The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

Oct 17 2020 493.2k

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is a weekly science podcast discussing the latest science news, critical thinking, bad science, conspiracies and controversies. -The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe: Your escape to reality - Produced by SGU Productions, LLC:

4.6 • 31 Ratings

Ruban Oct 05 2020
Entertaining and informative. The Rogues are brilliant at demonstrating skepticism in practice. This podcast is for anyone interested in learning how to think critically and weigh evidence, or anyone who simply loves science and wants to hear smart, funny and informed people talk about it.

semperfidelis8 Oct 02 2020
Just another political podcast. We get it. Everyone hates trump. Thanks for the reminder.

George_Locke Sep 04 2020
Great legal analysis, great political analysis. Ask the stone. That was the autocorrect for "All the awesome. "

Alaine1013 Sep 01 2020
Their talent deserves 10 stars! My only complaint is there are not more episodes. Fun to listen to as well as educational!

Merekrissy Jul 30 2020
Hilarious and informative. The perfect combo!

ZeeMonster Jul 16 2020
Haven't missed an episode, have relistened to the catalogue a couple times, and been listening since 2010. By far one of favorite podcasts.

cesar scapella Jul 11 2020
Love this podcast

SometimesIReview Jul 02 2020
I've been following SGU for over a decade now. I appreciate all the rogues for their enthusiasm, but Steve is the heart and the soul of the show. Cara is also bright and an effective communicator, however, I believe she lets her politics and ideology interfere with critical thinking. It is not that i disagree with her, but that, when it comes to certain political topics, she does not appear to genuinely consider alternate points of view. I expect better from my favorite skeptical podcast.

a Person Jun 27 2020
The world needs more of this.

inappropriate_us Jun 22 2020
Excellent, intelligent and entertaining.

RoboWren Jun 18 2020
A very entertaining and extremely needed podcast in these times of science denialism! A great source to keep up on science (and pseudoscience) news and hone your critical thinking skills. Only thing keeps it from being 5 stars... First, sometimes the guys really talk over Kara or sort of straw man her when she's trying to make a point. Not often but it doesn't need to be often to rankle.

Martlark Jun 13 2020
Thoughtful, entertaining and educational. Always a pleasure to listen to. Science defeats woo woo

Boon Jun 09 2020
I listened to every episode and gave my support. I remember Steve saying, "no politics", and for good reason. It's sad to see the SGU is going political (heavy!). I wish Steve would follow Tim Pool (an independent political commentator, and skeptic) on YouTube, as he explains, deconstructs, and debunks stuff that clearly is new to Steve. Fringe far-left racist and authoritarian ideology is going mainstream, and the SGU is jumping on that boat :(

guyarad Jun 02 2020
Amazing scientific podcast, well produced, insightful, consistent... Perfect!

lawlfactory May 28 2020
One of the best podcasts out there. I binged the last 6 years of episodes but it is a news show so the articles got a little too old to keep going back for me. Love Steve and his brothers. Cara is alright too.

qfizzle May 18 2020

pointtonull May 08 2020
Great production. Will give full score when the upgrade to metric. (I'm joking, I gave full score, but I wish they decided to abandon their sacred cow)

ag1n0r May 07 2020
Extremely interesting subjects. Everyone on the show champions critical thinking, good sources, and provable facts.

James74 May 07 2020
Informative, fun, friendly.

SinfulSquash70 May 06 2020
Great podcast with a focus on science, skepticism, and critical thinking!

Tiberius Apr 29 2020
A great look at skepticism and critical thinking with fun hosts and a wide variety of topics covered.

sotolf Apr 19 2020
This is one of the podcasts that I've been listening to the longest, for over 10 years by now, it's both funny and has a lot of good information, really something I look forward to every week.

polux Apr 17 2020
By far my favorite science/skepticism podcast. The hosts are truly competent, professional, and entertaining.

Chris Bloom Apr 15 2020
This podcast was the first podcast I listened to back in 2011. It changed my way of thinking and turned my natural cynicism into rational skepticism. It literally changed the way i looked at the world and the universe, for which I'll forever be grateful.

WhiskeyRocks Apr 15 2020
Excellent science and skeptics podcast. Been listening for years.

Flying Kiwi Apr 14 2020
Great podcast that is very thoughtful.

macgoldfan Apr 13 2020
One of those podcasts that when it's done you feel a little smarter.

Dmitry Apr 13 2020
One of the best podcasts out there. Science, medicine, critical thinking - everything is there. Based on the latest scientific news, with enough humor. Since I found it I never miss an episode. And it always gets on top of other podcasts.

mtcerio Apr 13 2020
Reference podcast on science and skepticism

eagle0877 Mar 29 2020
I have been a listener for so many years that I cannot imagine these people in my life at some point. Great hosts, excellent stories and always topical

Simon Apr 05 2020
The only goto podcast that has stayed in my feed through many years of podcast listening. Honest, thoughtful, topical....