The Greatest Generation

Sep 14 2020 18.9k

The hilarious Star Trek review show you never knew you needed. Revisit TNG and DS9 with two friends who are a little bit embarrassed to be sharing their rewatch of these beloved series with the world. Tens of thousands of Friends of DeSoto can't be wrong!

4.9 • 32 Ratings

Robot_Invader Oct 09 2020
Ben and Adam saved my soul.

Rath4los Oct 02 2020
Very entertaining podcast, making my current rewatch of tng all the better. Only issue is they talk sooooooo sloooooow, so listen at 1.5x speed.

stew Oct 01 2020
Love the show

Phyllosophist Sep 17 2020
Ben and Adam are the best. Pure podcasting excellence, even if you don't really care about Star Trek (I do), they're that good!

TTechGuy Aug 23 2020
It's an ok podcast. They seem to forget when the program was made when discussing it and tend to not follow their own rules.

Swagpole Aug 14 2020
Love this show!

JumpinJesus Aug 08 2020
This ain't your daddy's Star Trek podcast. Lewd, crude, and rude dudes Ben and Adam bring us attitude to jocular review of The Next Generation & beyond. Boldly go where hundreds of podcasts have gone before, but where few pods felicitously amused. Clench your cringe, hug your embarrassment, and settle in for the familiar corn and hilarity of the cheesiness in Star Trek with The Greatest Generation Podcast.

MikeyMike Aug 05 2020
I actually just started watching TNG for the first time due to pandemic boredom and this podcast has kept me going, especially through the really tough episodes. These guys are hilarious, I love their commentary. My GF (not a Trek fan) happened to hear an episode of the podcast during a short road trip and was quite entertained by their rapport as well. Do it.

sscr Aug 03 2020
My wife knows that my catchphrase is, "I was listening to a podcast..." Nine times out of ten, the podcast I am referring to is this one.

elcheeserpuff Jul 29 2020
Now everyone knows there's no way a startrek podcast could be the funniest podcast you've ever heard. What this review presupposes is, maybe it is?

AndChris Jul 27 2020
Became a viewer in April and still have a bit to go before I'm caught up since I'm binging the shows/pod in tandem. Can you overdose on Greatest Gen? Don't know, don't care, potential side effects are worth it.

Bordeaux Bob Jul 13 2020
Fun episode by episode analysis of Star trek.. the next generation 😮

DamDam Jul 13 2020
Apparently I have a taste for film education and low brow humor. Add Star Trek and how can I resist? Give these guys a listen, they're amazing!

omicron persei s Jun 11 2020

esotericsquid Jun 03 2020
Great if you love Star Trek, good if you don't. Highly recommend. Start at the beginning at 1.2 and don't let them speed shame you ;)

Babbylonian May 28 2020
I've come to The Greatest Generation late, but I've listened to every episode over the last few months and now am listening again. Adam and Ben are hilarious and love Star Trek. They are not, however, blind to flaws...and that's key to making the show fun and funny. I also highly recommend their podcast about the new Trek shows, Greatest Discovery. Listen to both! Simultaneously! One in each ear!

Rutes May 26 2020
Not enough 5-star reviews of my favorite podcast on my favorite podcasting platform, so I had to write this review. These guys are dumb. Just really dumb. But dumb in a way that makes you smile and nod in agreement as they lovingly riff about how Worf can't operate doors, how Quark can get away with the most heinous of crimes, and why Dr. Bashir is obsessed with urine samples and lobotomy. Great laughs for those just a little bit embarrassed, but mostly happy to be fans of Star Trek.

oxgoth May 19 2020
Fecking awesome. Funny as hell

shamonic May 10 2020
Best boss I ever had

cs May 09 2020
Great one!

Stregorian May 08 2020
Is it wrong to look forward to the end of each weekend with my family just to hear these two guys talk about Star Trek?... Yes, little ashamed of it, but I like hearing them love wholly, criticize appropriately, and goof off publicly about these great stories. Can't wait for Enterprise!

alaskagramma May 05 2020
So much fun!! Thanks for the great bonus content!!

Ianthine May 03 2020
Not listening to The Greatest Generation is a way crime!

Christian Killgo May 03 2020
I just listened to the episode Consensual Mornhammer, and it is the drunkest, messiest, and most beautiful thing I have ever listened to. I haven't regretted getting sober until I listened to this episode, because I wish I could have listened to it while being as drunk as the hosts. I suppose I will have to settle for a vicarious experience.

JCrabSap Apr 27 2020
Best DS9 podcast

Tim S Apr 15 2020
A hilarious, detailed and insightful look at the Star Trek franchise

Delaware Apr 14 2020
Love the Pod. Keeps me going when things get tough.

daedie Apr 13 2020
One of the best ways to start the week. I'm always looking forward to what Ben and Adam come up with. The community that has popped up around it is amazing as well!

mulebeatsdrums Apr 13 2020
I discovered this Greatest Gen when they were mid-season 1, just as I reached the TNG phase of a watch-every-episode-of-Star-Trek-in-order-of-stardate quest I'd been trundling through for a few years. Ben and Adam give great technical insights into the shows, point out details and plot beats that I miss, and make some really dumb jokes along the way. There's a great community around the show to boot, so jump in.

stevenlind Apr 13 2020

Mark JB Apr 03 2020
A wonderful review podcast by two professional videographers, with an eye for the behind-the-camera reasons why the shows are the way they are, good and bad. Also hilarious and terrible jokes along the way.

SG Apr 11 2020
Fun podcast full of dick jokes and filming critiques.