Casefile True Crime

Oct 10 2020 68 mins 60.7k

Fact is scarier than fiction.

4.8 • 35 Ratings

MelWitch Oct 14 2020
This podcast is recommended for fans of true crime. Brilliant storytelling, detailed and well researched.

lwood the great Jul 17 2020
OMG I love CaseFile

Blademeister Sep 16 2020
Fantastic! One of my top 3 pods of all time ...

MandieHaze Sep 13 2020
I LOVE the narrator and the way he tells the stories. There is so much story and detail in every episode and he's straight to the point without side thoughts or opinions. This is the only podcast I will listen to regardless of the topic because I know it's going to keep my attention. I wait for the new episode every week so I can listen to it immediately. The narrator's voice is something I wouldn't mind hearing every day for the rest of my life. ♥️

Lars Aug 17 2020
Very matter of fact, good research and interesting international cases.

juicysmollyay Aug 10 2020
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, huh? LOL Absolutely absurd and stupid. Unsubcribe.

Melbourne Marvel Aug 09 2020
Still the market leader in True Crime storytelling. The world leader. The slow build is transfixing and the writing is the best out there.

Mummymunt Aug 09 2020
Been a long-time fan of the show, but I've had to stop listening to it while I'm trying to get to sleep because some of the episodes are way too intense. It's a good problem to have 😁

RobertWasHere Jul 21 2020
Casefile is one of the best True Crime Podcast out. Information and Production are top notch. Been a listener for years.

JvIN Jul 15 2020
Good podcast but hard to understand anything it's like he's reading a story in a big empty hall

sinovos Jul 13 2020
Fantastic podcast! One of my first true crime podcasts and still a classic even years on.

cynicalnerd Jul 13 2020
The best true crime podcast easily. This is the true crime version of immersive long form journalism. The international nature of the cases is an added attraction.

jesterific Jul 11 2020
Fantastically researched and engagingly presented. Don't listen if you're feeling fragile.

Awesomeunclejon Jul 10 2020
Best true crime podcast ever

anghansler Jul 07 2020

Miss Amelia Jun 09 2020
The sound bites were terrible. I had to turn it down. This poor girl suffered from terrible psychosis and because of religious garbage, she was basically left to die! It's shocking how people can believe in such utter nonsense to the point of allowing it to take an innocent life. She suffered horribly and instead of proper medical care they pull out this voodoo mumbo-jumbo which obviously didn't help. Disgusting.

fionaoa Jun 06 2020
Love it

franhay90 Jun 01 2020
One of my absolute favourite podcasts. No chat, all facts and stories grippingly told

gramakitty10 Jun 01 2020

Glenn Murphy May 23 2020
Best true crime podcast out there. Sticks the facts of the case

Constant Listene May 19 2020
The gold standard in true crime podcasting

Lassaron May 10 2020
Good stuff👍

touny71 May 09 2020
Casefile é o melhor podcast de TrueCrime. Histórias incrivelmente bem investigadas sem qualquer tipo de glorificação dos perpetuadores e um incrível respeito pelas vítimas.

fudd May 08 2020
Hands down the best true crime podcast. Shows real consideration for the victims which is lacking from the true crime pods which focus on banter between hosts. Every crime is covered in exhaustive depth.

Dynanation27 May 04 2020
By far the best #1 true crime podcast! I look forward to every new episode. Great work team.

Lynda May 01 2020
This was one of my very first podcasts and he was new as well back then and it remains my favourite. He doesn't drown everything out with needless music (which often causes me to unsubscribe from others) and just relates the case without any laughing or larking around. The show has gone from strength to strength and it's very well deserved indeed.

RachaelAnn Apr 30 2020
Best single narrator true crime podcast there is. In depth, interesting, factual and no annoying banter. There is a real focus on speaking respectfully of victims and an avoidance of giving opinions. The storylines are always extremely well written and the podcast production is high quality. Good mixture of cases (solved, unsolved) which vary from 1 episode cases to multiple. You will not be dissapointed and will quickly fall down the Casefile rabbit hole.

slimn Apr 29 2020
Excellent true crime pod

Robeauxcop Apr 26 2020
Casefile is without a doubt one of the best true crime podcasts out there. The narrator does an incredible job of telling the stories of the victims, and laying out the details of each case. Can't recommend this podcast enough for anyone who is in to true crime!

Kevceltic Apr 19 2020
Great podcast, best true crime there is.

River Apr 14 2020
Best true crime podcast I've ever listened to.

colorsofthestorm Apr 12 2020
The first podcast I ever listened to, and still one of my favorites. Top of the true crime genre. Each episode is engaging, suspenseful, and informative. The Australian accent is a definite bonus as well

MissScubadiving Apr 12 2020
One of the first true crime podcasts I started listening to from the beginning. Still the best and not many others come anywhere near!

NigelColdwell Apr 12 2020
The perfect true crime podcast. Defines the genre.

manyfingers Apr 11 2020
A wonderful fact oriented crime podcast. No fluff or opinions on this one.