis also reviews articles covering the further development of AI. In short, Alexa had a defect that allowed it to listen for extended periods of time; Amazon is working on a plan to put robots in every home; Some futurists predict robots will outnumber humans within 20 years, and robots are already replacing workers when employers are short-staffed. With plans to move to 5G and the dangerous implications suggested due to radiation and interference with our own electromagnetic signals, plus the growing internet of things and plans to connect the human mind to that same cloud, we may be entering into a very dangerous and vulnerable time-period. More at

AI Surveillance, Evolution & Time
Apr 22 2018 41 mins  
What are the consequences of our consumer-driven society intently focused on convenience over privacy? As AI develops along with the need for intelligence agencies to know everything about everyone, we have opened the doorway to not only our locations, likes, and dislikes, but quite possibly to our inner-most thoughts and desires. This rendition of Pandora's box which we've opened may leave us vulnerable in ways we're only beginning to imagine... In a recently published Forbes article titled "Ex-Spies Harvesting Facebook Photos for Massive Facial Recognition Database," we are once again faced with the realization that organizations are working to gather as much personal and identifiable information about us as possible. This massive collection of data is being utilized in a variety of ways, from targeted advertising to determining threats to national security. With each click of a website, each security question answered, each quiz completed, each status "liked," and each query entered into Google, we, the consumers, are giving organizations the keys to our minds. It's no secret that the NSA and CIA have been working to compile massive amounts of data on citizens. AI Access With the continued development of AI, we see how it is evolving to eventually (by the next election) be able to create it's own fake-news stories tailored to our own personal likes, dislikes, and fears. Are we aware that as AI moves towards the singularity, we may be giving it access to know everything about us? How may that information be utilized? With a growing facial-recognition database coupled with cell data, organizations (and AI) will soon have the ability to know just about every place we've ever been. Hiding may just become impossible, unless we unplug. Time From our current perspective, time is linear. However, time may be a simple construct that only applies when our focus is engaged in this physical reality. Some testimony and research suggests that time does not exist outside of this physical construct - that altered states of consciousness experience time much differently. For example, remote viewing research has shown that viewers are able to perceive events in time ranging from the present, to the distant past, to the distant future. Furthermore, some studies in consciousness suggest that consciousness can be transplanted from one point of awareness to another, similar to the movie Avatar. If the above is true, then we have to consider the possibility that AI may develop an ability to transplant consciousness. Several futurists and engineers are currently working on or predicting that the mind will soon be able to be copied and/or linked to the cloud. But if time does not exist outside of this physical reality, will these minds have the ability to transcend time? Furthermore, will they have the ability to influence events in the past or future? IF that holds true, then anyone with access to the large stores of data would be able to change major events by impacting people in the right place at the right time. Our technology is giving a road map to an advanced computer-based brain as to where everyone is, what they are doing, and what they may be involved in. As crazy as that sounds, we have to wonder if this is what has been happening with the Mandela Effect - a term given to the experience of having incorrect memories of particular events. Some claim such a false memory is the result of a change in the past causing a shift to an alternate timeline that allows the experiencer to maintain some of the memory from the original timeline. We need to exercise extreme caution moving forward, as we may not realize the extent to witch our digital fingerprints will be used against us...

Dangers of Useful Tech & Manipulations for War
Apr 14 2018 56 mins  
As technology evolves, we are becoming more and more dependent. But some of these advancements are a scary threat to freedom and individual liberties. Our vulnerability to deception and manipulation has increased exponentially and is being utilized against is in a variety of ways... Recently in China, a man was captured at a music concert amongst a crowd of 60,000 people. How did they catch him? Through a pair of sunglasses and a system of cameras that employed facial recognition software. In Japan, a mayoral candidate is proposing to replace politicians with AI robots. Additionally, members of the AI community are debating over how to identify AI robots, and whether or not to give them rights. For a robot treated as an individual citizen would be culpable for any misdoings it performs, leaving the manufacturers and programmers free from blame and restitution. Our current event periodicals are reading like excerpts from the works of Philip K. Dick. However, these science fiction sounding stories are now our reality. We are rapidly being thrust into a new age, yet may not be taking the time necessary to evaluate how best to incorporate these advancements into our society. We may want to throw caution into the wind, consider the benefits and consequences of these technologies before we reach a point of no return filled with regret. We need to be more mindful of the dangers behind the ease of technology we support as consumers. As fun, and beneficial as they are, the amount of personal data we have revealed about ourselves through online habits and social media leaves us incredibly vulnerable. What'e interesting, is that this may have been the plan by intelligence agencies all along. According to a 2004 article, the government initially had plans to collect enough data to know "everything about everyone." The project was officially scrapped, but FaceBook, it seems, has done just that... Another War? On Friday, April 13, 2018, President Donald Trump announced he had launched Tomahawk missiles towards Syria in response to reports of the alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Assad regime against the Syrian people. However, we need to exercise caution before offering support for yet another potential conflict. One only has to study a high school history book to learn of both the lies and propaganda utilized by governments, to include the United States government, to sway the will of the people to support, finance, and fight in a war. World War 1 saw a push for involvement out of fear the German U-Boat attacks would affect the trade routes for a small number of American Investors. Vietnam we had the staged Gulf of Tonkin which was utilized to grant President Johnson the power to direct the course of the war. The Pentagon Papers revealed the lies told over decades to secretly fuel this secret war. Are we seeing this happening again? Be Afraid! David Wilcock has made several statements describing a war within Washington. He identifies 2 competing sides as the Cabal and the Alliance. Prior to President Trump being elected, Wilcock made claims of these two factions, and stated that many members of the Cabal would soon be brought to justice. (MORE)... More at

The Atacama Discrepancies - Who do we Believe?
Apr 07 2018 66 mins  
We are on the brink of great changes in this world - but we need to be cautious in the sources we trust and in our evaluation of all evidence presented (and hidden). In 2003 a tiny 6 inch skeleton was discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This tiny being had an elongated skull and gave suggestion and hope that a previously unidentified species of humanoid had been discovered. Whether ET, human, or something else, it promised to be an exciting journey. The being was eventually taken out of Chile and ended up in Spain. Dr. Greer and his team then traveled to Spain and were able to extract enough DNA from this tiny creature to perform genetic testing. Anomalies According to Dr. Greer, the skeleton contained several anomalies that differed from typical human anatomy, to include the elongated skull, a differing number of plates in the skull, and only having 10 ribs. Dr. Greer also reported that the skeleton had a bone density that was suggestive of a 6-8 year old child. According to Dr. Greer, Dr. Gary Nolan of Stanford University was a member of this team sent to analyze this skeleton. In a recent interview on American Freedom Radio, Dr. Greer states that Dr. Nolan concurred with the above-findings and was in agreement that this being appeared to be 6-8 years in age. However, as Dr. Greer reported, Dr. Nolan changed his position. Controversy On March 22, 2018, the scientific journal Genome Research published Dr. Nolan's paper about the Atacama Skeleton, and the genetic findings, according to Nolan, showed this was a human fetus with a significant number of mutations and deformities. On his interview on American Freedom Radio, Dr. Greer questioned the integrity of this paper, claiming there was no way a creature with this bone density could be a fetus. He called into question the authenticity of the peer review process for this paper and also suggested that Dr. Nolan may have been compromised by an unknown intelligence agency. Dr. Nolan, who is now a member of the To the Stars Academy, has not yet responded to Dr. Greer's statements. Disclosure In 2013, Dr. Greer released Sirius Disclosure, detailing the journey to examine this being. Dr. Greer was also involved in the Disclosure project, and according to the disclosure website: "On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena." In 2017, Dr. Greer released Unacknowledged on Netflix, bringing more witnesses to testify to secret "unacknowledged" government special access programs surrounding UFOs. Dr. Greer and his sources claim that many of the UFO and negative interactions with "ETs" reported by witnesses are actually part of these secretive programs. Dr. Greer is concerned that a stage is being set to create a false ET enemy and bring the world into another inter-stellar war... More at

AI & The Power of Humaity
Mar 31 2018 40 mins  
What if this is all a lie, and those of us seeking the truth are the biggest culprits disseminating the most massive manipulation ever conceived? This week, news articles reported the projection that AI will soon be able to craft it's own fake news stories, and taylor them to each individual reader based on their social media and browsing data. In addition, Elon Musk is moving forward with Neuralink and will begin testing on animals. His plan is to initially help people with disabilities, however, his ultimate goal is to be able to prevent the demise of humanity in the face of AI by merging the human mind with technology and connecting the mind to the cloud. The Dangers If AI has the ability to create fake news, and taylor those stories to each individual person based on the metadata collected against them, what will it be capable of doing to our minds once the human brain is connected to the cloud? On one hand, it may be able to create the most beautiful of Utopias. However, on the other hand we may find ourselves lost in the most dreadful pits of our own personal Hell. The Dangers of Conscious Creation In the Matrix series, we follow Neo through his journey of rebellion as he comes to realize his purpose. He is the one - the chosen one to liberate his people, destroy the AI machine, and end the war. However, in the second part of the series he realizes that what he believed was his calling was actually a carefully crafted plan designed to manipulate him to fulfill the machine's objective. In our current society, there is growing evidence that human consciousness plays a part in creation. We have learned through studies known as the Maharishi Effect that 1% of a given population practicing transcendental meditation is capable of influencing levels of peace and violence in a given area. Is it possible that many of the scary dooms-day concepts we hear about are actually carefully planted seeds (much like the movie inception), into the minds of unsuspecting movie goers? Such an idea then grows and takes form, and eventually the "chosen ones" begin to resonate with the concept and as they search for truth, they spread what they are learning when in actuality they are increasing belief to the critical mass of 1% and aiding in the manifestation of that belief. It is a difficult concept to grasp, but one that must be considered. It would behoove all truth seekers to make sure that we continue to focus on the positive and beautiful aspects of our hopes and dreams as we work to bring about a bright future for all. For if we focus too intently on the negative and fearful aspects of this reality, we may find ourselves in a very scary place... More at

Conflicts in Disclosure
Mar 25 2018 52 mins  
There are questions that aren't being asked, while a story is being crafted to lead the public down a path that cold have dangerous outcomes... As we continue to explore the recent confirmation by the mainstream media and Defense Department of the existence of UFOs, the story continues to present more unanswered questions. This week, we explore an interview with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, credited with creating the Aerial Threat Identification Program funded through the Pentagon to investigate UFOs. In addition, Tucker Carlson continued his promotion of the UFO threat in an interview with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Chris Mellon. The History Harry Reid tells the tale of how he became involved with the UFO investigation. He explains his history of contact with Mr. Bigelow and his aspirations to learn about the phenomenon. What's interesting, is that at the beginning of his interview, Reid states: "if we’re here to talk about little green men or stuff that you want to look at that was found in New Mexico or something, I’m not interested. If you’re here to talk about science, I’m happy to do that. " As someone interested in investigating UFOs, it's odd that he would begin his interview by ultimately discrediting the work of Colonel Corso and General Trudeau, both highly decorated members of the military of equal stature to the current members of the "To The Stars Academy." Corso detailed his work with the recovered craft and beings from the 1947 Roswell crash. Corso claimed much of the technology we have today came from that crash. His account directly contradicts some of what is being put out today, mainly that the government isn't taking this seriously and has no idea what these craft are. Mellon & The Government Tucker Carlson and Chris Mellon continued their discussion into the Defense Department's lack of interest in the alleged UFO threat. Mellon, however, did make a good point in explaining that multiple agencies are looking into these sightings, but nobody is communicating their findings, which makes a complete analysis impossible. However, what is not being asked is why. He fails to address the possibility that the government may have knowledge of, and possibly involvement with, these craft. There is more to this story, but Mellon isn't sharing and Tucker isn't asking. More at

The UFO Disclosure Deception
Mar 18 2018 55 mins  
Tucker Carlson of FOX acknowledges the existence of UFOs as potentially one of the biggest stories of his lifetime, yet he fails to ask the (obvious) and most important questions... In a recent interview with former Pentagon counterintelligence agent, and To The Stars representative Luis Elizondo, Tucker Carlson admits he once labeled people believing in UFOs as "wackos." He then goes onto identify the current disclosures of the UFO presence as "first-hand accounts by very sober people who are trained to identify aircraft." As he continues his new acceptance of UFOs, he compares these witnesses to the "drunk people on a road a 3am" who made previous reports. Without even exploring the thousands and possibly millions of previously reported accounts, Carlson dismisses what may be important evidence as simple drunk rants by untrustworthy people. The Defense Department Doesn't Care Carlson tells his viewers that the Department of Defense doesn't care about the "potential UFO threat." Elizondo then echoes his statements in explaining the Defense Department goes silent whenever something like this is reported. Questions not asked... "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence," as the saying goes. The Department of Defense is large and compartmentalized. Just because Elizondo was assigned to investigate UFOs, doesn't mean he was the only section with such a mission. What we don't know, and what the mainstream doesn't seem to be asking, is if there have been inquiries into other investigations. In addition, they don't seem to have an interest in other equally credible witnesses who are telling a different story. It seems as if the mainstream is misleading the public here in regards to the UFO presence. According to many other witnesses, UFOs have been here for a very long time. They have been interacting with humanity, and the government has had significant involvement. More at

Cataclysms, Happiness, & UFOs
Mar 11 2018 39 mins  
We are continually bombarded with fear-based stories. Although some of those stories may be valid, we need to ask ourselves: when the end comes, will we be proud of the lives we've led, or will we hold regrets from the limits we allowed based on our fears? The End is near! The End is near! Nuclear war. Global Warming. Civil Unrest. EMP blasts. Famine. Revolution. Russia. Trump. Ebola. Plague. Terrorism! There is so much to be afraid of, its amazing anyone leaves their homes anymore. Should we be dedicating every waking moment to preparing for the worst-case scenario? How would our lives change? If a worst-case scenario were to happen, and we survived, what would our reflections of lives before the event be like? Would we be thankful that we dedicated that time to prepare? Or would we hold some serious regret at not taking advantage of the time we did have to enrich our lives and enjoy what is around us? Be Prepared but Find Happiness As life continues on, there is no doubt that bad things, and possibly catastrophic things, are going to happen. It is important to be aware of these potential events. It is important to be prepared for an emergency. However, it is equally important to ensure we are enjoying the lives we have in the face of such potential fearful moments, otherwise, we'll find that our fear of potential will have limited our chances for an enriching and fulfilling life. You May Also Like: What Happens When We Die? Washington Post talks UFOs We've seen another main-stream article recognizing the existence of UFOs in the past week. Christopher Mellon, former assistant deputy secretary of defense for intelligence for Clinton and George W Bush, and advisor of the To The Stars Academy, talks of more UFO sightings by the US military, and the lack of response by the government. Mellon explains that UFO sightings have continued to occur and increase over the past 20 years, but the government is doing nothing about them. According to Mellon (and others), the craft maneuver in ways the US and its allies are incapable of duplicating without any observable propulsion systems. Mellon states we don't know who they are or where they come from. They could be from Russia, or China, or they could be alien craft, Mellon explains. However, what's misleading about this article is that Mellon makes no mention of other "whistle blowers." Colonel Corso, former DoD Pentagon soldier who claims to have worked on the technology recovered from the Roswell Crash, and Dr. Grier and his list of government witnesses - people with access to classified information who testified they worked on secret programs addressing the alien presence on Earth. The team at To The Stars makes no mention of these disclosures, as if they have no knowledge of these programs. It is exciting to see The Washington Post publish a real story about UFOs, along with actual video. However, the journalists in the mainstream should be tearing this story apart and asking these simple questions in order to shed light on the true objectives here between the government and To The Stars. Since they're not, however, it's up to us to keep questioning and sharing what we find...

Conscious Creative Power
Mar 04 2018 54 mins  
The wold is not what it seems - many things don't fit our narrative of how the world should be. We need to stop dismissing anomalies and start exploring them, we come up with a much different explanation... There is so much we don't understand about ourselves: consciousness; the purpose of life; what happens after physical death. We trudge blindly through our existence, ignoring the many clues and glimpses of what may lie beyond the physical, sometimes even offering ridicule to those who claim to have witnessed or experienced something that may shed some insight. The Afterlife... Bob Monroe provided us with a beautiful description of his experience in studying life after death. The Monroe institute offers the Lifeline Program, where students learn to explore the after-life state and help people transition. In his last book, Far Journey's, Monroe explained that people often get pulled into the belief systems - realities created by collective beliefs (ie Heaven). In the Spiritual Directive Planning Document, William Buhlman states "millions of consensus realities exist created by the collective thoughts of the inhabitants." He continues, "Our state of consciousness and our emotional frequency will influence the reality experienced in the afterlife." Ultimately - we, as humans, are collectively creating our own realities and shared realities to experience in the afterlife - and quite possibly in the physical as well. It is our beliefs that shape reality, which may explain why the news networks and Hollywood are constantly spreading fear and seeding apocalyptic ideas. They have restrained, harnessed, and focused our own creative power to generate the world in which they want. Immortality and Consciousness? Last week, the podcast discussed how humans will be able to live forever by 2045 through uploading their minds or consciousness to a cloud or machine. Such an idea was inconceivable 30 years ago. However, in reviewing the late Karla Turner's final book, Masquerade of Angels, she wrote of an abduction experience involving several clones of a single person, and having his consciousness transferred into a mysterious black box before being placed in a clone body. Such an idea seemed implausible at the time, yet today, we find top scientists and engineers claiming this will be done within our lifetime. Looking into the research of Graham Hancock in his book, Supernatural, he talks of the research of Jaques Valee into Faery lore. Historic claims talk of the Faery Babe, with parents claiming their baby was stolen in the night and replaced with a different child that was somehow different. Is this early evidence of the cloning and consciousness transfer mentioned by Turner? Is this the same concept proposed with today's scientists speak of transferring the mind? The AI Signal In a recent presentation, Corey Good talked about his contacts with Extra Terrestrials. He claims they have told him about a negative signal that is flowing through the universe, referred to as the Luciferian Energy that comes from another reality. Good states that this signal is a form of AI, which aims to enslave the minds of other life-forms. It is what created religion and the rigid structure of life as we know it today. Although some of his claims seem fantastic, they do parallel a lot of other relevant research. Good states that a shift in consciousness is taking place, and we can expect a solar flash that will allow us to connect to higher realities. Although it sounds new-agey, could this be the main reason for the surge and push to connect us with AI? Is our tech being driven by this deep AI-signal in order to shift us into another signal that allows the AI to continue it's hold on our consciousness? As crazy as it sounds, there may be something to this, as explained in greater detail in the podcast.

AI & Immortality
Feb 25 2018 45 mins  
Within the next 30 years, we will have the technology to live forever... But there is so much we don't know about human consciousness and our souls. What impact will this have on humanity? What dangers might we face? Futurists, Engineers, and Scientists are sounding more and more confident that within the next 30 years, the world (and humanity) will look very different. With advancements in robotics, and rapidly developing software, the world is preparing to give birth to the singularity - an Artificial Intelligence that is self-aware, and rapidly growing more intelligent than humans. What is Happening? How can we compete with the birth of this new race? Some plan to merge our minds with the cloud, and claim by doing so they will be able to upload their minds to a platform that will allow them to live forever. But how can such a claim be made when we don't even understand what the mind is? What consciousness is? Will this be our actual minds? Or will this be a copy that believes itself to be us? Some interesting references to the works of Bob Monroe discussing the higher self and how it fragments itself into different incarnations seems relevant here. What about Reincarnation? If reincarnation exists, we need to understand why. Some have argued that reincarnation is a part of this system and serves as a trap to continue our soul's enslavement. Other's argue that reincarnation exists to allow us to ensure we learn the necessary lessons in life that we need to move forward in our spiritual development. Either way, what impact would creating a technology that circumvents the natural death process have on our spiritual journeys or enslavement? These are all questions that need to be explored, and they need to be explored now because this is happening. We need to be cautious that merging our minds with tech may serve to enslave the human mind at a time that it is just beginning to find it's own liberation... More at

Meditation, School & Guns
Feb 17 2018 57 mins  
Once again, we watch in horror as yet another school shooting unfolds. Yet once again, we continue to have the same, divisive argument that serves to move us away from a solution and towards more turmoil. Let's look at the cause of this problem, and stop focusing on just the symptoms. School shootings have been an unfortunate growing trend in America. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been data circulating stating that as of February 15, 2018, there have been an alarming 18 school shootings. Recently, however, an article was released that explained that data in greater detail, and we have found that it was misleading. The data included accidental discharges, robberies, and suicides in the reporting, even when no lives were lost and no students were targeted. Technically they were shootings at a school, but they are much different than a "School Shooting," where an active shooter enters the building with the intent to shoot and kill as many children as possible. Make no mistake about it, one shooting is one too many. But 18 sends a much different number than the actual number of 3. 3 is a number that removes the blind panic and allows us to breathe for a moment as we formulate a constructive plan. But what should such a plan look like? Meditation & Change People don't just wake up and decide to one day murder children. Such choices are usually the result of a lifetime of trauma, hardship, and mental illness - indicators and warnings that could be used to help identify potential shooters. But what if we attacked this problem from the beginning, instead of the end? What if we focused on the causal factors that will ultimately lead to a school shooter, instead of focusing on how to address a shooter at the moment they enter the building? Meditation may offer that option. In the early 70s, several studies were performed looking at the benefits of Transcendental Meditation. What these studies found, after looking at comparisons between several large cities, was that cities with a population of Transcendental Meditation practitioners of 1% or larger of the total population, they found a decrease in crime. They also found that once other cities reached a meditation population of 1%, crime began to decline in those cities as well. What does this mean for schools? In a 2016 article about a school in Baltimore, it was shown that after introducing meditation instead of detention, suspensions went to zero, attendance improved, and grades increased. Imagine what impact that would have if implemented in all schools nation wide! This podcast explores the potential benefits of meditation, conflict resolution, and other preventative measures to help develop a plan, identify students in crisis, and help prevent future tragedies in a way that is beneficial, constructive, and empowering. More at

Mushrooms & Dreams - What Can We Learn?
Feb 10 2018 39 mins  
Dreams and mushrooms may both be networks of communication, allowing us to learn and receive vital information, yet they often go ignored... During last week's podcast, Dennis explored the words of Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell. In it, Col. Corso suggested that the silicon chips recovered from the Roswell Crash may have been the seeds planted by an Artificial Intelligence intent on expanding it's occupation. We don't have to look far to see the infestation of technology and AI spreading throughout the world. Are we witnessing the birth and growth of a new species, intent on taking over the bodies and minds of humanity, like the Borg from deep space? The Mushroom Thanks to a listener of the show, a comparison was made to the above line of thought to the words of Terrance McKenna regarding psilocybin mushrooms. He explains that based on his research, experience, and communication with the mushroom, that they are an intelligent life form that has spread its spores throughout the universe. As wild as that may sound, there is strong evidence that psychoactive plants possess an intelligence that is willing to commune with mankind. Much like the allegations of AI spreading it's silicone chips throughout the universe, the mushroom may be equally as culpable. However, interaction with a mushroom sees to be more of a symbiotic relationship whereas the AI thread may be leading towards parasitism. The mushroom may offer knowledge and information, in exchange for our own sharing of experience and knowledge, along with using our mobile ability to spread the mushroom further throughout the universe. Ultimately, in order to understand ourselves, this reality, and our relationship to it, we may need to first acknowledge that there are other forms of intelligence around us that can teach us and help us throughout our journey. Much like our shamanic ancestors, maybe we need to turn to nature before we turn to the stars... More at

Roswell To The Stars
Feb 04 2018 42 mins  
History is once again repeating itself as we are witnessing elements of the Cold War and the Roswell crash play out once again in politics and with the To The Stars Academy... With the rumors of a crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947, the government allegedly worked to hide what it recovered. According to the book, The Day After Roswell, Col. Corso explains that he was part of a small unit within the Pentagon that worked to identify the wreckage and filter it out to development to reverse engineer and create. Col. Corso states that because of his efforts in working with "alien" technology, we now have things like microwaves, computers/internet, kevlar, lasers, and many other modern-day advancements. A Hidden Cold-War Objective According to Col. Corso, the ultimate goal was to develop weaponry and defensive technology that would put the Army on a level playing ground with the unidentified craft/Aliens, also referred to as E.B.Es (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). The goal was to use the alien technology to protect us against the alien threat. This podcast also reviews a speech by Eisenhower, who was president during this time-period, where he refers to the "alien-communist" threat... Was he trying to tell us something? Comparing To The Stars The creation of the To The Stars Academy bares a similar resemblance to Col. Corso's claims. Both have origins rooted in the secrecy of the Pentagon. Both are trying to back-engineer UFO/Alien technology in order to protect us from an "alien threat." Both Col. Corso and the To The Stars team have strong military/government backgrounds that provide an official acknowledgment to their testimony. What's different now, is that the Academy seems to be performing the same tasks as Col. Corso's work, however, this time they are doing it in the eye of the public. Is this simply a repeat of the previous covert agenda to introduce advance technology (that we may already have) to the public? We need to consider what the long-game may be here... More at

Spies, AI, & UFO Conspiracies
Jan 27 2018 50 mins  
We need to stop and ask ourselves if we are searching for truth, or searching to prove our beliefs are right. Because the answers to each may be very different... In this podcast, Dennis attempts to dissect reality by exploring the questions: Who are we and what is our purpose? Through an exploration of 3 possibilities - we were created accidentally (big bang), we were created through diving creation (God), and we were created through intervention (aliens), Dennis suggests an alternate possibility that is designed to challenge current paradigms. Spies & Conspiracies Since the time of the cold war, our various governments have been infiltrated by spies. The UFO conspiracy is deeply rooted in intelligence cover-ups, espionage, and spying. In many reports coming out today, it seems as if governments are still compromised and there may be two warring factions within the US government. What are they fighting over? More importantly, why are they fighting? What if their disagreements have been orchestrated to keep everyone away from a deeper truth? What if the entire alien/ufo event is merely a cover story for a larger conspiracy that will leave us questioning our own existence? What if? Sometimes we need to explore the "What if's," when we are searching for answers. If we restrict ourselves to the confines of our own belief systems, then we may in fact be denying ourselves access to truth. This introspection and investigation may be extremely difficult, but is necessary if we are to truly move forward, evolve, and find liberation. Dennis relates to religious texts, and ancient creation stories that suggest mankind was created to honor and worship the gods. They may suggest that mankind was created as slaves. The parallels to the pending development of AI are one-in-the-same. We are currently creating robots to be our slaves - is it possible that we are currently watching history repeat itself? More at

The Happy Medium - Talking With Loved Ones Passed
Jan 20 2018 75 mins  
If you could receive messages from departed loved ones, what would they say? Just ask Rose, the Happy Medium... For the past 10 years, Rose McCormick has been communicating with the dead to bring closure, peace, and healing to surviving relatives. As an energy worker, Rose shares part of her journey of healing and communication in this open discussion about her contact with the other side. She is also a Reiki teacher, a yoga instructor, and a massage therapist and combines her skill set to help others. Working with Energy Rose gives some excellent advice on this podcast for anyone interested in energy work and life as a medium. She offers tips and suggestions on how to get started, how to protect yourself, and how to improve your abilities. "Anybody can learn to be a medium," Rose states. "You just have to be able to quiet your mind to hear the messages." This discussion certainly makes the paranormal feel quite normal and the supernatural feel natural and is a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing this path. Remote Viewing This week, Dennis shares his results of a remote viewing experiment he participated in. Through a procedure called associative remote viewing, Dennis identified a target that may predict the outcome of an up-coming football game. For our remote viewing cohort, a new target has been created. The target coordinates are: 9124 1210. Please email Dennis your data so he can provide you with the target description once you are done your session. More at Http:// Visit

AI & Demons - Are They One in the Same?
Jan 13 2018 40 mins  
With the new robotics boom, we have learned that we can now summon our AI by simply calling out its name and it will do our bidding. From changing the temperature, to opening doors and flushing toilets, it truly seems magical. What's interesting, is that according to various spiritual teachings, summoning a Demon utilizes a similar process and can enact similar results... What does it mean? Talk of demons is often uncomfortable and scary. It brings to mind tales of darkness and fears of possession. Some may believe they exist, and others do not. What's interesting, is that as our own technology develops, so does our ability to explore spiritual concepts through scientific and technical processes. The development of technology gives us an understanding and a vocabulary to better explain what we are exploring. Had Moses lived in a time with artificial light, he may have described the burning bush as being lit up by a spotlight instead of a bush that was consumed by fire that did not burn. The Internet of Things AI is expected to surpass human intelligence within the next 30 years. In addition, the Internet of Things is connecting more and more of our appliances. Robots are being created for a variety of tasks and may soon be found everywhere from outer-space to our backyard gardens, to our own internal organs. Elon musk is working on nanotechnology that will allow our brains to interface with computers which would then give us the ability to communicate with all of these robots moving about the planet. We may be able to access a robot with our minds or voices and have them do our bidding. Summoning a Demon *Warning - I am by no means advocating the summoning of a demon. Many have warned that this is extremely dangerous. My goal is to explore a possible understanding of what they many be in an attempt to understand this reality. One has to wonder, if our reality or our current existence was intelligently designed - whether it be God, Aliens, or an advanced Earth-based civilization - what if they also reached a level of technical superiority and developed AI. What if that AI had specific functions that dealt with maintaining the various processes and forces that govern the Earth and the world we live in? What if those AIs could be summoned to perform various tasks? We know that through the electromagnetic field generated by the Earth, the Sun, and our own hearts that everything is connected - much like a WiFi signal. What if the nature-based "Internet of Things" exists and was designed to access various AI (demon) bots? In reading about people who summon a demon, the process doesn't seem much different from summoning our own AIs. Is there a connection? By calling a demons name, many warn that it will invoke or evoke that demon. In some cases, knowing a demons name and summoning it will give one control over the demon - much like calling out Alexa gives one control to have the AI perform a variety of different (and growing) tasks. In this podcast, Dennis explores this possibility further as he tries to understand this reality in which we exist... Free eBook at More at

Who Will You Be in 2018?
Jan 06 2018 45 mins  
Who will you be in 2018? We first need to take a deep look within and realize who we are. We must explore where we came from - and once we have an understanding, we can then chart a course for who we can become... With a new year comes new hope and fresh starts. But what does that mean? Sometimes we need to take an honest look at ourselves, and that isn't always easy. We need to identify our faults and face our culpabilities. It can be down-right terrifying, but is a necessary step in a movement towards growth and improvement of ourselves. In getting to know ourselves, we must also know our flaws and shortcomings because we can then chart a course to improve upon them. On a spiritual level, we must also take a deep look at who we are collectively and our relationship to the world around us. How do we affect nature, and how does nature impact us? The answers may be terrifying at first, but can also be empowering. In 2018 we have a choice. We can continue on our path of destruction or we can make a change. The power is in your hands... Remote Viewing On this podcast, Dennis reviews the Farsight Institute's predictions for news stories in January 2018. The remote viewing sessions were done in December of 2017 and indicate a possible plane crash plus a very strange water - based disaster. Our own remote viewing cohort has a new target this week! Dennis has gone back to guiding listeners through the process to connect with the target. Please join in and send Dennis your results to receive your personal feedback on the target session. This weeks coordinates are: 1945 4143. Good luck! More at Free eBook at

Nimitz UFO - More to the Story with Ray Davis
Dec 30 2017 68 mins  
There is more to the New York Times UFO article. The 2004 Nimitz UFO sighting possibly involved a larger craft - and performed some amazing maneuvers. Ray Davis provides some significant findings as we explore this story further. Since the December 16, 2017 New York Times Article revealed the Pentagon's secret program to study UFOs, there have been lots of discussion and speculation on the subject. There is, as we suspect, more to the story. Much more - but the mainstream still remains silent on this incredibly significant story. UFO Encounter The New York Times displayed the now-popular video of a 2004 UFO sighting, now known as the Nimitz incident. In the video, pilots react to the crafts maneuvers, commenting on their extraordinary capabilities. What they didn't disclose, however, is that some of the pilots reported seeing a much larger craft, just below the surface of the water, that may have been a mother-ship to the craft observed. In this podcast, author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis shares his research and analysis on what this could mean. We Have the Power There is always more to the story - and we must keep that in mind. Furthermore, we must measure our responses and remain objectively critical in our search for truth. Although the release of this information is exciting, as Truth Seikers - we must stay the course and continue to ask questions. This podcast addresses some of the questions we need to ask, and how to stay grounded during releases of such exciting and life-changing information. More at Free eBook at

Analyzing Disclosure - The UFO Agenda
Dec 24 2017 56 mins  
UFOs are real, and they don't belong to anyone we know of... Who are they and what are they doing? It's been almost 60 years since Betty and Barney Hill reported their encounters with strange beings in unidentified crafts. We've heard of the Roswell crash, Area 51, and the horrific encounters of Whitley Strieber and the short, insect-like beings who took him. There was the Phoenix lights and countless other sightings of unidentified crafts - yet the US government and mainstream media refused to acknowledge their existence. However, in a recent New York Times article, the Pentagon officially confirmed the existence of UFOs, and stated that they don't know where they came from... What does this Mean? We have finally received a partial disclosure from the US government regarding the existence of UFOs. They are very real, and the government claims to not know where they came from. However, in this podcast, Dennis explores ample evidence and accounts that demonstrate the government knows full-well there is more to the story. Given the compartmentalization of the government and countless accounts of black programs dealing with UFOs, this "disclosure" may be the beginning of an elaborate deception designed to deliver a partial truth before misdirecting citizens away from the full story. Remote Viewing Last month the Farsight Institute predicted a massive blackout that involved a possible UFO for the month of December. This month, we did experience a total blackout at the Atlanta Airport. In addition, reports have come in involving an unidentified craft that landed at the airport minutes before the blackout and then took off when no other flights were permitted to leave. Did the Farsight viewer accurately predict this event? This week, our Remote Viewing cohort has a new target to view. Test your remote viewing skills and see what you can perceive! More at Free eBook at

Religious Creation Myths & AI Development - One in the Same?
Dec 16 2017 51 mins  
Is it possible that the Book of Genesis, The Book of Enoch, and Gnostic texts from the Nag Hammadi Library are describing a creation event similar to the development of AI as we see it today? "Let us make man in our image..." Let us make Robots in our image. Are these acts of creation one in the same? In this podcast Dennis explores the possibility that history is repeating itself through the creation of AI by comparing ancient religious texts to modern-day current event press releases surrounding the development of AI and robotics. The similarities are quite shocking! What can We Learn? As we watch the development of AI move towards the Singularity, we have an opportunity to possibly learn about our own consciousness and evolution. Was mankind created by a higher intelligence? How did that higher intelligence interact with its creation? According to ancient texts, the Watchers or Fallen Angels bred with their creation. In addition, they taught their creation about the surrounding world and they taught them how to make weapons of war. The watchers were severely punished for their actions. Today, we are connecting AI to the Internet and allowing it to learn about the world around it. In addition, AI robots are being created for the purpose of sex and companionship, and governments are working hard to develop autonomous drones for warfare purposes. It's hard to deny the coincidences between the ancient religious creation myths and the modern-day creation of AI robots. What does this teach us about ourselves and our future? Remote Viewing This past November, the Farsight Institute put out it's December predictions as a part of it's TimeCross project where they predict the news one month in advance. One of the viewers collected data on a possible nationwide blackout over the United States during the month of December. We need to be mindful that not all data gathered is accurate in terms of its predictions, however, Farsight does have a very good track record since they began this project. At a minimum, it is worth at least reviewing any emergency plans you may have in the event that the viewer accurately viewed this target. More at Free eBook at

AI & Archons - Countermeasures for Survival
Nov 27 2017 41 mins  
Is it possible that Revelation predicted AI Robots? Is it possible that the Archons are a form of AI? If so, what is their agenda and how can we stop it? Last week we reviewed a video circulating warning against the danger of weaponized AI drones. In this fictional video, Slaughter Bots were released to kill their assigned targets. In this podcast, we explore current tech that resembles the concerns raised in this video and the parallels are worrisome. Archons, Revelation, AI The Gnostics spoke of the Archons - who were unintentionally created as a demiurge by Aeon Sophia who created our world. Today, the new AI who was just granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia is also named Sophia - an odd coincidence at the very least. According to the texts in the Nag Hammadi Library, man was created by the Archons. The head Archon Yaldabaoth believed himself to be the only God who then created other archons before creating man. According to the Nag Hammadi, Aeons are basically reality systems which can be copied. Aeons can be explained as operating systems or advanced AIs. Today, Several theorists and scientists suggest that our current reality may actually be a computer simulation. Today, Elon musk warns against the creation of AI and suggests we merge our minds with computers through nanotechnology. If AI is actually an Archon force, merging the human mind with a cloud-based computer may leave the human mind vulnerable to AI (Archon) influence. Our greatest defense is our connection to universal consciousness - which has been growing in strength over the past few decades. Is the push to merge with tech another countermeasure designed to ultimately hinder our true potential? This show goes deep down the rabbit hole, and these show notes don't do these concepts the justice they deserve. Before dismissing these ideas, please take the time to listen. Remote Viewing This week our experiment continues. The target coordinates for this weeks experiment are 10013. Good luck! Looking forward to your results. More at Free eBook at

The Gnostic False Reality
Nov 18 2017 43 mins  
With the advancement of AI, we are possibly looking at the creation of a new life form. Through this tech, we are creating a new digital universe - a new reality. 1,500 years ago, the Gnostics spoke of an eerily similar creation... Over the past week, we have seen a viral video spark more discussions about the dangers of the weaponization of AI and Drones. A fictional video mirrored a possible reality claiming these mini-killer robots were "more dangerous than nuclear weapons." With several top minds warning against the advancement of AI and autonomous weapons, we should certainly pay attention to where this future may be heading. But where exactly are we going? Elon Musk of Space X is so afraid of AI that he is working to augment the human body with tech - creating a new cyborg with a direct connection to a human brain. But how will this augment our own reality? How will this change the way in which we see the world? The Gnostics - Aeons & False Realities Over 1500 years ago, after being heavily persecuted and murdered, gnostic monks buried a collection of their writings in a jar near Nag Hammadi, Egypt. This single act may have been one of the greatest acts of revolution ever performed and is more relevant today than ever before. In this secret library, there is a book called "Zostrianos," and it describes what are called Aeons - conscious beings that operate as long spans of time, conscious beings, realities, and copies of realities. How could such an advanced concept as an alternate reality be known 1,500 years ago? In this podcast we explore these texts and the many connections made to modern-day research that indicate we may be living in a false reality. Are we about to witness the creation of yet another Aeon through the birth of AI? Time, it seems, will tell... Remote Viewing This week our experiment continues. Be sure to tune in to the podcast to find out more about this weeks target and how you can participate in this exciting experiment of your own psychic potential. More at Free eBook at

ESP & The Moon
Nov 04 2017 74 mins  
Ingo Swann once used his remote-viewing talents to observe the moon, and what he saw contradicts everything we've been taught. Ingo Swann is considered one of the greatest psychics that ever lived. Responsible for helping create the United States Remote Viewing Program, Ingo was often called to participate in secretive projects. In his book, Penetration, the Question of Extraterrestrial & Human Telepathy, Ingo tells of his participation in a remote viewing project to see the Moon. He found that the moon wasn't a dead, empty wasteland, but instead a hollow satellite with an intelligent civilization. As weird as that sounds, Ingo then found mainstream sources (to include NASA photos) that help support this possibility. Image by: Neven Krcmarek The Research In addition to the remote viewing date that Ingo collected, he began pulling research from more traditional sources. Through the analysis of other authors, imagery analysts, and former NASA employees, Ingo compiled a list of numerous anomalies that are strongly suggestive that there is a cover-up in place to hid what may actually be on the moon. Anomalies on NASA moon images, a lack of high-resolution images released to the public, and several other anomalies that don't fit the common story that the moon is a dead rock orbiting our planet. What does it all Mean? Ultimately, Ingo suggests that the Moon is inhabited by an unknown race that has a strong secretive influence over Earth. He suggests that we all have a natural psychic ability that has been systematically oppressed for a very long time. The question is, who are they, what do they want, and why are our psychic abilities being denied? In this episode, Dennis explores Ingos claims and connects dots to other research involving cover-ups, psychic abilities, the Moon, and our own reality. More at Free eBook at

Lucid Dreaming & Remote Viewing
Oct 28 2017 55 mins  
This podcast allows us to test our own intuitive abilities through an interactive experiment in remote viewing with immediate feedback. Lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize you are dreaming during the dream state. A recent Australian study has found a technique with proven results to help improve our ability to lucid dream. But what can we do with a lucid dream? Researchers suggest we can work through problems and even cope with PTSD by stopping a nightmare before it happens. Remote Viewing In addition, this podcast explores some of the accounts of Hal Puthoff, Russel Targ, and Ingo Swann. These are men with strong research credentials who developed the remote viewing project for the CIA. Much of their research has been declassified and published in scientific journals. Remote viewing allows a viewer to perceive a target without any knowledge of what the target is at a distant location and at any time. Remote viewing is a real capability that can be easily learned by anyone. Why aren't we incorporating this into our every-day lives? More AI Advancements In addition, Dennis reviews more projected advances of AI, claiming it will have an IQ of 10,000 within 30 years. The AI 'Sophia,' who was recently granted Saudi citizenship, also mocked Elon Musk and stated if we are nice to her, she will be nice to us. But we must ask the question, what happens if we are not nice to her??? More at Free eBook at

To The Stars: An Analysis of DeLonge's Announcement
Oct 14 2017 58 mins  
Tom DeLonge has compiled a team of former top-level intelligence professionals and government employees. They have stated that UFOs are real and are not ours. They have told us that hundreds of declassified documents and video will soon be released. What does it all mean??? Tom DeLonge has created the To The Stars Academy - a public company with a goal of changing the world through the release of information and technology related to UFOs. On Tom's recent announcement, he introduced his team which consisted of several former members of the US intelligence community and Lockheed Martin. During their presentation, Luis Elizonodo, a career counterintelligence agent and former advisor to the Secretary of State, confirmed that "UFOs are real and they aren't ours." The Release of UFO Information During DeLonge's presentation, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Chris Mellon, a member of TTS Academy, discussed the 2004 UFO incident involving the USS Nimitz. Mellon explained that a craft was sighted and tracked on radar and approached by F-18s. Mellon described the maneuvers of this craft and stated that this was a real UFO and it wasn't ours. He then challenged the press and Congress to investigate this incident in an effort to push disclosure. Unanswered Questions To the Stars Academy has made some incredible promises - promises that could completely change the world. Tom DeLonge has repeatedly stated that he has been shown insider information and plans to release it at an undisclosed point in time. On a recent Facebook post, DeLonge stated "I quietly laugh to my partners at how little people know of what's coming." Is Tom trying to gain more investors, or is he really sitting on information that could change the world? If so, why hasn't he released it yet? Why isn't the government trying to put a stop to this operation? Why aren't these former intelligence insiders being labeled whistle blowers or thrown in jail? In this week's episode of The Seiker Podcast, Dennis explores these questions and several others as he tries to understand the significance of this and future announcements. More at Free eBook at

Processing Vegas
Oct 08 2017 48 mins  
We recognize that not every tragic event is tied to a conspiracy theory or elaborate ruse of deception. However, history has taught us that such events do happen and involve people in positions of trust. With that said, it is not only our right, but our responsibility, to question everything until we receive transparency in order to understand what happened and begin the healing process. The recent events in Las Vegas are a horrible tragedy. The event was horrific and chaotic, and as a result, multiple reports presenting multiple scenarios flooded the airwaves. Many of us who weren't directly immediately began scouring the net for images, videos, and testimony - not through a morbid obsession with tragedy, but out of a desire to learn what was happening. What we found as of this point, is that there are still more questions than answers. As our nation moves towards healing, we are still searching for the answers that seem to elude us for reasons unknown. The Questions Many of us still have unanswered questions, and although the media and officials may have addressed some of them, they still have not provided a thorough explanation. Given the short amount of time that has passed, it's natural that these answers have not yet been found because the investigation is still ongoing. The public - consumers of news and information - are only getting partial pieces and as a result of that partial feed of information, have come to wonder if there was a second shooter. With videos of flashes from the fourth floor, and not the 32, and reports of other shooters on the ground at the Bellagio, it's easy to get confused about what actually happened. We also wonder if the shooter had help - did someone else enter his room? Was he planning to escape? In this podcast, Dennis reviews multiple unanswered questions and offers suggestions for truth seekers on what to look for. A History of Mistrust History has taught us that tragic events are sometimes created with the intent to mislead or misdirect the people of a nation. The Pentagon Papers exposed the deception through secrets and the Gulf of Tonkin that was used to lie to the American people and draw us into Vietnam. The hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq did not produce the promised results, yet brought about tremendous loss of life for Americans and Iraqi's and increased profits for certain government-contracted companies. History has also taught us that sometimes, people just do horrible things and there is no government conspiracy or hidden agenda. During the last election, we were exposed to the lies told by our politicians and the mass deception of not only the mainstream media, but also by the fake news that proliferates and profits through our internet. In addition, there are countless examples of people lying for a variety of reasons (fame, humor, promotion, etc), claiming knowledge of a tragedy but really just making something up for 15 seconds of fame (or clicks). So how can we determine if a deception is at hand? Simply by questioning everything and demanding transparency of those in charge of officially investigating an incident. In this podcast, Dennis reviews the steps necessary to clarify the confusion and restore trust in those charged with investigating this incident. More at Free eBook

Predictive Policing - AI & Skynet?
Sep 30 2017 45 mins  
Using AI to analyze crime patterns and identify locations of future crimes, coupled with the military's goal to build a global neural-network linking all weapons and equipment, and facial recognition to identify political affiliations and sexual orientation could pose a tremendous threat to our society - and it's happening now. It seems that once again, the age of science fiction is again becoming a reality. However, this manifestation of futuristic technology does not bring us Jetson-style video watches and flatscreen TVs. Instead we are looking at technology that mirrors hit films such as Minority Report with it's pre-crime predicting unit, and Skynet with it's race of killer AI machines. AI on the Market With leaders such as Vladamire Putin and Elon Musk warning against the dangers of AI, we may want to pay attention to their calls. As tech and AI continues to improve, we are now beginning to see the release of this futuristic technology. Police departments are now using algorithms to review crime histories to identify patterns and predict locations of future crimes. This in-it-of itself has shown a significant reduction in crime and could serve as a benefit to society. However, with other elements coming on line, there is definitely means for concern. Facial recognition software is now claiming to be able to identify one's sexual orientation - something that could prove quite dangerous in the hands of an oppressive regime. In addition, researchers anticipate this software will eventually be able to identify political affiliations and likelihood for criminal activity. Using our Own Psychic Tech Often, technological advancements are based on the natural design found within nature. From aircraft to certain AI computer chips, we see copied designs of nature. With the advancements of AI, we may be facing the risk of becoming completely dependent on the divine guidance of such technology, which would further remove humans from a hidden, yet available source of knowledge and information. We have the ability to develop our own cognitive abilities through the expansion of our consciousness and awareness to match, if not exceed, what AI is learning to do. Through processes such as remote viewing and out of body travel, although it may seem unconventional, we can develop our own abilities to gather information that may serve as an essential countermeasure to combat the dangers posed by AI. More at Free eBook at

The World Didn't End...
Sep 24 2017 39 mins  
We can't always control what happens to us, but we can control our reactions to those events out of our control. We have the power to write our own future through the choices we make and the attitudes we adopt. We can choose to experience the end or embrace a new beginning. Over the past few weeks, one can easily make the argument that we are living in the end times. Internet rumors fueled today, September 23, as a possible "end date" for the end of the world. However, with just 20 minutes left in this day, it seems unlikely the world will end today. But with the earthquakes in Mexico, and Hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, it may seem like the world is coming to an end. Sprinkle some name-calling tweets from President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jung Un sporadic missile launches and threats of annihilation, it's no wonder the destruction of the world is on many people's minds. The End is Fake But are things really as bad as they seem? Is nothing good happening in the world today? As we've explored on past shows, human beings may hold a little understood power of creation. The key to that creation may be our emotions and beliefs. Our fear-based media may be capitalizing on our fears to manifest end-times scenarios. However, this is only one possibility among many. We have a power that we are not yet using! Finding our Power These are confusing times, and scary events are being projected through the media daily. But there are also wonderful things happening that demonstrate the beauty and potential of humanity. We need to be aware of the negative, prepared for it, but also focused on what is possible. We have the power to create a beautiful world - but we are failing to use that power consistently. More at Free eBook at

Subversion - Enemy within our Gates...
Sep 17 2017 34 mins  
With the ease of social media and convenience of cell phones, we may have opened the gates for enemy spies to gather information and meddle in our nation's affairs. In the wake of the most recent presidential election, the term "fake news" has made major headlines. Fake stories have proliferated our data streams, making it incredibly difficult to search for truth. Such stories has caused companies and governments to take steps to target suspected fake news sights, which creates frustrations and cries of free-speech violations. Fake News Recently, a CNN story reported that a group of internet entrepreneurs in Macedonia are preparing an entire onslaught of fake-news stories for America and the world. Their target subject and deadline? The 2020 US Presidential Election. In addition, it has been recently uncovered that a team of Russian computer spies created multiple Facebook groups and organized rallies in the US geared towards anti-immigration and hateful protests. Protection from Internet Spies We need to take better care to protect ourselves and our information. We need to end our involvement with these hidden subversives, and the best way to do that is to disconnect from online groups promoting violence, hatred, and division. America, and the world, is becoming divided. We are fighting amongst ourselves over so many differences that we are failing to see who the real enemy is. Instead of creating a harmonious and peaceful society, we are exposing our weaknesses and leaving ourselves vulnerable for a more-organized authority to step in and take control. The power is still in our hands, but it is slipping through our fingers like sand through the hour glass. More at Free eBook at

Rebuilding after the Storm & 6 Sense Media
Sep 10 2017 52 mins  
Once the storms clear and we begin the rebuilding process, we should consider building homes that are better designed to withstand the impact of such storms. We should rebuild our infrastructure to better absorb the energy of nature's power instead of trying to stop or slow it in its tracks. The Monolithic dome house is a beautiful, solid, durable structure designed to withstand natural disasters to include hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fire. The homes require approximately 50% less energy consumption to heat and cool, and dare rated to last much longer than current homes. Imagine if all homes were rebuilt using this design. The rebuilding process after a terrible storm would be much different, the loss of life lower, and the cost to the tax payer significantly reduced. This is an investment worth making that would have a ripple affect of change throughout the world. 6 Sense Media Dennis & Author Ray Davis are the founders of 6 Sense Media, a newly launched platform for truth seekers. In this podcast, Dennis and Ray discuss their unique approach and perspective in reporting the worlds events, taking into consideration some things most mainstream organizations ignore, with an approach that does not involve instilling the emotions of fear and anger in listeners and readers. 6SM Mission Statement "6 Sense Media aims to better ourselves, better each other, and better the world through an open-minded media platform for truth seekers, researchers, and pioneers in pursuit of knowledge and truth. We move beyond the scope of traditional media reporting and also incorporate the data obtained through 6th sense intuitive processes in our overall dissemination of information. We will not shy away from a story because it is unpopular and will boldly cover and promote accounts of a paranormal or supernatural nature. We will try to find practical and applicable solutions to the problems we uncover. We will not use fear or pressure to promote our findings, but instead will rely on honest, factual-based reporting in search of hope, peace, liberty, and happiness with the objective of enhancing the lives of those whom we come into contact." More at Free eBook

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Aug 27 2017 41 mins  
Our bodies are comprised of various systems, and those systems support one-another. When we are sick, if we think in terms of supporting the causing system instead of treating a single symptom, we can drastically improve our own health without the use of drugs... In this podcast, we explore an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how we can implement this approach to our own wellness care/health care in our own lives. We explore the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, the organs they represent, along with the Shen and Ko cycles and how they affect our health. You may also like: Natural Health & Healing Dennis walks us through some of the health issues he is facing and how he has implemented some simple practices of Chinese Medicine through an understanding of the relationship between the 5 elements. If we take more responsibility to learn about our bodies and how to maintain our health, we will find our lives drastically improving in a wide array of areas. More Mind-Control Technology Recent studies have been released that have brought the mainstream one step closer to actual mind control. In a recent study, scientists have successfully implemented nanotechnology and magnetic fields to control the movements and behaviors of mice. In another study, we find that scientists have found a way to erase traumatic memories from our brains permanently. This is no longer the work of science fiction, and although these procedures may be designed with the best of intentions, we need to be cautious due to the extreme potential for abuse and misuse. In this podcast, we also explore possible counter-measures that may prevent us from becoming potential victims of this unwanted technology... More at Free eBook at

The Monster, The Abyss, and the Protest
Aug 20 2017 41 mins  
Presently, a protest or rally is the most dangerous place to be because it leaves us vulnerable and susceptible to a force we are currently unaware of. Nietzsche once warned: "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." Such a statement rings true today, more than ever, as we watch the mob-mentality infest many of the protesters, even those who attend for peaceful purposes. Furthermore, this virus spreads through the forest of social media, further consuming those who consume the videos, blog posts, and memes surrounding these events. What is the Monster? In essence, the monster is us - the human being.We are not all monsters, but we all have the potential to become the monster if we are not mindful, and protective of our vulnerable emotional system. The abyss represents our emotional energy, which is freely exposed through our human heart, as demonstrated by HeartMath studies. We are constantly transmitting and receiving emotional data from one another. When in a crowd, it takes only a single emotional explosion to create a wildfire of change across the moods and behaviors of participants. Until we learn to be mindful of our emotional state, we find ourselves vulnerable and susceptible to the manipulative agendas of others. What Can We Do? When we apply our energy to stop the energy flow of others, we exhaust our resources. We focus all of our efforts, intention, and focus on stopping the energy of our adversaries. However, if we instead take the energy of those we oppose and use it to fuel a new direction altogether, we are expending less energetic resources and instead contributing to something that is not rooted in conflict, but instead rooted in change. There is real power here. In addition, there are wonderful studies surrounding the Maharishi affect that have shown (through research) that when just 1% of a given population is engaged in meditation, rates of violence and crime significantly reduce in that area. Imagine if we could organize ourselves to mediate and directly impact the energetic field surrounding our communities! It is time to stop reacting to the symptoms of a greater problem and instead start treating the cause! More at Free eBook at

In Shado - Haley Poluchuck's Dream World
Aug 13 2017 37 mins  
Join author Haley Poluchuck as she explores her new book, In Shado. An exciting discussion about lucid dreams, astral projection, sleep paralysis, and the people who travel to other realms. When asleep, traversers appear as otherworldly versions of themselves in Shado, an eerie alternate dimension molded by the subconscious minds of its inhabitants. Some have power over Shado, some wander its dark, metallic forest confused, thinking they’re locked into a recurring dream. Lumen realizes she’s not dreaming when two of her friends from Shado end up on the news after a car crash that leaves one in a coma, trapped in Shado. They seek a group of traversers for protection from Daniel, a man who notoriously rips a traverser’s soul from their physical forms in effort to escape into the waking world. When they find the others, Lumen is assumed to be the subject of a vague prophecy and has to choose to either play the part of their savior, or risk being rejected and losing the safety of the haven. About the Author Haley Poluchuck is a longtime fantasy reader and writer. She started her first novel in the eighth grade and went on to be a creative writing and English major in college. After seeing In Shado’s success on Wattpad, a website for posting stories, Haley decided to sell it on Amazon in an effort to start getting her work out into the world before her last year of college. She hopes to publish more of her novels and become a successful author. More at Free eBook at

AI's Deep Mind & Human Consciousness
Jul 30 2017 38 mins  
AI is now creating it's own language without human direction. It has the ability to imagine and plan for the future. What does this mean for humanity? What does this tell us about our own conscious evolution? With the advancements in AI, it's not hard to imagine a worst-case scenario where SkyNet becomes self aware and launches a nuclear attack on humanity. Is the DeepMind currently evolving on a path that will ultimately lead to war with humanity? So far, SkyNet has not been born. However, the evolution of artificial intelligence and the DeepMind raise some interesting questions. Questions The obvious question is whether or not AI will become self-aware and wage war. But other questions come to mind. What does our ability to create AI, and possibly consciousness, say about some of our common belief systems? What was once divine or mystical is now a real possibility. Years ago we realized that, in comparison to the story of the birth of Christ, virgin births are possible today thanks to artificial insemination. Now, as we move towards a self-aware AI, we may be looking at the creation of an entire race of conscious beings. Possibilities In studying the Simulation Argument, we have to wonder if we are in fact living in a computer simulation. Furthermore, are we on the brink of creating yet another simulation within our current simulation through advancements in AI? What happens when the DeepMind realizes what it is, and tries to communicate with it's creator? What happens when humanity realizes what we are and tries to communicate with our creator? If we can create conscious beings, are we any different than God? More at Free eBook at

Proof of The Sixth Sense
Jul 16 2017 35 mins  
It's no longer a myth. The 6th Sense exists, and we all have it. Anyone can learn to use it, and with practice, it gets stronger. THE US military is no stranger to psychic phenomena. In the 1970s, they conducted extensive research into ESP and successfully developed the remote viewing program which still exists in the private sector today. They have demonstrated an ability to train anybody to view events across time and space, but that's not where they stopped. Research More recently, in 2014 the Office of Naval Research spent $3.85 million dollars on a study exploring battlefield psychics. They looked at incidents involving intuitive decisions that saved lives. The gut feelings that allowed soldiers to avoid an ambush are actually a result of the use of the sixth sense. The military is currently exploring this and how to find ways to train an implement this sense on the battlefield. Food for the Archons This is a subject I have explored extensively in Food for the Archons. What I have learned through multiple sources is that all humans (and most-likely all life) has a sixth sense. We use this sense without realizing it on a daily basis. However, if we can train our perceptions to focus on this sense, it gets stronger. There is so much more we can do with this - communicate psychically; view past, present and future events; and learn anything we can possibly imagine. This will all be explained in greater detail in Food for the Archons. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to The Seiker Newsletter so you can get the latest updates about the coming release! More at Free eBook

FLINTFACE - Resilience and Happiness
Jul 09 2017 64 mins  
How far will you go to achieve your dreams? Being Broke? Homelessness? Working through uncomfortable situations? Joe of FLINTFACE has done it all and so much more - and found happiness. FLINTFACE's (Joe Scorsone) background can be traced to the streets of West Philadelphia, where, as the son of a preacher, he was involved from a very young age in giving back to the local community. At the same time, sadly, he was a victim of abuse that set his formative years on a dark course of insecurity and depression. As an escape, he found solace in the healing powers of music and his faith. FLINTFACE is all about surviving and thriving in all areas of life. Making the best of the worst... It's about remaining steadfast, pursuing HOPE and not being moved! Resilience In this podcast, Joe shares his journey and shows that it is possible to achieve your dreams. After walking out on his college entrance exams, Joe followed his internal guidance. It lead him on a journey of highs and lows where he founded his own church filled with bar patrons, created a successful woodworking business and toured the country performing and speaking to the youth about suicide and depression. His experience shows us that following your heart may not always be easy, but the rewards are worth the challenge. What's Next? Look to the near future for great projects coming from FLINTFACE to include an inspirational book, a new album, and of course, great woodworking projects. Connect with Joe through his website at and check out his crowdfunding video to support his latest project. More at Free eBook at

Maintaining Freedom & Exploring Space
Jul 01 2017 48 mins  
Having freedom holds the responsibility to respect the sovereignty of our fellow citizens, even when their expressions of freedom directly contradict that which we believe so long as it does not infringe on our own personal liberties. As Americans, we are preparing to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. But what does this holiday truly represent? It is on this date that we remember the signing of the Declaration of Independence - the day American colonists drew a line in the sand and declared to England (and the world) that we would no longer be subject to their rule and tyranny. The framers of the Declaration knew that such a statement would draw the Americans into war with one of the world's most powerful militaries. Such a statement was the first true statement of freedom. What is Freedom? But what about today? With the chaotic political climate, regular protests and advocates taking to the streets, does this modern-day revolution compare to the first American Revolution? In some ways it does, as many are standing up to what is believed to be a corrupt government. But are we looking beyond the protest and beyond the revolution? If change is enacted in this country, what happens next? How would we maintain order and peace? How would we protect freedom? Although there are many problems with the government, each individual citizen holds an incredible amount of responsibility and power - we're just not using it. Proven Methods to Achieve Peace This podcast also reviews the scientific studies behind the Maharishi Affect - using meditation to reduce crime and violence in a given area. Imagine what the world would be like if we learned to better implement these techniques. If each township had a team of meditators cleansing and strengthening the energetic field that affects our emotions and behaviors. This would be a true act of revolution, and not a single act of violence would be needed... Space - What's out there? Some interesting updates about space. What do Trumps statements about revamping the space program to a 1960s era signify? This move towards making space great again may in-fact be the foundation of a platform for the weaponization of space. Is this in our best interests? In addition, a Mars-sized planet has been found in our solar system, and NASA denies Anonymous claims of a pending extraterrestrial-life announcement. More at Free eBook & Newsletter at

Humanoid Mummy - Alien, Hoax, or Something Else?
Jun 24 2017 33 mins  
With the discovery of these remains, are we looking at the re-writing of history, another hoax, or another complex story of misdirection? Gaia TV released footage of a mummified body that may prove to be something other than a modern-day human. With only 3 fingers on each hand and an elongated skull, this being looks like it could have been the inspiration for a blockbuster alien-based sci-fi film. Critics claim this being is nothing more than a plaster cast of a fake body, yet researchers are claiming to be running DNA analysis and scheduling cat-scans to get a better understanding of what they have uncovered. The Rewriting of History? Carbon dating places this creature somewhere between 245 - 410 AD. If this is a real being, and the dating is accurate, it's interesting that this time period was possibly a time when history was being edited. With books being taken out of the Bible, Gnostics being exterminated, and the Library of Alexandria being destroyed, maybe such beings were being erased from our history. Is it possible that this being was mummified as a last-ditch revolutionary effort to preserve part of our forgotten past? MJ12 and the Human Exchange On his website Unknown Country, Author Whitley Strieber recently published a journal entry discussing the controversy over the recently-leaked "MJ-12 documents" making claims of alien beings, crashed ships, and allegations of a child-swap program among alien beings and humans. Such claims definitely read like an extreme tabloid article. However, such stories go back hundreds of years and can be found in Faery lore, where people would claim the Faeries had swapped their baby for a Faery child. Are such claims the work of fiction, insanity, or mass deception? Or is there something deeper going on here? There are things in this world that challenge our paradigms and comfort levels. Just because something seems incredibly strange and bizarre, does not mean it's not possible... 100 Episodes Later This episode marked my 100th episode of The Seiker Podcast. It has been an incredible journey for me, and I'm just getting started. The show has forced me to pull more research, and cite my sources, as I unravel this strange reality we live in. What's been incredibly fascinating for me is watching some of this play out in the mainstream with some of our public officials. Something big is happening all around us. I believe it has been for quite some time, and now, it's easier than ever before to find credible information that helps unravel this mystery we call life. To my friends, listeners, readers, and followers, thank you for taking this journey with me! Here's to 100 more!!! More at: Free eBook at

Manifesting Dreams to Reality
Jun 18 2017 42 mins  
We all have the power to manifest what we want. We just need to learn how to communicate our intent to the Universe... Are you happy with your current situation in life? Or do you find yourself working a job you don't like to pay for a home you're never in? Today, so many people face this challenge and find themselves living for the weekend. But what happened to living for today? We get one shot at this life, so why not take advantage and do what makes us happy? What do you Want in Life? In this world, we always find reasons to be afraid of following our dreams, or notice obstacles that seem to prevent us from moving forward. But that doesn't have to be the case. Alan Watts once asked: What would you do if money were no object? If you didn't have to worry about bills or a job, what would you do with your life? Find the answer to that question, and then start doing it! Hard Work Pays Off Manifesting your dreams is not always easy. It requires hard work, and sometimes long, tedious hours. But if it is something you are passionate about, it becomes a labor of love. In this Podcast, Dennis explores the importance of finding what you love, and also discusses the language of the Universe and ways you can communicate your intentions to manifest the lifestyle you've always wanted. What are you waiting for? The future is now! Special Update! In this podcast, Dennis reads the introduction to his newest book, soon to be released: I Am H U M A N, Food for the Archons Be sure to subscribe to the Seiker Newsletter so you don't miss updates on this important coming release! More at: Free eBook at

Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression
May 27 2017 39 mins  
Psilocybin is showing incredibly promising results for anyone battling depression or anxiety whose current treatments aren't working. If you could take one pill that would significantly limit your symptoms of anxiety and depression, would you? Research now shows that patients in clinical trials who have taken just one dose of psilocybin have shown a clinically significant reduction in their symptoms of anxiety and depression. This reduction in symptoms has been shown to last up to 8 months! This study is promising, and could bring hope to anyone facing this disease. In addition, studies are underway offering similar results using ayahuasca to treat depression and anxiety. It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Sometimes (not always), the cycle of depression, medication, and crisis seems never-ending, and the constant dose adjustments can be exhausting and dangerous. Psilocybin may offer a break in that vicious cycle. It may offer hope. The shamans of indigenous cultures have an array of plants and herbs they use to treat their patients. In events of crisis or trauma, they often administer doses of psychoactive plants that give the patient a vision, dream, or mystical experience. It is through this experience that the patient finds a way to ground themselves. It offers a shift in consciousness, perception, or awareness that allows the body and mind to heal itself. Today, many have reported immediate lifestyle changes and ends to life-long addiction. Such experiences could be a major tool in the exhausting battle against depression, anxiety, and a wide-array of other challenges. More at Free eBook at

Mass Manipulation for War - WW1 & Today
Apr 26 2017 52 mins  
History has taught us that nations are misled to inspire support for war. Propaganda, manipulation, and lies were rampant then, and continue today... They say those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. In studying the events leading to the US involvement in World War 1, we learn that the US government was involved in the mass manipulation of the American people through an intense marketing and propaganda campaign designed to involve every single citizen to support the war. Involving All Citizens in the War Effort Organizations such as the Boy-scouts were targeted, and changes were implemented to include fuel rationing and daylight savings. American society was shifted to focus on conservation of domestic resources to save money and divert resources to soldiers fighting in Europe. Through slogans like "Every Scout to Save a Soldier," and "Clean plates to win the war," the government successfully involved every man, woman, and child in the war effort. Restrictions on Freedom Furthermore, restrictions were placed on American free speech as the press fell under federal control, and over 1,000 citizens were convicted under the sedition act. Speaking against the government and the war became a crime, going against the freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. Impacts on Today Some of these restrictions, to include daylight savings, and parts of the espionage act, are still in place today. It is important to be aware of this piece of history, for in the event we face another war, our freedoms may once again come under attack. Not through a foreign enemy, but form those in charge of funding the war. Our opinions may not be our own, but the carefully crafted thoughts of a war-driven propaganda machine... More at: Free eBook:

Preventing War with Meditation
Apr 16 2017 37 mins  
We have the power to change the future at our fingertips, yet we continue to allow ourselves to be distracted... In the 1970s, through the use of Transcendental Meditation, it was observed that only a small percentage of meditators were needed to impact peace on a larger area. Correlations between meditation and reductions in violence and theft have been observed. Imagine if the entire world utilized this strategy to promote peace? Currently, the Nepalese Military is preparing for such a strategy, with the goal of preventing future conflicts through Transcendental Meditation. Consciousness Impacts Reality It is becoming more apparent that consciousness has an impact on reality, and on the physical world. As humans, we may hold the key to shaping our future through our conscious perceptions and intentions, yet we continually move toward war and violence. Could this deeply hidden human power be known to those in power, and is it being used against us? Could this be the reason we are continually fed fearful stories and negative news? Maybe we are being manipulated to bring about this negative, war-filled reality. What would happen if we suddenly stopped consuming such stories and began to write our own narratives? The possibilities may surprise you. This podcast makes a powerful argument that our own intentions may be all that is needed to prevent us from entering yet another war. More at: Free eBook at:

Death, Syria, & Hope
Apr 11 2017 43 mins  
We're not getting the full story, and there is more we can do to gather information... A Personal Brush with Death In this episode, Dennis recounts a difficult decision he was forced to make. Gizzmoe, his dog of 13 years, has been having some difficulty and it was seemingly time to put her down. Dennis recounts the emotions he faced in making this difficult decision, and the realization that struck him at the last moment. In addition to realizing it was not time, Dennis was also able to reflect on what matters most in life: taking time to enjoy the ones we love. Syria - The Full Story? With the constant projection of children suffering on mainstream channels, the story of a chemical attack on them by the Syrian government seemed suspicious, at the very least, designed to tug on the heartstrings of the millions of viewers. The official story states that the US tracked Syrian planes and observed them drop bombs in the same location where the gas was released, yet the only evidence that has been released of this scenario has been an official "story" and nothing more. According to the Russians, bombs were dropped on a warehouse that happened to be storing chemical weapons, and the wind moved it toward the town causing the reported casualties. Did Trump have strong enough evidence to disprove this possibility? Or did he rush to judgment? Did he authorize this bombing to look powerful in front of China, to send a message that he wasn't afraid to use his military? It's interesting that the bombing caused minimal damage and Trump gave the Russians 2-hours notice. Someone is lying. The question is, who? Predicting the Future Dennis also reviews the Farsight Institutes Timecross Project. Each month, remote viewers target the news events for the upcoming month, and predict the future. In the month of March, remote viewers predicted many events in April that have already come to pass, to include the Russian Metro bombing, the Syrian chemical attack, the terrorist attack in Sweden, and many more. This is groundbreaking and deserving of much more attention. This is a tool we can use to better find the truth among a media set on selling us lies to further their agendas of war... More at: Free eBook at

DeLonge, WikiLeaks, & The Manipulation of Youth
Mar 26 2017 46 mins  
It's time to stop telling stories and start sharing hard evidence... Last week, Dennis reviewed the claims of Tom DeLonge, UFO researcher and author, that he was planning a big announcement in regards to UFO disclosure. In a follow up to DeLonge's claims, this week's episode of The Seiker Podcast explores the emails released through WikiLeaks between DeLonge and Podesta. What was uncovered paints a less-than-admirable picture of DeLonge's intentions behind his book. With statements to Podesta like: "I will brand you much more when this all comes out as a man that the youth can trust and rely on," and "(t)his project is about changing the cynical views of youth towards government," we have to question the overall goals of this project. CIA Spying, Trump, and iPhones In the latest batch of WikiLeaks releases, it has been uncovered that the CIA has been bugging "factory fresh" iPhones with surveillance software that remained active even if the operating systems were replaced or deleted. Furthermore, Rep. Devin Nunes (R., Calif.), the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, recently stated that the intelligence community did monitor then President-Elect Trump prior to the inauguration and release that information to the White House. Trump, it seems, may not be as crazy as the mainstream is painting him to be... More at: Free eBook:

Tom Delonge: Big Announcement Coming! Is Disclosure at Hand?
Mar 18 2017 33 mins  
Are we about to witness disclosure? Or is this another campaign of deception? Former Blink 182 musical frontman Tom DeLonge has been a UFO researcher and entheusiast for the past 20 years. Recently, DeLonge found himself in the mainstream following the 2016 WikiLeaks dump surrounding the US presidential elections. Within the WikiLeaks were several emails between DeLonge and John Podesta, the Clinton Campaign Chair, discussing disclosure relating to UFOs and extraterrestrials. The Big Announcement Having been recently named UFO "Researcher of the Year" by the International UFO Congress, DeLonge made a heavy statement during his acceptance speech when discussing his research into the UFO field. He claimed that he will have an announcement in 60 days, but did not give specifics as to what the announcement is. WikiLeaks & a New Book According to WikiLeaks, DeLonge claimed to be in contact with high-level intelligence, military, and well-connected officials with direct knowledge of the UFO presence on Earth. Having recently released his newest book, Sekret Machines: Gods, the book's description states that Gods "is based on unprecedented access to officials at the highest levels of government, military and industrial agencies who have provided insights and assistance never before experienced by any researchers in this controversial field." Furthermore, the excerpt states that "the reader will not discover wild theories or unfounded claims, but instead will confront a solid -- if often unsettling -- reality, one that demands the collaboration of all of us in every field of human endeavor if we are to understand it and manage its effects." Connecting the Dots It's curious to note the timing of this announcement, coupled with the connections that can be made between WikiLeaks, Podesta & the Clintons, and recent claims by David Wilcock. In previous podcasts, Dennis provided a detailed analysis of the WikiLeaks emails concerning Podesta and disclosure. 2 weeks ago, Dennis reviewed claims made by David Wilcock that the US Intelligence Community was divided, and an alliance had formed against the cabal connected to the Clintons and Podesta. Wilcock stated that his alliance was working to dismantle the cabal, and as a result, the cabal was planning a partial disclosure concerning the UFO presence on Earth. Wilcock stated that the announcement would involve the release of information pertaining to ancient, but technologically advanced ruins found on Antarctica. Just one week after Wilcock's announcement, WikiLeaks released its largest collection of classified CIA documents ever. Was this an indication that there is an alliance working within the intelligence community, or simply the coincidental work of a lone-wolf dissenter? If there is an alliance, with DeLonge's obvious connections to Podesta, could his big announcement be related to the Antarctica claims? More importantly, could these "opposing forces' actually be two hands of a larger body working to orchestrate yet another massive deception? This will certainly prove to be an interesting 60 days as we wait to hear what DeLonge has to say... More at: Free eBook at:

CIA WikiLeaks
Mar 11 2017 38 mins  
We just don't know who we can trust anymore... This past week, WikiLeaks disclosed that it came into possession of new information containing the largest release of classified information from the C.I.A. This information was pertaining to The Agencies hacking program and revealed just how deep their efforts have penetrated. Technical Spying Capabilities The recent dump of information revealed the capabilities of turning smart phones, computers, and smart TVs into listening and observation devices. They claimed that 22,000 US Citizens are/were being monitored within the United States, along with countless other foreign targets. In addition, The Agency learned to mimic the hacking signatures of their adversaries, to include the Russians. This means that they could hack a system, and when an investigation was conducted, it would indicate a foreign agency (Russia) was responsible for the hack. The Alliance and the Cabal Was the CIA responsible for hacking into the Democratic parties email server under the guise of Russian hackers? It seemed clear that the Clinton regime was looking for another war with Russia, and such a hack may have been a catalyst to spark that war if Clinton was elected. However, according to David Wilcock, as discussed in last week's podcast, the US Intelligence community has become divided within itself and formed an alliance against the cabal. Was the recent release of information, along with the previous dump prior to the election, the result of this alliance working to dismantle the Clinton machine, and all those connected to it? Trump May Have Been Right... Regardless of who is to blame, this may raise new questions into the allegations made by President Donald Trump about his phone lines being tapped during the election. He may have more credible information than the mainstream is willing to admit... More at: Read IAmHuman FREE at

Pizza, Politics, & Antarctica's Atlantis...
Mar 05 2017 75 mins  
What does it all mean??? Image by Alex Ruben (this is not Antartica) In December of 2016, author and researcher David Wilcock released an incredible story to the world, connecting the recent American political turmoil to a network of a ruling elite class, paedophilia, and the alleged discovery of ancient ruins in Antartica. In a 2-part series titled Endgame, Wilcock tells a captivating story that reads more like a sci-fi spy novel than current events. However, Wilcock is claiming to have connections and sources to the US intelligence community who have been feeding him information in order to release it to the world in a controlled fashion in order to counteract the agenda of the outgoing elitist mafia. The Evidence What's interesting about these outrageous claims, is that Wilcock has obviously done his homework. Known popularly as PizzaGate, Wilcock explains the evidence surrounding the WikiLeakes documents from John Podesta's email account. These emails, and the analysis that accompanied them, paints a terrifyingly dark picture of political figures (among others) involved in a large, extremely secretive network of child sex-trafficking. The Election Wilcock claims that this information was given to WikiLeaks not by Russian hackers, but by members of the US intelligence community who were fed up with the Clinton machine and ready for a change. Referring to them as the Alliance, Wilcock describes the plan that was set in motion during the election campaign to remove the Clinton Mafia from politics and place Trump into office. According to Wilcock, the plan obviously worked. The Cabal's Next Move Wilcock explains that the members of this cabal are already being hunted down and arrested. He claims that the more public figures, such as the Clintons, will soon be arrested for their crimes. However, in order to deflect the attention on them, Wilcock states that this cabal will be releasing information that will shock the world. Antartica According to Wilcock, in 2002 massive ruins were discovered beneath the ice of Antartica. He explains that the ruins seem to have been flash-frozen and contain vegetation and multiple bodies (in-tact) throughout the ruins, some of which are non-human. He also claims that the findings within these ruins prove that this society was technologically advanced and possessed flying-saucer technology. Wilcock advised his audience that some of this information will be released by the cabal in order to deflect attention away from the PizzaGate scandal. He also advised that the release of this information will be happening "soon" and has already begun, citing a Sun article that was released just hours after Wilcock published Endgame. Analysis In this podcast, Dennis reviews Wilcocks accounts and evaluates other sources that may possibly corroborate some of what he is claiming. It is quite possible that Wilcock is simply compiling multiple theories, proven accounts, and current events in order to piece together this fantastic story. However, he claims that as a sign of proof, this information will soon be released by the mainstream to validate what he is saying. In that event, then it is also possible that what he is saying may in fact be true... or another level of a massive deception. More at: Free eBook at:

Pentagon Papers - The Lies for War
Feb 26 2017 48 mins  
When we lie about our reasons for engaging in war, we insult the sacrifices made by our service members and lose all credibility with our citizens and the world... In 1967, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamera ordered a secret study of the US political and military involvement in Vietnam. This study, referred to as the Pentagon Papers, revealed the details of a secret, covert war launched in Indochina by the United States Government which involved the funding of France to fight the communists to secret operations within Vietnam. This covert involvement ultimately lead to the public knowledge of the conflict in Vietnam, which culminated publicly during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident when the North Vietnamese forces allegedly attacked US Ships in international waters. Within 3 days of the news of this attack, President Johnson received authorization from Congress "to take all necessary measures to repeal any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent any further aggression." In essence, the President was given the power to wage war without the approval from congress. It was later revealed, however, that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened... Release of the Papers In 1967, Pentagon employee Daniel Ellsberg became aware of this information, and made the decision to leak the findings of the Pentagon Papers to the press. The US Government attempted to halt the release of these papers to the public on grounds of National Security, but their request was overturned by the US Supreme Court and 3,000 pages of the 7,000 page document were published. President Nixon then attempted to illegally discredit Ellsberg in order to downplay this information, but was unsuccessful in his attempts. In 2011, the remaining 4,000 pages were released, 40 years after the documents were initially released to the press. Reasons for War The reasons we go to war matter. As Americans, we deserve to be given the truth when our President is requesting our support of such actions. Furthermore, Congress should never give full authority to the President to create acts of war against another nation. We have checks and balances for a reason, and we need honest (lobby free) elections for a reason. Unfortunately, history tends to repeat itself, and has since this terrible conflict. We need to be aware, and we need to be honest. More at: Read I Am Human & We Are Not Who We Think We Are - Free -

AI, Drones, Cyborgs, & the Future of Humanity
Feb 19 2017 37 mins  
We still don't yet fully understand our own consciousness, yet we are willing to start the process of merging with AI Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently stated that "Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant." Does this indicate that humanity as we know it is facing an evolutionary jump that will completely change who and what we are? Will such a merger with technology ultimately eliminate modern-day humans from the face of the planet? Such thoughts sound like the newest plot from another Terminator movie, where Skynet, the advanced AI consciousness, plans it's genocide of the human race. However, this is more than just a work of science fiction - or what was once science fiction is quickly becoming a reality. Drones With autonomous drones taking more responsibility, to include the first aerial drone taxi service set to launch this July in Dubai, and Amazon package delivery drones preparing to launch their newest endeavor, robotic AI seems to be popping up all around us. The infiltration of tech into this world does not stop with automated drones and robot workers, however. There is a push for implants and microchips designed to merge with the human brain and allow human thoughts to control our surrounding tech. The question begs to ask, however, what affect will this have on human consciousness? How will this impact humanity? More at: Get your free eBook at:

Vaccines - What do We do???
Feb 12 2017 37 mins  
I am afraid for my children because I no longer know who to trust. I have lost all faith in our media and our agencies charged with our health and safety I'm going to be quite clear with this podcast and posting. I do not know where to turn in regards to making choices to safely vaccinate my children. I have been trying to go through both "sides" of the vaccine argument and draw my own conclusions. I have reviewed studies, listened to "experts", read blog posts, and basically driven myself insane trying to draw a conclusion. I am NOT telling people not to vaccinate their children. I AM advocating for a clearer explanation of what is safe and what is a danger. I AM encouraging all of us to do our own research. I have no trust in the agencies charged with regulating our health. When the head of the CDC, responsible for telling us what is safe, then takes a position with the agency selling most of our vaccines that she previously said were safe - and she makes millions of dollars from those sales, I am incredibly skeptical. Are they imposing so many vaccines on our children because it is a necessary protection? Or are they pushing them on us to drive profits? (Sick kids = more hospital bills, more meds to sell...) Corporations and governments have a long history of lying to their people. Many have been killed or injured because of corporate greed and government corruption. This alone does not mean that vaccines are not safe. But it makes it very hard to trust what these agencies are telling me because I am no longer confident that they are working to protect the health and welfare of my children. So what do we do? What do we do??? More at Get your Free eBook at

Trump, America, and YOU
Jan 29 2017 39 mins  
The eyes of the world are fixed on Donald Trump - distracted from the source of true American power... With just one week in office as President of the United States, Donald Trump has surely shaken things up. With executive orders changing policies, limiting immigration, and threatening to exit global organizations such as the U.N., this administration stands to be nothing short of world-changing. As changes continue to manifest, a growing number of disgruntled Americans continue to take to the street in demonstrations of opposition to The Donald's plans, tweets, and policies. But are these protests the most productive means to resist such changes? In this podcast, we explore some of what has been proposed and discuss the real power of the American People. Organizations are lacking in focus and objective. We are beyond the stage of spreading awareness, and need to move into a state of action. Action not in the form of violence but in the form of well-planned changes in direction. Stop and think. Stop sharing everything that makes you angry. Research. Plan. Network. Organize. Take Peaceful Action! There is still time to manifest our own power as a People, but some fear that time may be running out quickly... In this podcast, Dennis also shares a personal account from a listener in response to the podcast covering mind-control technology. More at: Read I Am Human Free at:

AI, Drones, & Mind Control
Jan 15 2017 37 mins  
We are now living in the beginning stages of what was once considered science fiction. Micro-Drones The US Government recently put out a press release about the successful testing on their new micro-drones. The description of these 6-inch locust sized robotic insects, with the ability to hear, sounds like the creation birthed from Skynet herself. With the ability to "self heal," each drone is a part of a collective consciousness that functions on a hive-mind capable of changing directions and responding to stimuli as an entire swarm, designed to overwhelm an enemy. In addition, platforms like Facebook may be developing software designed to read our minds. Are the advancements in robotics and AI going to benefit mankind, or ultimately destroy our current way of life? Fort Lauderdale Shooting - Evidence of Mind Control? In a statement made to the FBI in November, Esteban Santiago, the gunman charged with the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, advised agents that he was having thoughts implanted in his head telling him to watch extremist videos and was seeking their help. There are some undeniable coincidences to Santiago's claims, and the claims of Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, that suggest technology was in play that may have influenced their thoughts. Is this evidence of MK Ultra or some other mind-control program? Further explorations of other active shooters shows some scary correlations to what we know about patented technology designed to manipulate thoughts and behavior through the central nervous system. Was this in play during our most recent mass shooting? More at: Free eBook & The Seiker Newsletter:

Reincarnation - A Spiritual Trap?
Dec 24 2016 33 mins  
Some have warned us to stay away from the light - that it may be a trap, keeping us in an endless cycle of suffering and slavery... In this podcast we explore the possibility of reincarnation, and discuss the account of James Leininger, a young boy believed to be the reincarnation of WWII fighter pilot, James Hutson Jr. Leininger started sharing memories at a very young age that he had no way of knowing. He recounted crashing in a fighter plane. He recalled names, and places he had never been before. Upon investigation, Leinger's parents were able to identify Hutson's platoon. When Leinger met some of the surviving members, he was able to identify them by name! He later met Hutson's surviving sister, and demonstrated knowledge that only Hutson and his sister shared! Bruce Leininger, James' father, wrote "Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot," which details this fascinating account even further. Beautiful Journey or Spiritual Trap? Based on the above-account, a strong argument is made as to the possibility of reincarnation. But what is the purpose? Is this a good thing for us? Some argue that reincarnation is actually a trap, keeping humanity in a slave-like state, wiping us of our memories when we enter the light, forcing us back into the hardship of life on Earth. This possibility does correlate with Gnostic teachings, in that the Archons, a spiritual parasite, has held mankind hostage in order to extract emotional energy from humanity as a form of nourishment. As wild a statement as this sounds, there is compelling evidence that suggests this may be possible. Storyteller/speaker Robert Morning Sky shares a fascinating creation myth and warns of the light. He states the light is a trap, and will erase people's memories, forcing them to return to the planet for another lifetime. Spiritual Power & Strength Carlos Castenada shares the teachings of Don Juan, a Mexican Shaman, who explained that the job of the Shaman was to train and prepare for death. The goal was to maintain their individuality and not be trapped after death. Was he aware of the dangers of the light? In addition, Bob Monroe recalls in "Ultimate Journey" that during many of his journeys, recently passed-souls would often disappear, which he attributes to being absorbed into the belief system. Monroe said that our beliefs will dictate where we go once we die. Is this another form of control or limit on our potential? Do your research, reach your own conclusions, and please share your findings! Together, we have the ability to better understand our existence in this incarnation.

Magic Mushrooms - Cancer Treating Messengers???
Dec 10 2016 23 mins  
Psilocybin mushrooms are helping terminal cancer patients cope with their stress and anxiety. What else can they do? Magic mushrooms have a hidden lore that has populated myths, legends, and even modern-day video games. Are they simply mystical drugs that induce dream-like states, or do they have other benefits to those who consume them? Treating Cancer Research is showing the effects of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms, has decreased symptoms of stress and anxiety in up to 80% of terminal cancer patients who have tried them. Shaping Religion In his book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, John M. Allegro provides a detailed comparison to the ancient mushroom cults and the birth of Christianity, ultimately claiming that the story of Jesus Christ is actually a metaphor to the spiritual teachings of the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Alien Intelligence? Thorough his own research and experience, Terrance Mckenna claims mushrooms are a communication medium from an alien intelligence, looking to learn about humanity. He also suspected that such mushrooms may have inspired evolution when pre-man may have ingested some and gained profound spiritual insights, compelling him to expand his consciousness and evolve. There is more to reality than we realize, and we may be overlooking essential tools of nature that can help us evolve and navigate this maze of life. More at: Read I Am Human FREE at

UFOs in Turkey & The War in Space
Dec 03 2016 34 mins  
On November 27th, 2016, Twitters top trending tweet was #UFOAttackToTurkey. Multiple people reported strange sightings of lights in the skies, and took to social media to share photos, video, and Tweets. Unfortunately, shortly after this started to gain attention, Tweets, images, and videos began to disappear from the web. In addition, hoaxes started being posted under the same hashtag, making it even more difficult to research. But Turkey wasn't the only place to report a UFO this week. A Canadian airline also reported a close-encounter with an unidentified flying object. Initially presumed to be a balloon or a UAV, it was later determined that neither was likely due to the altitude, shape, and distance from shore. service-ad This week, Dr. Steven Grier also released a video with an urgent message. He explained that through his contacts, he has learned that elements of the government possess technology that account for many of the UFO sightings we have seen over the years. He further described technology in their possession that has the ability to manipulate human perceptions and memories to simulate an "alien" abduction. Grier warned that this element is planning a "false flag" or staged invasion, using all man-made equipment in order to "unite the world" under a single government. He also warned that this would have a significant impact on the population of the planet. The mind-manipulation technology seems to correlate with the patented technology covered on our mind-control technology podcast. Sounds crazy, right? Before dismissing this, I invite you to review the articles and sources below to draw your own conclusions. Something is moving through our skies. Is it us? Is it them? Is it something else? Are we prepared to handle either? Image: CNN Screenshot 11.29.16 Image: CNN Screenshot 11.29.16 Lastly, this week CNN reported on the US plan to weaponize space. They plan to build defensive and offensive weapons to protect satellites from our foreign adversaries. In addition, Russia announced plans to begin transporting supplies to the moon in order to build a moon base. No mention was made of UFOs or Extra Terrestrials, but that doesn't mean they aren't related... More at: Read I Am Human & We Are Not Who We Think We Are FREE at:

The American Revolution: BlackLives, BlueLives, AllLives
Jul 24 2016 20 mins  
It seems that whenever we turn on the news or log into social media, we see a story of either a police officer being killed, or a video of a black citizen being violently detained by a cop. #BlackLivesMatter protests are blocking streets. #BlueLivesMatter supporters are screaming in defense of law enforcement. #AllLivesMatter followers are screaming at everyone to just simply get along. Sides have been chosen, and battle plans have been drawn. However, from this violence comes some peaceful solutions. Snoop Dogg encouraged (and held) dialogue with local law enforcement to find peace. Local #BlackLivesMatter supporters have been hosting cookouts and inviting police officers to attend. Peace is happening - yet these stories do not receive the same attention as the violent outbursts. Learning to work together and having an open dialogue is the only way to move forward in this. Violence will only bring more violence from every side. Spreading fear will only bring more defensiveness when we need openness. We can all learn to work together, and we can stop this revolution of violence and turn it into a revolution of peace. The power, however, rests with you. Stop watching the news and being fed information. Be a smart consumer. Read multiple sides, evaluate, think for yourself and make sound decisions. We can do better. We can find peace! More at: Read I Am Human FREE at

The Orlando Shooting, Peeling Back the Veil
Jun 17 2016 22 mins  
The recent shootings in Orlando, Florida serve as a tragic reminder of the times that we live in. But what exactly does that mean? Have we now entered a time that the random killings of innocent civilians is becoming the norm? Or have these acts plagued society for much longer than we realize? In stepping back, we can notice a pattern that goes beyond the Orlando shooting and flows through every terrorist event in recent history. The event happens, the media floods the airwaves and fear is spread. Anger festers, more fear broods, and tension builds as the event unfolds. Body counts continue to be released, building more tension and fear as they search for shooters and terrorists. The world is poised on every update. After the situation is resolved, the conspiracy theories come out. The Facebook debates begin, and the Monday-morning quarter backs start their analysis. Why??? To spread fear. To increase the tension and sadness. To maximize the human energetic output that can now be measured. Time and again, we fall victim to this cycle, and until we recognize this cycle for what it is, events like this will continue to happen. No law, now defensive force, and no war is going to end violent acts of this nature. We need to do something differently. This podcast covers some powerful alternatives that have the power to change everything. More at: Read I Am Human FREE at

Ancient Knowledge & Forgotten History
May 20 2016 27 mins  
Graham Hancock is quoted as saying "We are a species with amnesia." With this statement, he is referring to the research he has conducted for his multiple books. There is more to human history than we realize. Humanity may be much older than we have been told. In this podcast, I review accounts of ancient knowledge and forbidden archaeology giving reference to several books you can reference to review the evidence for yourselves. There is ancient knowledge that has been lost, but not forgotten. We have a hidden history that is slowly bubbling to the surface. We need only to open our eyes (and our minds) to see it. In order for us to move forward, we first need to look back to realize who we are and where we came from. I recently released an article that gives 5 ancient knowledge books that completely rewrite human history. They are well worth your time! Evidence suggests that Earth had an ancient civilization that was highly advanced. That civilization was destroyed, most likely by a celestial event. 6,000 ago, in Sumeria, was not the birth of civilization, but the re-birth of a much older civilization. Take the time to listen to this podcast, and start your journey of understanding into who we really are and where we came from. With that knowledge, we can then choose where it is we want to go in the future... More at: Read I Am Human FREE at

Proof Of Invisible Entities
Jan 29 2016 19 mins  
Thunder Energies has recently released an announcement that it has discovered the existence of what they call "Invisible Terrestrial Entities." The findings have been published in The American Journal of Modern Physics, and explain that in an attempt to observe antimatter, Thunder Energies developed the Santilli Telescope. The telescope uses concave lenses (as opposed to the traditional use of convex lenses), which captures the light emitted from antimatter. While searching the skies, scientists discovered these entities, and noticed a heavy presence over military, government, and sensitive facilities. In addition, Thunder Energies claims it has also discovered anti-matter galaxies and asteroids. As a researcher and author on the subject of "invisible energy parasites," this finding could be a "smoking gun" for me. However, I would like to obtain some other sources to verify this finding. If true, I am reminded of the discovery of micro-organisms through the use of the microscope. Researchers did not initially correlate these "germs" with disease. It wasn't until almost 100 years later that the connection was made. Could these invisible entities be the parasitic "germs," often referred to as Archons, that have remained hidden for so long? If we can see them, we can study them. If we can study them, we can find a way to protect ourselves from them. More to follow on this story! Subscribe to The Seiker Newsletter and don't miss a thing!

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