Hidden Brain

Mar 16 2020 500.4k

Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

4.5 • 27 Ratings

Swiftleaf Nov 20 2020
An entire discussion about gender where apparently no one knows the difference between sex and gender. Especially jarring considering the last episode's content.

Zerotan Sep 25 2020
The rightness of a decision is affected by the consequences. The Pinto should have been recalled just as much as I was right to ask out my ex years later. We are constantly refining our decision processes not only to make better predictions based on available information, but also to improve information. The failure of the Pinto does not lie squarely on the guest, but on the engineers and sales teams and executives of Ford. The moral questions here are misguided.

jrichards5090 Sep 08 2020
Love the podcast

Androoney Sep 02 2020
Great insight.

ugosou Aug 14 2020
I love the casual but scientific approach.

kublai khan Aug 13 2020
Really great

Puneet Soni Aug 09 2020
A Podcast that helps to understand how human behaviour works in real life

Stefan S. Jul 30 2020
Hidden Brain is my favourite podcast.

vkm39 Jul 24 2020
A highly relevant talk for the world at large.

Elgeras Jul 10 2020
Love Hidden Brain! I listen to every episode. Don't miss out!

memofromturner Jul 02 2020
No other podcast I listen to thinks so deeply about issues.

Noah W Jun 26 2020
Such a great, informative podcast. Every episode feels well researched and appealing

TerryB Jun 26 2020
Could this have been a stupider episode. So what happens when poor homeowners,' house doubles in price. That's fn business- you takes ur chances son.

Harman Chawla Jun 23 2020
Amazing content, spectacular layout of the matter

Maidanchik Jun 18 2020

Marc K Jun 14 2020

ecm Jun 10 2020
Hidden brain makes me think! It's a podcast that almost always has me discussing the topics raised with others in my life. I love it

easye Jun 01 2020
Time machine episode is interesting but seems late. Talking of watching large crowds isn't nostalgic... its happening right now in all the places where we lifted early, not to mention the protests.

drchunk May 30 2020
Good insights

Clau-dia May 29 2020
Super interesting topics fill those well made episodes Shankar has this humorous but still serious way to talk to people I really enjoy listening to

Clara Dei May 24 2020
My favourite podcast of all time

1q3er5 May 12 2020
god postcast

jonathanvarunben May 05 2020

FreddyLeddy May 01 2020
Lots of interesting topics

Skim Apr 24 2020
Deep thoughts about deep topics.

Sumya Apr 22 2020
You learn a looooot while you don't feel being in a class and someone making a speech for you!

KrazyPapainNH Apr 19 2020
One of the most informational podcast I have ever heard! With such a wide variety of subjects it will broaden your knowledge and insights to things you never knew or thought you would find interesting!