Our Fake History

Oct 14 2020 52 mins 220.6k

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!

4.8 • 23 Ratings

Taliesan Sep 30 2020
Have been listening to Sebastian for a number of years now and have enjoyed every episode. His ability to discuss the myths we accept about topics and then unearth the facts is great listening.

rangerworld Sep 17 2020
Sebastian has reignited my curiousity of world history, and his energy and passion for education and entertainment are infectious!

Johnny Sep 15 2020
Really great show. You can revel in the myth while getting the true story behind it. Excellent.

tracy Sep 14 2020
Only listened to the first season so far. Great content, well researched and easy to listen too

scentsational6 Aug 25 2020
Great podcast! I've listened to every episode!

LyleG Aug 19 2020
Easily my favorite podcast! Sebastian brings life to history, teaches me something new even on 3rd and 4th listens of these shows, and really encourages thought, reflection, and analysis of culture we all utterly take for granted. Because of him, I've dug into real historical research to answer my own questions, too, and I'm so much more aware of what it means to be an historian!

sich Aug 09 2020
Great history!

castironlistener Jul 25 2020
A very unique show on history and one of my favourite podcasts!

captkirk76jw Jul 08 2020
This podcast wouldn't be that bad if the host didn't constantly input his 2020 liberal views in every episode. We get it, white men are bad, women are wonderful, and every "non eurocentric culture and civilization is great" I consider myself a liberal minded individual but come on. Just give us the facts from a skeptics point of view. Other than that it's not bad.

davidjimko Jul 07 2020
The second best! The best history podcaster is without a doubt Dan Carlin but this guy comes just right after him (the third is the guy of Revolutions, by the way) funny, cool and very well researched and objective. Just excellent!

OliMoné Jul 02 2020
Great history podcast that provides a great escape from the daily neverending grind

Zazzysaurus Jun 10 2020
Every episode is like the best lecture of the year from your favorite history teacher.

wbpalmer Jun 08 2020
Great podcast that makes the absurdities of history and insightful.

Dela May 20 2020
Great show, very entertaining and well researched and narrated. Really love it!

Riverwyld9 May 31 2020
Great job Sebastian. There is an abandoned below ground hospital at the old military base in Argentia, Newfoundland. Mostly now, graffiti covered walls inside the dark catacombs. Keep up the good work.

havok1314 May 15 2020
Fun episode. I come from an area where this group is particularly active. All the references to drunkenness, revelry, and other such absurdity are pretty accurate. It's a drinking club for rednecks in my area.

bj14klein May 11 2020

Silva May 10 2020

cweems4 Apr 23 2020
Great podcast!

ScS Apr 22 2020
I love the Fake History podcast and I really like visiting events like the Boudica revolt.

UFOllie Apr 21 2020
Well researched and informative. It gives good overviews of the subjects it covers. Could stand to be a bit more in-depth. Occasionally important insights are left out altogether in the interest of being safe, which is a shame.

Renee F Apr 15 2020
Very well put together and entertaining

Podcat Apr 14 2020
A very average podcast. Definitely entertaining and good for people who are interested in a good story but not necessarily interested in history. If you are interested in history this podcast will seem a bit shallow, disorganized, and very elementary. Sebastian has a great voice but he speaks WAY too slowly, and seems to take forever to make his points. Every episode is also about 20% thank yous, music, recommendations, patreon, ads... More than you're average podcast.