Knowledge Fight

May 18 2020 8.8k

Each episode, Dan and Jordan take a look at some clips from that day's Alex Jones Show and struggle to make sense of what they find.

4.8 • 45 Ratings

JonPienaar Dec 21 2020
Just love these guys. What drives the obsession to analyze the unanalyzable Alex Jones with such dedication is beyond me, but I find it absolutely hilarious.

Don Longjohnson Nov 22 2020
My bright spot

etherealCandace Nov 16 2020

BadWolfYEG Oct 23 2020
Great podcast to learn the truth behind Alex Jones' nonsense and conspiracy theories. Also Dan ansd Jordan have a great dynamic. My favourite things about the show are Dan's voice and Jordan's laugh.

TX2020 Sep 19 2020
Knowledge? These two goons believe America is a country founded on enslaving other people. So did slavery not come to the Americas until the US was created? Maybe the US invented slavery? Then America just pretends to free those people by finding other ways to oppress and kill those "freed" people.

nathanrhymeswith Sep 21 2020
There is no better podcast.

Aescley Sep 16 2020
Such a good podcast for so many reasons: the quality of the content, the quantity of it, the wholesomeness of JorDan in spite of the subject matter, etc. I have listened to every episode multiple times, that's how good it is!

corkiecork Aug 17 2020
Greatest pod to hear what the crazy right is saying, while also having a good laugh.

TubbinwithTanner Aug 14 2020
A good place to hear all the latest nonsense from Alex and friends from much cooler people.

TastyTrollbait Aug 12 2020
Dan and JorDan are my go-to source for all things InfoWars... Very funny, but incredibly well researched. 5/5 ⭐

Jamfeb Jul 30 2020
I could listen to this podcast all day, every day. Well researched and super knowledgeable.

jrgeorge67 Jul 14 2020
OMG! Another great episode! How can you NOT love this? One of my favorite podcasts!

pwhpparty3 Jul 05 2020
Man I really love this podcast.

Jeydid Jun 23 2020
I love this show because it keeps me informed about the crazy stuff people believe and arms me with the facts.

metswin3122 Jun 21 2020
I do a little dance every time I hear the intro. I love these guys...

mrroach2839 Jun 20 2020
Amazing podcast. Love the hosts chemistry. Dan is absolutely amazing, Jordan is hilarious and a great counter balance.

Roaming Dutch Jun 10 2020
Episodes where they make total fun of the bs Alex spews, absolute golden. When Jordan starts going on rants bordering SJW, he goes kinda Alex himselves, not necessary dude. Keep it coming, absolute class. Jordan laughing his ass off is absolutely gold

Amy May 29 2020
Wow Alex Jones is insane

Amanda Anderson May 26 2020
I find this show to strangely comforting. Dan is a stalwart shelter in the face of insanity and Jordan screams into the void. And it's usually at least a couple of hours long.

nilianore May 25 2020
Probably my favorite podcast of all time for the sole reason that I consider it one of the most important podcasts of all time. Dan & Jordan risk their lives and reputations to unmask one of the most dangerous propagandists of the last couple decades, Alex Jones. They do so with rigorous research and level-headed debates that will make you laugh along with the realization that something is terribly wrong with the current brainscape of American thought. It's refreshing in its honesty.

Vizsla826 May 19 2020
Wonderful and informative Shows us the madness and banality of grifters along with their deep ties to the more mainstream parts of the American conservative establishment

Starchy May 18 2020
Great job. 5/5 would crisis act again.

jay.p.hailey May 18 2020
I really enjoy these guys. Just a fun listen

dylectricity May 18 2020
Love these guys. Dan does the best research and boy howdy I like em. Project Camelot are my favorite go-to random episodes.

Mr.Cheese May 11 2020
A must for anyone interested in the need for fact checking all these conspiracy theories. Hats off to the amount of work that must go into these episodes.

Sonja May 11 2020
This podcast is simply amazing.

toddtheterrible May 11 2020
Literally my favorite!! Dan and Jordan are an amazing logical look into the mind of a crazy person

Sadken3000 May 10 2020
Sensationally good and getting better and better

jmkrisko May 07 2020
They recommend not mainlining it but that is easier said than done. Amazing thorough but comedic analysis of all the weird stuff said by Alex Jones, various right wing grifters, and lying space weirdos.

Absent May 07 2020
5 stars, go home and tell your mother you're brilliant.

KEP May 06 2020
Love these guys. No other podcast makes me quite as happy as when I hear their intro start 😊

Danyell619 May 06 2020
I use this podcast as a "Canary in the mine" to know what crazy right wing conspiracy theory my mother in law will post on Facebook next week. That way I can embarrass her BEFORE she posts crazy stuff. Get ahead of the crazy curve if you will.

firstblood138 May 06 2020
Taking Alex Jones down, one debunked fake point by one debunked fake point. Go home and tell your mother you're brilliant.

Ophion May 02 2020
Super entertaining and informative. The life and times of wacko Alex Jones

MDB May 02 2020
Itt always fun listening to these two.

realmikkicloud Apr 24 2020
My all-time favorite podcast. Dan and Jordan have kept me company on many long, lonely drives. I had the pleasure of taking them to lunch once and they're just as cool IRL.

UFOllie Apr 21 2020
Probably one of the best podcasts that exists.

SteBoost Apr 18 2020
A great breakdown of all the latest utter garbage and often contradictory claims spewing from the mouth of Conspiracy grifter & fear profiteer Alex Jones. Dan & Jordan make a show far better than the idea of it has any right to be.

fuktheright Apr 16 2020
Debunks gay frogs and other Alex Jones right wing bullshit. Very entertaining.

SteveD Apr 15 2020
A channel into the group-think behind conservative conspiracy thought.

cainxvii Apr 14 2020
I love you

Auron Apr 12 2020
One of the best podcasts I've listened to. It's been amazing on helping me get through this terribly boring, but necessary, quarantine!

Masika Apr 01 2020
One of my favorite podcast out there. They are very informative and entertaining. Glad they are doing 3 shows a week during all this stuff.

j_m_v Apr 11 2020
The Supreme right wing idiocy monitoring podcast! For more than the years and many thousand hours Dan and Jordan have delved deep into the world of Alex Jones and other nutjobs. And these project Camelot episodes are a very special treat.

NDSR Apr 11 2020
Knowledge Fight is one of the most consistently entertaining and informative podcasts I have found. I am happy to support them on Patreon and hope they continue to find success.