Oct 23 2020 31 mins 17.2k


3.6 • 10 Ratings

Nigel SD Oct 03 2020
Well done Jane Garvey, always good to listen to you!

rogerhyam Jul 14 2020
Sorry but it ain't what it used to be. I can't make it through an episode any more when I used to avidly listen to all Brexitcasts. One of us has changed and I'm pretty certain it wasn't me.

si Jun 28 2020
Wow, straight from the hip! Great episode on homelessness.

tallorder Jun 09 2020
The essential news podcast from the BBC, decoding current events with informal input from across the BBC. Serious and occasionally silly, they've led me thorough Brexit and now the Pandemic!

Bruce Quin Jun 03 2020
I really like the direction you are taking the podcast 👍. I was switched onto Brexitcast last year and I have followed the various iterations since. Please do keep addressing other stories as well as coronavirus.

Jay Whyeff Jun 03 2020
BBC once again pushes colour instead of gender, occupation & general health as risk factors. Negative towards the Govt throughout as always.

Jay Whyeff May 22 2020
Laughably the BBC whilst putting the boot into competitor Facebook claims that it only reports the truth ....., yeh right, if your editorial standard is cadwalladr quality.

MarcMcShoe May 06 2020
Startet listening during Brexit (Brexitcast), but already then it started to drift into comedy. Now I'm not sure anymore if the aim of the podcast is information or entertainment. The latter just seems inappropriate with that topic and all the governments failings. I'm really puzzled, how the Coronavirus-Casters still make jokes and laugh about such dire topics. I stop listening because the lack of serious journalism started to make me angry.

ronansprake Apr 21 2020
I used to like this podcast but it's turning into The One Show. Needs more Katya and less self indulgence from the presenters. Lately it's been lurching between fluff, uninsightful political commentary and mawkish sentimentality. On top of that, it's far too frequent.

cathorn Apr 12 2020
Brilliant combination of thoughtful engagement and deep technical knowledge. This team puts a human face on challenging topics (Brexit, Elections, Coronavirus). This frequent visitor to England really appreciates the great work.