FiveThirtyEight Politics

Oct 19 2020 43 mins 20.1k

Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and "game-changers" every week.

4.6 • 14 Ratings

Random Pod Guy Oct 20 2020

impat Oct 16 2020
Awesome Nate rant in 16oct2020 Model Talk episode!!

Bobfather48 Oct 12 2020
Insightful & entertaining.

MoorReese Oct 11 2020
My favorite political podcast. Smart and witty.

Lily Saint-Cyr Oct 05 2020
This podcast lost Harry, Jody and recently Micah. Instead, we have Perry Bacon Jr. 100% unintelligible, 100% of the time. And a bunch of bozos showing up now and then. With Clare absent recently, I don't even know why I should keep listening. Stick to Nate, Clare and Micah, please.

Martin Zeibig Oct 02 2020
No... Noooo. No.... No. I hope he dies. And his wife. And everyone on his close family. Just die. And then it's over.

Zoman73 Aug 22 2020
Great political podcast with lots of poll coverage.

relativelypainle Aug 13 2020

tagal0ng Jul 16 2020
Best headline evs :-)

marmota17 Jul 09 2020
Excellent, well researched podcast. I love these guys and am one of those nerds that frequently refers to them in my conversations.

tm Jul 07 2020
Best politics podcast out there, does an excellent job of using data to analyse US politics. Staff are knowledgeable and funny (especially Clare Malone), highly recommend

Stable Genius May 25 2020
Big fan of 538 for many years. This podcast is a very informative addition to the political conversation.

Cincinnerdi Apr 17 2020
Ideal for politics fanatics, especially as it relates to polling and prediction models. Episodes may have four of the regular contributors, or involve some of the other political analysts that work at 538. I'd ask hosts to refrain from provincial references (e.g., "tri-state") assuming they want this podcast to appeal to non-New-Yorkers.

Sean Downey Apr 12 2020
A must listen if you want truth and facts about politics.