The History of Byzantium

Oct 14 2020 27 mins 62.4k

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453

5 • 9 Ratings

Msfayeification Oct 20 2020
I found this podcast a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped listening to it since. It's wonderfully narrated, flows well, and is very interesting. Thank you so much for doing this podcast!! Even if I am 4 years behind 🥰

kingprawnsct Jul 17 2020
An absolutely brilliant podcast. The host goes into great detail talking about all aspects of the empire and it's neighbours painting a fabulous picture of byzantine life

ygramul Jun 29 2020
Amazing account not only of Justinian's Plague, but also of how the plague works and what are the evolutionary steps that have turned Yersinia pestis into such a deadly opponent.

Netanel May 05 2020
Amazing Podcast. Keep up the good work!

fendeviper May 04 2020
A worthy follow-up to Mike Duncan's History Of Rome podcast. Well written & presented.

GlenLongwell1 Apr 28 2020
Every year or 2 I re listen to the history of Rome and then immediately follow up with this great podcast. Robin has so much insight and some very creative ways to tell the story of Rome part 2 that I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their interest in history and or Rome.

Siva Apr 14 2020
Continues were the history of Rome podcast left off, and just as good if not better.

A Devall Apr 13 2020
An excellent podcast which combines two crucial points - fascinating topics and brilliant delivery. Mr Pierson does a fantastic job at providing not only the broad history of the Byzantine world, but in-depth historiography as well. An unskilled presenter could fall into the trap of allowing the podcast to become stale while delving into the sources and their reliability/accuracy, this is avoided by Piersons engaging manner.

Larry Apr 13 2020
A more than worthy successor to Mike Duncan.