Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4

Jan 15 2021 28 mins 466.5k

Download the best satirical comedy from Radio 4, every Friday. Features The News Quiz, The Now Show and Dead Ringers.

4.3 • 15 Ratings

lrhawden Nov 21 2020
Usually quite good. Not entirely sure why they have started advertising at the start and the end. I'm not here to listen to your other podcast adverts

bj14klein Oct 21 2020
Love the news quiz. It us one of my favs!

sensorship Sep 20 2020

Doc D Sep 19 2020
Still getting better after all these years and they should keep the current host. This Zlatzman chap is great!

Silva Sep 10 2020
Miles Jupp was my favourite News Quiz host, till the advent of Andy Zaltzman - I just love him too much (and I'm already sad for the end of his season). The other shows are ok.

dwk789 Aug 17 2020
Excellent piece of software. Customisation where you need it, without over complicating things.

aerobert Jul 18 2020
The most accurate news you can hope for!

hellojoanie Jun 21 2020
Topical and very funny

Macamboy Jun 02 2020
Always current and always topical. One of the best regular podcasts from the BBC.

Deepthroat May 31 2020
Amazingly funny even in lockdown

Katherine May 12 2020
So funny. Give it a try! The News Quiz is the best series in my view!

AdamFF May 08 2020
Sometimes OK, more often than not a waste of time

Marcus Grant. May 01 2020
It's nice to have these two programs (News Quiz and Now show.) l don't normally like the one you put in between much as l love a comedy round up of my news. Been listening for 18 years now, both shows are fantastic spin on the awful news.

fendeviper Apr 18 2020
News Quiz 5/5 Now Show 4/5 Dead Ringers 2/5

NigelColdwell Apr 12 2020
Now that they've got rid of nish Kumar and have gone back to punt & Dennis it gets 4 stars, up from nish's 1